When You Lose Weight – Where Does It Go?

When you lose weight, it doesn’t typically just disappear. You’re probably thinking, OK, I lost 5 pounds, so now I can eat what I want and skip the dieting for good. But that’s not how it works. When you lose weight, it actually goes somewhere – and it can end up being dangerous.

Here’s the truth: When you lose weight, there are several things that can go wrong. And while most people think that losing weight means they’ll automatically start gaining it back, that’s not always the case. Let’s take a look at some of the things that can happen when you lose weight, and what you need to be aware of.

Your Body Changes

Your body is always changing. Even when you don’t notice it, your body is going through processes that dictate your current appearance. When you eat healthier and exercise more, you’ll start noticing that your body is changing for the better. And that’s all well and good, but it can come with some challenges. Let’s look at some of those challenges.

  • Your hair will start falling out. (Note: This is mostly a myth. There’s no conclusive evidence that losing weight causes your hair to fall out. However, there is some evidence that points to the connection. Studies show that people who lose a lot of weight have a higher chance of losing their hair. Although this doesn’t mean that you have to, you should try to maintain as much of your hair as you can. Wearing a hat regularly and avoiding heat exposure are some of the things you can do to prevent this. If this continues to be a problem, you can consult your doctor about medication or supplements that could help. They might also suggest you try a new hair product that could improve the overall look and feel of your hair.
  • You’ll experience mood swings. (Note: This is another common misconception. Losing weight doesn’t cause you to be overly emotional or unstable. However, it can make you feel a bit different. There’s a chance that you could experience lows briefly as your body adjusts to being at a new weight. This is why it’s important to understand that weight loss is a process and not an ending point. You’re still going to have ups and downs as you continue to lose weight, but just know that they’ll be more manageable and stable. If this is something that concerns you, continue to work at it diligently, because as long as you want to stay fit, you’ll never be at a good place weight-wise.
  • Your skin will start getting more susceptible to the sun. (Note: This is also a myth. Losing weight doesn’t make your skin any more or less responsive to the sun’s rays. However, it can cause your skin to look and feel a bit different. There’s a chance that you could start to tan more easily, and that’s not a bad thing at all, but just keep in mind that more exposure to sunlight can damage your skin, making you more susceptible to skin cancer. If you want to prevent this, stay away from the sun and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • You’ll become more of a risk taker. (Note: This one isn’t really a myth. Losing weight makes you more determined and focused on what you want, which can lead some people to try out new things more readily. Remember that your body is changing, and it’s always at a risk for illness and harm. If this concerns you, just keep in mind that your body’s changes are for the better and that you’re now at a place where you can enjoy healthier living.
  • You’ll have to adjust to eating healthier. (Note: This one isn’t really a myth. Eating healthier is something that everyone has to do at one point or another in their lives. Now that you’re losing weight and have a bit of an advantage, it’s time for you to reap the benefits by incorporating more nutritious foods into your diet. Eating healthier might not be easy at first, but it’ll be worth it in the long run.
  • You might start gaining weight. (Note: This one isn’t really a myth. As we mentioned above, your body is always changing. Even when you don’t notice it, your body is going through processes that could result in you gaining weight. If you want to avoid this, it’s important to understand that you’re at a place where you can maintain your current appearance and start gaining weight or maintaining your current weight, whatever the case might be. Just be sure that you’re aware of the fact that this could happen and try to deal with it responsibly.

Your Hair And Skin Changes

Your hair and skin are always changing in response to the environment around you. There’s a saying that goes, ‘Dress to impress, feel to impress,’ and it truly highlights the fact that we’re constantly bombarded with visual stimuli. Whenever you put something on your body that’s going to change the way it looks, your hairspray, makeup, or skin care products could all be to blame. To prevent potential damage to your hair and skin, try as much as possible to keep a healthy lifestyle. This means getting plenty of sleep, staying hydrated, and avoiding exposure to the sun. If you want to maintain your hair and skin, it’s important to look after them with the appropriate products and exercises. The above articles on ‘Where Does It Go?’ and ‘When You Lose Weight – Where Does It Go?’ should help you determine how serious you need to be about taking care of your health and providing for your body’s needs. Try not to worry about things that you can’t control, and remember to live your life to the fullest.