How to Spot Stretching and Other Discoloration on Your Skin

There’s no denying that mother nature is a miracle worker when it comes to giving us amazing presents like flowers and fruits that age well and don’t go bad. However, sometimes her gifts aren’t as appreciated as they could be since our poor little skin doesn’t look exactly like it did when we were 18. Let’s face it, we’re not eighteen anymore, but the aging process has not stopped and neither will it. The sun, pollution, and a whole lot of toxins can turn our youthful radiance into a dull and greyish color that leaves us feeling a little less of ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still plenty to celebrate about the way we look and the way our bodies function but, let’s not lie, the way we look is mostly determined by the way we feel and the way we feel is mostly determined by how we look. This is why it’s important to understand how to spot stretching and other discoloration on your skin so that you can deal with it effectively before it becomes a big issue. Keep reading for some amazing tips on how to spot stretching and other discoloration on your skin before it’s too late and so that you can begin to appreciate the wonderful things your body has given you all this time.

Know The Causes Of Skin Discoloration

As we’ve established, the aging process has not stopped and neither will it. Unfortunately, this means that many toxic and irritating substances can cause our skin to deteriorate and turn an unhealthy color. Some of the most common causes of skin discoloration include exposure to the sun, stress, alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco. These are all highly acidic substances that do more harm than good for our skin and it’s vital that we keep off these toxins as much as possible. Thankfully, there are ways for us to avoid these pitfalls and live a healthier lifestyle that doesn’t involve committing to changing the way we look. Sunscreen, for example, is extremely important and we need to protect our skin from the inside out. Using sunscreen prevents sun damage and shows us that even the tiniest amount of protection can make a world of difference. Our bodies are like temples and we must take care of them as such. Letting our bodies deteriorate from extreme acidity and toxins is a road to ruin that can only lead us to sickness and unhappiness so it’s essential that we protect them from the inside out as much as possible. Of course, you don’t always have to run for the shelter of a sunscreen to feel protected since you can always wear sun blocking gloves or a hat but, in the end, it’s all about how you want to feel.

Learn How To Spot Stretching And Other Discoloration

Before we begin, it’s probably a good idea to discuss what exactly we mean by stretching and other discoloration. There are many different terms for the way our bodies change as we get older but, basically, stretching refers to the way our muscles and ligaments lose their flexibility and tone and begin to look like a rag doll’s limbs. Similarly, other discoloration can refer to anything from a dullish tone to a completely different skin color that isn’t healthy. While we can’t control how the aging process will turn out for us, we can certainly do our best to make it go more slowly and, sometimes, there are supplements that can help speed up the process. As we’ve established, the aging process is a natural one and there’s nothing wrong with our bodies or the way we look. There’s also a lot wrong with the way we feel but, as long as we’re not in pain, there’s no reason to be unhappy. If we want to spot stretching and other discoloration on our skin, the best thing we can do is look for the root cause; in this case, it’s mainly due to poor diet and lack of exercise. When we eat lots of sugar and unhealthy foods, the toxins start to accumulate in our bodies and cause damage which can lead to illness and pain. It’s also important to remember that the toxins that cause skin discoloration are also the ones that cause weight gain which contributes to the overall feeling of bad health. When we exercise regularly and keep our bodies in good condition, the detoxification process begins and the toxins are removed as our bodies learn to function properly again. In the meantime, we can use natural products to keep our skin moisturized and looking healthy as ever even though we’re aging gracefully.

Avoid Stress

Stress is another issue that can cause skin discoloration. This is because when we’re under a lot of stress, the cortisol levels in our bodies rise which can lead to changes in the way our skin looks. Cortisol, as we’ve established, is a substance our bodies make to deal with stress so, as you can imagine, when it accumulates in our bodies, it has the potential to wreak havoc on our looks. There are ways for us to lessen the effects of stress on our bodies and one of the best things we can do is breathe and release all the tension. When we feel stressed, it often helps to take a few minutes and do some breathing exercises or sit in a quiet place and practice mindfulness. Not only does this help us to stay calm but it also eases the tension that builds up in our bodies and helps us to keep healthy skin even though we’re aging.

Eat To Nourish Your Skin

When we eat the right foods for our bodies, the skin on our faces looks healthier and happier. This is because the nutrients in the food we eat are essential for skin health. Among these nutrients, vitamin A helps our bodies create and maintain healthy skin by promoting cell reproduction and maturation. Vitamin A also encourages the production of antibodies which help our bodies fight infection and disease. Another important nutrient for skin health is vitamin C which encourages collagen synthesis. This means that as we age, our bodies will slowly lose the ability to synthesize collagen and, therefore, damage our skin. Eating foods rich in vitamin C also encourages the production of new blood vessels which improve the way our bodies look because new blood vessels improve the way our bodies look because new blood vessels improve the way our bodies look. When we eat lots of fruits and vegetables, the antioxidants within them help us maintain a healthy glow by protecting our skin cells from damage. Antioxidants also prevent aging by defending our bodies against free radicals which are molecules that can cause us to age faster than normal. Eating plenty of antioxidants reduces our bodies’ risk of suffering from various diseases and ailments.

Reduce Your Coffee Consumption

Coffee is another substance which we need to keep off of our skin if we want to maintain a healthy condition. Coffee is loaded with caffeine which our bodies need to keep steady levels of. However, too much caffeine can cause us to age faster than normal. This is because caffeine encourages the breakdown of calcium and iron which are both vital for our bodies’ growth and, consequently, for the health of our skin. As we get older, our bodies gradually lose their ability to regulate the amount of minerals and vitamins in our bodies and, hence, become more susceptible to damage. Coffee also contains tannins which make it difficult for our bodies to digest the coffee beans. These tannins can accumulate within our bodies and contribute to the aging process by causing free radicals to accumulate thus, increasing the rate at which we age.

Protect Your Skin With Sunscreen

The above points are all well and good but, ultimately, it’s about how we choose to live our lives so it’s important to remember that they don’t protect us from everything. It would be great if sunscreen could ward off the harmful UV rays that cause skin cancer and, in some cases, premature aging. However, it would be more beneficial for our bodies if we could prevent UV rays from ever reaching our skin in the first place. This is why it’s important to regularly apply sunscreen even when we’re not going outside. Applying sunscreen before leaving for the day can help improve how our bodies look even when exposed to the sun. If we continue to do this, eventually, we may well see an improvement in the way our bodies age in comparison to those who don’t regularly apply sunscreen.

Consider An Anti Aging Spray

In some instances, people can benefit from using an anti aging spray. These sprays work by smoothing out wrinkles and other signs of aging. They can help to improve the overall contour of the face and, in some cases, people who have used them claim that their skin looks ten years younger than it did before they started using them. While it can’t guarantee that you’ll look that youthful, it can certainly help to improve your overall appearance and feel younger. Consider trying out an anti aging spray if you think that this could help you to feel more confident every day and enjoy your body as it is now even when you’re getting older.