What to Take Before Bed to Lose Weight

Getting adequate sleep is essential for human health. Losing just one hour of sleep per day can raise your resting metabolism by 50%, so much so that you’ll start burning calories even when you’re not doing anything at all! That’s the power of sleep, but it comes with a catch. When you finally do fall asleep, your body’s natural hormone levels drop and your mind becomes more susceptible to disturbances. That’s why it’s best to avoid doing anything that might interfere with or affect your sleep patterns or quality. Smoking, drinking, and even taking certain medications can all affect the quality and quantity of your sleep. The list of things you should avoid doing before bedtime is quite the opposite of what might help you lose weight. But since when is quality sleep not beneficial to your weight loss goals? Let’s take a look at the things you should do before bedtime to lose weight and keep that metabolism burning. Here we go

Eat A Healthy Breakfast

Having a healthy breakfast will help you maintain a healthy weight. You’ve probably heard the saying ‘you’re what you eat’ and that’s definitely true. If you want to lose weight, avoid eating foods with added sugar and those that contain starch or flour. These are the worst kind of foods for you, especially if you want to lose weight. They make you feel hungry, which leads to unnecessary eating, and they leave you with a fullness feeling, causing you to stay in that same caloric state for longer than you would if you had eaten healthier food. It’s a vicious cycle that can bring you unwanted weight gain. Instead of consuming these kinds of foods, focus on eating fruit and vegetables in the morning. They’ll give you a burst of energy and keep your mind focused on positive thoughts, which aids in better sleep quality. One study from the American Cancer Society showed that women who ate the most fruits and vegetables had the lowest body weight and BMI, suggesting that they also had the lowest rates of obesity and diabetes. So, by eating healthier, you might just be doing your body some favor, especially in the fight against type 2 diabetes.

Take A Bitesizn™ Cocktail

Taking a Bitesizn™ Cocktail prior to bed might just be the solution you’re looking for. A Bitesizn™ cocktail is a nutritional supplement that provides your body with nutrients required for healthy and quick sleep. Essentially, it contains a combination of magnesium, chamomile flower, and vitamin B6. These nutrients work together to relax your body and mind, allowing you to get the sleep you need to keep that metabolism stoked and low-calorie dieting, all while feeling fresh and relaxed.

Magnesium is an essential mineral for the human body and deficiency in it has been related to both depression and anxiety, among other things. So, it’s important that your body gets the nutrients it needs to function properly. In a study published in the journal Psychopharmacology, depression rates decreased by 42% in patients who took a daily magnesium supplement versus those who took a placebo. Chamomile flower is a natural substance that provides the body with potent anti-inflammatory properties, which make it a great choice for arthritis relief. Additionally, chamomile flower has been shown in studies to be effective in assisting with sleep initiation and maintenance. Finally, vitamin B6 promotes normal appetite and assists in the body’s production of serotonin, a hormone involved in regulating sleep. Together, these nutrients might just be the key to a good night’s sleep and help you stay disease-free and at a healthy weight.

Stay Hydrated

Your body must stay hydrated for healthy sleep. Drink plenty of water and avoid dehydration. Dehydration leads to a host of problems, from weight gain to poor sleep quality. Additionally, staying hydrated can help you avoid certain diseases, like heart disease and diabetes. If you’re not drinking enough fluids, you might also be preventing your body from functioning at its optimum capacity, which could lead to poor sleep quality. Make drinking water a daily habit and you’ll soon see improvements in your quality of sleep and overall health.

Avoid The Midnight Snack Attack

If you tend to eat a big midnight snack just as you’re about to go to sleep, you might want to stop that habit. Eating a snack in the middle of the night has been associated with both weight gain and low sleep quality. Studies have shown that eating a quick snack in the middle of the night impairs the quality of your sleep and has been known to cause both anxiety and depression. If you’re really concerned about your diet, avoid foods with added sugar or those that contain starch or flour. And don’t drink alcohol prior to going to bed, since it can interfere with sleep quality. Instead of eating a snack, have a healthy meal earlier in the day so that you’re not starving at bedtime. This might also help reduce the amount of food later in the night.

Eating some fruit and vegetable before bedtime might be the key to healthy and quick sleep. And since fruit contains lots of sugar, you might consider avoiding that, too. Instead of eating a snack before bedtime, have a glass of warm milk or a cup of herbal tea. Both have been shown in studies to help promote sleep. So, while drinking milk might not be good for you overall, it can certainly help you sleep. And what’s wrong with having a cup of tea before bedtime, anyway?

Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s good for us and what isn’t. Eating the right foods can certainly help keep your weight in check and promote good sleep quality. But alcohol, hot baths, and supplements aren’t necessarily bad for you, either. If you’re not sure what your body needs, speak to your doctor. He might be able to advise you on what’s good for you and what isn’t. Maybe he’ll recommend a change in diet or lifestyle, or maybe he’ll just prescribe you a sleeping pill to help you get some well-deserved rest. Either way, he’ll be able to help you figure out what’s best for you individual situation.