How to Lose Weight on Weight Watchers Fast?

If you’re looking for a way to lose weight fast, you’ve probably tried a few fad diets in your time. Perhaps you’ve even tried to go on a diet to save your marriage or your relationship. Has your partner nagged you about your weight? Has your mum made you feel guilty for being obese? Has a friend invited you to a barbecue and you know you should avoid foods with beef in them?

Yes, most of us have been there. We’ve all heard the dietician’s words: “Just restrict your food a bit and you will see results”. While food restriction is a necessary part of any diet, it may not actually be the best way to shed off those extra pounds. If you’re craving something sweet, you’ll be thrown off course and possibly end up gaining more weight than you lost. What’s more, when you do lose weight, it’s often not the most healthy, natural weight loss you’re aiming for. This article will tell you exactly how to lose weight on Weight Watchers fast, without risking your health in the process.

The Basics Of Weight Watchers

If you’re new to the whole weight loss thing, the first thing you’ll need to know is what Weight Watchers is all about. If you’ve ever shopped at Whole Foods or been to a juice bar, you’ll probably be familiar with the program. You’ll know that many of their products are organic, cruelty-free, and have a health focus. So, what is Weight Watchers? It’s a diet plan that was created in the 50s and it’s based on the theories of Dr. Elvis Medlock. So, in a nutshell, it’s a plan designed to get you to lose weight by making you feel fuller and therefore less hungry. As a result, you’ll consume fewer calories than you would on a typical diet. Here’s how it works.

The 3 Step Process

The first step in the Weight Watchers plan is to establish a healthy, regular exercise routine that you can continue throughout the rest of your life. We know what you’re thinking: this step sounds a lot like so much of the rest of the plan, which is probably why it was left out of the original design. However, just like with the rest of the plan, it’s not optional – it’s essential. Regular physical activity has countless benefits for your mental and physical health. It raises your body’s calorie burning rate, making it easier for you to shed off those extra pounds. Furthermore, exercise has been shown to increase the body’s leptin levels, which helps to regulate appetite and metabolism. It’s a great step to take, even if you’ve been there before, as it will help you to understand what you’re up against. Once you’ve taken care of your physical health, you can move on to the next step.

The second step in the Weight Watchers plan is to eat clean foods. In keeping with the health focus of the program, you’ll want to eat foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. This means that you’ll want to eliminate manufactured foods, fast foods, and anything that’s been heavily processed. Eating cleanly will help you to avoid toxins that can pose risk to your health. Remember, it’s the total experience that counts, and you don’t have to lose a ton of weight to enjoy it. Simply eating healthily and regularly will help you to get there.

Take Note Of What You’re Eating

When you begin the Weight Watchers plan, you’ll be presented with a food diary. In this diary, you’ll list down each meal that you’ve eaten since the start of the plan. You’ll make note of how satisfied you were with each meal and you’ll also record any undesirable effects that arise from eating a specific food type. Some examples of undesirable effects might be cramps or gas problems. When you’ve completed the diary for a week, you’ll have a good idea of what kinds of foods and how much of them you need to eat to lose weight. This is the step that will help you to avoid food faddy-ism. Instead of falling into the routine of overeating at one place and time in your diary, you’ll be able to see that there is a pattern to your eating. When you establish a pattern of healthy eating, it’ll become much easier to make the right choices and to eat only when you’re hungry. It’s always best to eat when you’re hungry, regardless of what you might believe or have heard, so establishing this pattern will give you more control over your eating. 

After you’ve taken care of your physical health and you’ve followed the diet cleanly, it’s time for step three. The third step in the Weight Watchers plan is to focus on rest and relaxation. As you might imagine, a lot of the suggested lack of activity on this plan stems from the fact that it’s based on theories from the 1950s. While it’d be great if this step had been left out of the original plan, it’s not the fad diets of today that you’ll want to focus on but rather the foundational plan from which all fad diets stem. In the third step, you’ll want to focus on eating healthy, wholesome foods and getting enough sleep and relaxation. This step is a really good one to focus on because it’s the source of all your daily calories and therefore much of your weight. When you’re at rest, your body uses calories to produce energy and this step is a great way to create a pattern of energy sources (i.e., foods and exercise) that you can continue with in your journey to better health. 

A Closer Look At The Main Ingredients

While most people start the Weight Watchers plan feeling great and with a healthy appetite, there’s a chance that they might not be so inspired by the absence of any fad diets. If this is you, you’ll want to make sure that you understand what you’re getting into and that this is a diet that you’ll want to continue for the rest of your life. To understand what you’re getting into, you’ll need to take a closer look at the ingredients that make up the main food groups. The plan’s main ingredients include: