Cold to Lose Weight?

The cold weather months have officially begun. For those of us whose bodies are not built for the cold, this can mean one thing – it’s time to shed those extra pounds. Thanks to some helpful tips, you can maintain your shapely figures even when the temperature drops.

Cut Back On The Booze And Take More Water

When the temperatures drop, our bodies react by slowing down our metabolism. What’s more, a study conducted at the University of Adelaide in Australia found that people who drank wine with their dinner were 23% less likely to have a healthy weight than those who drank a soft drink. If you’re determined to shed those extra pounds, the best way to do it is by reducing your consumption of alcohol and drinking more water.

Alcohol has a dehydrating effect on our bodies, and while it may not always be obvious, even a small amount of alcohol can make you appear worse than you really are. It’s important to note here that if you’re watching your dietary habits and exercising regularly, then there’s no need to worry about your weight as much as you would otherwise. Keep exercising at a manageable pace and make sure to drink plenty of water, and you’ll be on your way to a healthier lifestyle in no time.

Try The Swimming Pool

You may not believe it, but swimming is an excellent way to reduce your weight. A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that swimming for 1 hour every week can help to shed those extra pounds. What’s more, swimming has many other health benefits, so it’s definitely a sporting activity to include in your routine. Just make sure you allow yourself enough recovery time afterwards, as too much exercise can cause you to over-exert yourself and put yourself at risk of injury. Take part in swimming classes with your children to teach them the importance of staying fit and healthy, and you’ll be helping them develop the right attitude towards their bodies and fitness in general. Even better, try out a new swimming pool with the kids. Indoor pools are a fantastic way to cool down on a hot summer’s day, and they’re also a lot safer than outdoor pools, due to the lack of dangerous wildlife around the water’s edge. If you’re in Sydney, Australia, then you have plenty of outdoor, heated pools to choose from. Otherwise, you’ll need to look into the nearest indoor pool for the winter and ensure it stays open in the winter too.

Reduce The Fat You Eat

Reducing the fat you eat can be a great way to shed pounds. If you’re determined to lose those extra pounds, it’s important to note that you don’t have to be overly careful about what you eat. Just make sure you get your fats from healthy sources such as vegetable oils and not from deep fried foods or processed foods with added sugar. This way, you’ll be reducing your chances of putting on more weight in the first place. If you want to try something new, eliminate those foods from your diet for a couple of weeks and see how you feel. You may be pleasantly surprised at how readily the pounds come off when you don’t eat the everyday junk food. In fact, when you’re trying to lose weight, you may find that the foods you normally deem “bad” for you actually provide some beneficial nutrition when eaten in small amounts. For example, consider the humble potato. Though most people think of potatoes when it comes to gaining weight, eating a few potatoes every week can actually help to improve your body’s immune system and increase the amount of vitamin A you consume. Vitamin A is vital for your eyesight and immune system, so eating more of it can only be good.

Take Advantage Of The Grocery Shopping Trends

Though we usually think of weight loss as a task involving diet and exercise, it can also be greatly benefited by changing your shopping habits. With the rise of online retailers providing a variety of goods and foodstuffs in one online store, you can take advantage of this purchasing power to ensure you get the best deals possible when buying foods and items which help you to lose weight. Consider purchasing gluten-free and dairy-free foods, which can often be much cheaper than their glutenous or dairy counterparts. Also, be sure to look out for sales and specials throughout the year to ensure you keep your weight loss goals on track. Having a list of must-have items which help you to stay healthy and at a desirable weight can also be an important aid in reducing your caloric intake during the day. Having such a list to refer to when shopping enables you to find foods which are high in fibre and vitamins, while also being low in calories can be a great way to shed those unwanted pounds.

Join A Gym Or An Online Support Group

Joining a gym or an online support group for people who want to lose weight is also a great way to shed the pounds. There are plenty of free apps and websites offering such support, enabling you to connect with other participants who are also trying to lose weight. As well as getting the emotional support you need to keep motivated, you can also get the tips and tricks other participants have to share. Be sure to connect with other people who are around your level of fitness so you can get the motivation you need to keep going each week.

Find A Personal Trainer Or A Weight Loss Coach

A personal trainer or a weight loss coach can help to get you moving in the right direction. Thanks to the internet, it’s now much easier to find the personal trainers and weight loss coaches in your area who can help you to get moving again. Just search for the closest personal trainer or weight loss coach to you, and get started on the right foot towards healthier living. Having a personal trainer or a weight loss coach will no doubt be of great help in getting you moving again, and hopefully, back on the right path to a healthier lifestyle. Be sure to work with someone who is a certified athletic trainer or has a similar certification. Being able to identify signs of injury and overuse can easily be done, but being able to assess your general level of fitness and health can also be greatly benefited by working with a qualified person.

Create A Routine

Creating a routine is one of the best ways to ensure you keep on track with your weight loss goals. Having a routine can also make it much easier to remember what foods you need to eat and what exercises you need to do. What’s more, creating a routine can help to make sure you stick to your daily exercise regimen, and refrain from over-exerting yourself when the temperatures start to rise. Scheduling your workouts can also be a great way to ensure you get the most from them, and avoid falling off the wagon when the going gets tough. For those in Sydney currently, there’s no reason to be limited by the weather, as there are plenty of sporting activities available all year round. You can walk, jog, swim, or ride a bike, and the options are endless.

When it comes to losing weight, there are many different strategies and tips which can help. What’s more, with the right information and support, you can follow any plan and achieve the lifestyle change you desire. Going cold could be a great way to shed those unwanted pounds, but it takes a bit of planning and forethought to ensure you have everything you need in place before starting your new regime. With some time and effort, you’ll be on your way to a healthier and happier you in no time at all.