Sticky Asian Snack Recipes to Lose Weight

Have you ever tried snack cooking? You must have been amazed at how easy it is to prepare savory and sweet treats. All you need is a little bit of sweet tooth and some basic kitchen tools. You will be surprised at how many different types of Asian snacks there are, which means there is a lot of scope for experimentation when it comes to creating new recipes. This blog post will introduce you to a range of sweet and savory snacks that are sure to shake up your snack routine.

Glutinous Rice Cake With Salted Fish

Rice cakes are a great way to get your daily carbohydrates and protein. They’re also a fantastic method of getting more vegetables into your diet. This recipe from Thailand calls for fish sauce, lime and chilli pepper. The salty savoriness of the fish complements the subtle spiciness of the chilli.

Thais often dip their rice cakes in sweetened soy sauce or coconut soup. However, for those preferring their food more savory, there are plenty of options for fish-based snacks on the market, such as frozen fish and seafood entrees, which you can readily find at any grocery store.

Pita Chips And Hummus

Another savory and easy to make snack that is popular across Southeast Asia is pita chips. You can buy these dried round flatbreads in large bags at most supermarkets. They are easy to snack on and they are ideal for getting more vegetables into your diet.

Hummus is another great vegan option that can be whipped up in no time in your kitchen. This thick Greek yoghurt-based dip is sometimes seasoned with herbs and spices, such as basil, garlic and oregano. You can buy it in large containers at most supermarkets. It’s a great accompaniment to fresh vegetables, especially tomatoes and cucumbers.

Salami, Havarti And Brie Mini Snacks

Have you ever tried salami pizza? You may be familiar with it if you’ve ever been to Italy, since it is a common Italian dish. This spicy Italian sausage is usually served with pizza or pasta, but you can also snack on it by itself. It features heavily in the Mediterranean diet since it is high in fat and calories. So while you may not initially think of it as a health food, it certainly is when served in small portions.

Brie is another one of those gorgeous soft, creamy cheeses that you get when ordering French fries at a fast food restaurant. It is often used as an accompaniment to food or served on a pizza or pasta. However, you can also snack on it in its original form, where it forms the base of a cheese sandwich. Its tangy, smooth texture makes it a favorite among consumers, especially those looking for a dairy-based snack alternative.

Tempeh Reuben

A Reuben sandwich is traditionally made with corned beef, Russian dill pickles, sauerkraut and cheese. This dish came about when the Germans settled in the States and Americanized some of their customs. One of those customs was the use of sauerkraut as a topping instead of a side. In this instance, the tempeh replaces the corned beef, and thus creates a mock Reuben sandwich. The texture of the tempeh is a bit like a cross between a bean and a meat product, and it has a mild, earthy flavor that complements the Reuben’s spiciness nicely.

The great thing about tofu is that it can be flavored and shaped however you’d like. You can make it into a variety of small snacks and appetizers, or you can form it into burgers and sandwiches. This recipe from Thailand makes use of fresh Thai basil, which has a mild licorice flavor that is just divine with the tofu.

Chunky Guacamole

It’s well-known that Mexicans love their food spicy, so this chunky guacamole will be a great way of incorporating more vegetables into your diet. It’s made with tomatoes, onion, garlic and jalapeño pepper. You can buy all of the necessary ingredients in large supermarkets, where you’ll also find cans of beans, such as black or pinto, in which you can substitute for the fresh produce. This makes it easy for anyone to make, regardless of their experience in the kitchen.

Stuffed Mushrooms

Mushrooms are great for snacking on since they are full of protein and fiber. This recipe from Thailand makes stuffed mushrooms with rice and pine nuts. The mushrooms are stuffed with a mixture of rice, onion, tomato and pepper. These ingredients are then seasoned with soy sauce, palm sugar and fish sauce before being baked. The result is a flavorful and aromatic snack that will satisfy your taste buds and get you looking and feeling better.

Mini Egg Rolls

You can find egg roll wrappers at most supermarkets. These ingredients come together in no time to make an easy and versatile snack. Simply spoon the filling into the center of each wrapper and fold over to enclose. You can add whatever you’d like to the mixture—stir-fry vegetables, pasta, rice or beans are all great options.

Shrimp Chips

Here’s something different—shrimp chips, otherwise known as Cocktail Shrimp. These cocktail shrimp are pan-fried and served with tartar sauce and lemon. This may sound like a strange combination, but the shrimp are actually quite sweet and have a subtle brininess that is enhanced by the sauce. If you’re looking for something new to snack on, these shrimp chips are perfect due to their unique taste and their ease of preparation.

Channa Masala

This is a popular Indian snack that is made with pumpkin and pine nuts. The pumpkin is first cooked until tender before being seasoned with curry and cumin. The creamy texture of the pumpkin goes perfectly with the texture of the nuts and their warm, spicy flavors. These ingredients make for a wonderful contrast in texture and flavor.

There are over 200 million Asians around the world, and they make up a significant consumer group for vegan and vegetarian snacks. If you’re looking to shake up your snack routine, these recipes for Asian snacks will provide creative inspiration, as well as an abundance of nutritious, vegan options.