How to Lose Weight with High Testosterone

Ever wonder what sets some people apart from others? One key difference between you and them is your hormone levels. A lot more happens between our ears than just our brains (gross anatomy aside). Hormones are responsible for a range of functions including sexual reproduction, growth, and regulating emotions. They also play a big role in our metabolism. If you’re curious as to how you measure up against the world, check out these 7 ways to tell if you have high testosterone.

Your Manliness

Let’s start from the beginning. Before we discuss your testosterone levels, it is important to establish how much masculinity you actually possess. The key indicator of masculinity is your erection, or the state of your ‘manhood’. You can assess this by taking a look at the state of your penis. Are you proud to flaunt your manliness? Are you confident enough to walk around shirtless? Do you consider yourself a real ‘man’?

These are all legitimate questions. The key to answering them is taking a look at how you perform in the bedroom. How much interest do you have in sex? How often do you have sex? Do you consider yourself a ‘real man’ if you cannot get a boner during sex or have to ask your partner to help you achieve an erection? Take some time to think about these questions and make a note of how you answered them.

Your Energy

Your energy is another important indicator of masculinity. Do you get bored easily? Do you need constant stimulation to keep your interest? The rate at which you metabolize food is also indicative of your energy levels. A high testosterone metabolism rate indicates that you require less energy to achieve the same results. In other words, you burn calories faster than the average man, which is great if you’re curious about how to lose weight.

Your Mood

Your mood is yet another important indicator of your masculinity. Are you upbeat, playful, or angry most of the time? Testosterone can alter the way we feel. It has been known to increase our confidence and optimism, while decreasing our appetite. If you want to keep your mood stable, consider lowering your levels of testosterone.

Your Athletic Performance

While we’re on the subject of masculinity, let’s not forget about your athletic performance. Does your stomach churn with excitement whenever you think about exercise? Does a ballgame make your heart race? The key indicator of your athletic performance is your testosterone to estrogen ratio. The higher this ratio, the better your performance. For example, a sedentary lifestyle with no apparent muscle mass, coupled with a relatively low testosterone to estrogen ratio, will result in poor athletic performance.

Your Confidence

Your confidence is yet another important indicator of your masculinity. Do you consider yourself more of a ‘man’ than the average person? How about when in the presence of other men? Have you ever felt powerful? Self-assured? Even if your answers are no, you can still work to improve your confidence. Establishing a routine that works for you is the key to increasing your self-confidence. Whether you feel comfortable enough to wear a bikini in front of the beach or not, at least you can be sure that you’re displaying the right attitude.

Your Hair And Eye Color

Your hair and eye color are both important elements that define your masculinity. Do you have the stereotypical, ‘manly’ haircut? Do you wear trendy, unusual eyewear? Your hair and eye color are important indicators of your masculinity. The stereotype of the ‘alpha male’ is characterized by his strong jaw, broad shoulders, and dark, piercing eyes.

Your Body Build

Your body build is another important element that defines your masculinity. At this point, you’re probably wondering how all of this is related to losing weight. Well, your body build is a key element that defines your masculine identity. Lean muscle mass alongside a relatively small frame are all characteristic of an ‘alpha male’.

Other important elements include your facial hair and the shape of your nose. You must have a full face of facial hair to be considered alpha. Beards are associated with greater confidence and masculinity.

The larger your frame, the greater your masculinity. However, keep in mind that large frames can come with its own set of health concerns. Your liver might not be able to process toxins as effectively as it would in a smaller individual, which means that you are more susceptible to liver disease. If you want to maintain a healthy body build, limiting the amount of alcohol you consume and getting adequate sleep are both important.

Your Social Activities

What kind of social activities do you participate in? Does hanging out with your friends, family, or coworkers make you feel proud? Going on adventures? Visiting museums or art galleries? Scuba diving or sky diving? Climbing a mountain? These are all important questions. The key to answering them is by taking a look at your social activities. What makes you feel masculine?

Your Creativity

Your creativity is yet another important element that defines your masculinity. Does a picture of baby animals irritate you? Do your paintings inspire confidence? Does music make you feel better? The more you participate in these creative activities, the more you will feel like a ‘man’.

Your Erection

Your erection is the last but not the least factor that defines your masculinity. Does a beautiful woman make you feel insecure? Does watching pornography cause you anxiety? These are all valid questions. To answer them, it is important to take a look at how you react when around women. Do they make you feel confident or insecure? Does going to the bathroom in front of a woman make you feel insecure?

A lot more happens between our ears than just our brains. One of the most important things is our hormones. They play a huge role in determining how we look, how we act, and even how we feel. An increased testosterone metabolism rate is associated with a range of positive emotions including confidence, assertiveness, and sexual attraction. The higher your testosterone levels, the greater your manliness. Just remember: too much testosterone can be harmful, which is why you need to establish a healthy testosterone to estrogen ratio in order to achieve the perfect amount needed for your body to function at its best.