What to Drink Instead of Beer to Lose Weight

Beer is a drink that’s firmly ingrained in American culture. While some associate it with joy and friends, many others see it as a day to night staple. Either way, it’s ubiquitous. But how exactly does beer affect your waistline? Is it possible to replace that frosty pint with a cocktail or wine and still shed those extra pounds? Let’s explore.

The Evil Twin Theory

There’s a reason why beer and wine are often seen as rival drinks when it comes to weight loss. The theory behind this idea is that while both of these drinks contain fewer calories than most other beverages, each glass of beer puffs up your waistline by a couple of pounds. It’s believed that this is because of the way that the beer is made. With different methods of fermentation used around the world, the way that beer is brewed in Ireland, Belgium, or Germany somehow makes it easier for your gut to process and store as fat. This theory was put forward by Tim Spector, who wrote a book with that very title, and it’s been supported by scientific research. For example, a study published in 2015 in the journal Obesity found that while moderate beer drinkers gained weight over a 10-year period, those who drank non-alcoholic beer lost weight. This suggests that the “twinned” effect might be at play here – even though the beverages taste virtually identical, drinking beer can have a different impact on your waistline than drinking plain old soda or water.

The Takeaway

It would be great if the above theory were true. If you’ve ever tried to lose weight after giving birth or if you’re even contemplating having children in the future, you’ll know how daunting a task it can be. You carry around all that extra weight for the rest of your life, which can be exhausting. If it’s possible to replace one of your daily vices with an equally delicious beverage without putting on any additional pounds, you’ll feel much happier and lighter. If this is the case, then kudos to beer and wine. They’ve been friends to a few lonely people around the world. But until then, you might just have to be content with losing weight in different ways.