List of Foods Not to Eat When Trying to Lose Weight

Most people think that to lose weight, you should avoid eating too much and be more active. However, this is not always the case. There are actually foods not to eat when you are trying to lose weight. Sometimes, the food you should avoid is something that is very popular among dieters. Therefore, it can be very tricky to know what to eat and what to avoid when trying to lose weight. If you follow these simple guidelines, you will be on the right track to a healthier lifestyle. Here is a list of foods not to eat when trying to lose weight.

Deep-fried Foods

Fried foods are definitely good for you, but you should avoid anything fried in oil. These foods are usually loaded with calories and can cause weight gain. Instead, opt for grilled or baked foods. You will still get the taste of food without all the extra calories from the oil.

Even better, some foods, when prepared in small quantities, can be surprisingly good for you. For example, small baked potatoes and mushroom risotto both have very low calorie counts. If you are very careful about what you eat, you can stay healthier without needing to lose any weight. Remember to keep an eye on the serving sizes when eating out either. You will often find restaurants that offer big portions because they know most people will be tempted by them. Check the calorie count of the food and try to make healthy choices when eating out or dining at a restaurant. You can also look for diet menu options when eating out to avoid extra calories.

Red Meat

Another food item to avoid when trying to lose weight is red meat. Aside from the fact that it is usually high in fat, red meat also contains a lot of calories. You may be used to eating the occasional steak or burger, but try going meat-free for a month and see how you feel. You may find that you suffer from fatigue and lack of energy, which is why most people try to avoid eating too much red meat. Some experts even recommend that people with heart disease avoid eating any red meat at all because of its high fat content. While the health benefits of red meat are quite minimal, it is always better to avoid it than to eat it. When you eat meat without the fat, it is generally considered a healthier option.


Pizza is another food item that you should avoid when trying to lose weight. It is very high in calories, and most pizza restaurants and bakeries know this fact and play on it by offering huge portions and oversized pizzas. Pizza is also very popular among people, which means that there will always be plenty of options to choose from when you are out and about. If you are aiming for a healthy lifestyle, pizza is one of the foods not to eat. There are plenty of healthier alternatives that you can choose, such as salads and grilled meats. You can also make your own pizza at home with healthier pizza dough.


If you are not a fan of gluten, you should avoid beer. Beer is usually made with gluten, although there are some gluten-free beers available, too. The main problem with beer is that you will never be able to taste all of its variations because they are usually served in small quantities. This makes it easy for people to overconsume the beverage and cause obesity. Beer should not be part of your regular diet, and you should only drink it in moderation. Besides, if you get used to drinking it daily, your taste will eventually adapt and you will start craving it more and more. This is especially troublesome for people with diabetes because beer can cause blood sugar fluctuations. If you have diabetes, then you should definitely avoid beer as it can cause damage to your health. If you want to enjoy a drink, then you can choose a non-chilled bottled water instead.

White Bread

White bread is another food item you should avoid when trying to lose weight. Just like beer, white bread is usually made with gluten and has a low nutritional value. Besides, most whole-wheat breads are healthier than their white counterparts because they contain more fiber. Fiber helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure, making it a heart-healthy food option. You should always opt for multi-grain breads instead because they contain more nutrients than their single-grain counterparts. If you avoid white bread and other foods with the same low nutritional value, you will start noticing a significant difference in your health in just a few days. You will have more energy, and you will lose weight without even trying!

Ice Cream

Eating ice cream regularly can cause weight gain because of its high glycemic index. This means that it will immediately cause your blood sugar to rise, causing you to store more fat. This makes it a perfect food for people with diabetes, and it also explains why so many dieters are turned away by the thought of ice cream. If you have diabetes, then you should completely avoid ice cream and any other sweetened frozen treat. Instead, eat natural frozen fruits like strawberries and raspberries, which are higher in fiber and have a much lower glycemic index. When selecting fruits to use in your smoothie, try to opt for those with the highest nutritional value, such as apples and bananas. These foods are high in potassium, which helps keep your heart healthy and strong. Apples are also a great source of antioxidants, which fight cancer and heart disease. If you want to enjoy a treat once in a while, then choose a dark chocolate because it contains antioxidants that fight off cancer and heart disease. Try to avoid milk-based ice creams because they are high in fat and can cause you to put on weight.

White Wine

White wine is generally considered to be a ‘safe’ food item because it does not contain alcohol, which can cause damage at excessive levels. However, white wine is definitely a food item you should avoid when trying to lose weight. Just like beer, white wine is usually made with gluten and has a low nutritional value. White wine is also very acidic, which makes it a natural candidate for causing tooth decay. If you want to enjoy a drink, then you can choose a sparkling wine because it has a high nutritional value and is low in calories. Sparkling wines usually contain a lot of citric acid, which adds a touch of tartness to the wine. The acid in the wine helps protect the enamel on your teeth and prevents decay. Although sparkling wine has a very high nutritional value and is low in calories, it can still cause weight gain because of its acidic content. Eating too much acid can cause problems for your gastro-intestinal system. You should always opt for natural foods and drinks instead of those that are overly processed.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is another food item you should avoid when trying to lose weight. This type of chocolate typically has a higher fat content than milk chocolate, although it can also be high in sugar. The main problem with dark chocolate is that it has a very high glycemic index, which means that it will cause your blood sugar to rise immediately after you eat it. This can cause you to store more fat, which makes it an unhealthy food choice for people with diabetes. Dark chocolate also has a high acid content, which makes it very tart and sour. This is why most dark chocolate is eaten in small quantities; it has a short shelf life. If you have diabetes, then you should avoid dark chocolate because it can cause damage to your health. Instead of eating dark chocolate, choose milk chocolate because it has a lower glycemic index and no acidity. The calcium in milk chocolate protects your teeth and helps build strong bones.

Choose foods that are high in fiber and water. These substances will help keep you full for longer, meaning that you will eat less overall. It is also a good idea to make healthier choices when selecting snacks and meals outside of your home. This will help you avoid purchasing foods with high calorie and fat counts, especially those offered at fast-food restaurants. Make healthy choices when out and about, and you will have no problem controlling your weight.