How to Lose Weight as an Endomorph

Most people are familiar with the words “endomorph” and “exomorph”. These words are used in reference to people with a specific body shape. If you have an endomorph body type then you are more likely to have a thicker waistline and you may also store more calories as fat. This can put you at risk of obesity. On the other hand, if you have an exomorph body type then you are more likely to have a smaller waistline and you may store less calories as fat. This can put you at risk of malnutrition. Which one of these body types are you?

The Science Behind The Abdominal Wall

Anthropologists have determined that there are three main body types: endomorphs, ectomorphs and mesomorphs. Endomorphs have a large waistline and shorter legs relative to their height. Ectomorphs have a smaller waistline and longer legs relative to their height. Mesomorphs have a normal waistline and average-sized legs. The largest population of endomorphs is found in Asia and the Middle East. Ectomorphs are most common in Africa and the Americas. Mesomorphs account for the largest portion of the world’s population.

The Dangers Of Being An Endomorph

Being an endomorph doesn’t necessary mean that you will become obese. However, there are several health risks that come with this body type. One of the biggest risks is osteoporosis. The reason behind this is that since you have a larger waistline you are also storing more fat around the area where your bones are located. This makes it more likely that you will have weak bones and fractures. Another health risk that you stand to inherit as an endomorph is type 2 diabetes. This is because your body is likely to store more calories as fat which puts you at risk of the disease.

How To LOSE WEIGHT As An Endomorph

If you want to lose weight as an endomorph then you need to focus on the abdominal wall first. Pay close attention to what you are eating and try to cut back on the amount of calories that you take in. You should also try to become more active by joining a gym or taking up a sport. This will help you to keep the extra fat off of your abdomen. If you want to further reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis then it would be advisable to lose weight as much as possible. Research has shown that there is a direct correlation between the amount of visceral fat that you have and the level of insulin resistance that you exhibit. The more visceral fat that you have, the higher your insulin resistance will be. Therefore, it would be beneficial for your health to lose as much visceral fat as possible. You should visit a doctor or dietitian to find out what is the best plan for you to follow in order to reach your target weight. Consulting with a professional is the key to safely and effectively losing weight as an endomorph.