Is Apple and Peanut Butter Good to Lose Weight?

Peanut butter may be good for you, but it’s also highly addictive. This food loves to be on the move in your stomach, and it has a lot of calories. It has been known to increase the risk of heart disease, so eating peanuts or peanut products may not be the best idea if you want to lose weight.

It’s a classic scenario. You start off on the right foot by doing some research online, finding an article about how to lose weight without losing your mind. You read it, decide it’s something you’ll try, and a few days later you find yourself sneaking snacks and buying new shoes. That’s when you know you’re really off to a bad start.

Peanut butter is high in calories and fats, and it also contains an addictive substance called monosodium glutamate, or MSG. This makes it alluring and difficult to resist, even if you don’t want to eat it. It is commonly found in fast food chains, pre-made sauces, and processed foods, which also means it’s extremely easy to come by. The problem is, once you start craving it, it’s very hard to stop eating it. This food will keep you coming back for more, even if you’re trying to cut down on your overall appetite.

The Perfect Snack

With all these upsides and downsides to eating peanuts, you may be asking yourself, “is there a perfect snack for me?” It turns out there is, and it’s a combination of two foods that are both very high in fiber. These foods are strawberries and raspberries, and when they’re combined it forms a smoothie that tastes exactly like a vanilla ice cream sandwich with strawberry sauce on it. It’s the best of both worlds, and it satisfies that sweet tooth in a way that most other snacks won’t. You’ll find that frozen fruit and vegetables aren’t as satisfying as fresh goods because the enzymes have already begun to break down, making it more difficult to digest. This causes you to feel hungrier sooner rather than later.


If you really want to avoid peanuts and peanut butter, you have some alternative foods you can choose from. It would be best to avoid all wheat, dairy, and potato products if you can, as these are the primary ingredients in most peanut butter recipes. Another alternative is almond butter, which is high in fiber and healthier than peanut butter. It tastes similar as well, though it has a deeper flavor that some people might prefer over the sweet taste of peanut butter. It’s worth a try, at least.

If none of these options sound good to you, then you might want to avoid eating peanuts altogether if you’re worried about your weight. There are some medical conditions that cause you to gain weight easily, so you need to be careful about what you eat if this is the case. In most situations it’s safe to say that peanuts and peanut butter aren’t the best foods to reduce your weight, though they may be included in your diet to lose some extra water. If you don’t want to give up all these delicious foods, then try to cut down on how often you have them, especially if you crave sweets.

It’s essential that you avoid all foods that contain gluten, wheat, and dairy, amongst other ingredients. If you follow this advice, then it’s possible you’ll be able to lose some weight without all the undesirable side effects. There are plenty of organic foods that you can eat that will help you achieve your goal. Be sure to choose foods that are produced in an environmentally friendly manner and contain less harmful additives. You’ll be doing your body a favor by reducing the toxins that are within it, allowing it to function properly and keeping you healthier overall.

Key Takeaway

The point of this article isn’t to discourage you from eating peanuts or peanut butter. Quite the opposite, in fact. We want to encourage you to eat them, but in moderation and in the right ways. If you’re looking to lose weight, then we recommend opting for foods that have high fiber content, like strawberries and raspberries. Those are the perfect snacks to have if you want to avoid gaining weight, and they provide you with lots of essential vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that your body needs to function properly. Add a little protein powder to the smoothie to make it more substantial, and voila, instant breakfast! Of course, always choose foods that are better for your body and planet.