How to Help Your Dog Lose Weight – A Beginners Guide

Losing weight can be challenging for humans as well as dogs. Although they eat the same food, people often blame the dog for being overweight. Owners usually try to implement dietary changes or perform strenuous exercises to encourage their pets to lose weight. But while some dogs are more stubborn than others, all dogs want to lose weight for several reasons.

Health Matters

For dogs, weight gain can be caused by several factors. Sometimes, dogs are unable to shed off extra hair and fur that accumulates as they get older. This can make them appear heavier than they really are. Other times, dogs may eat food containing preservatives or additives that cause them to swell and gain weight. Some breeds are more predisposed to obesity than others, and certain diets may affect the canine body mass differently than others. Knowing how to approach and tackle the issue of overweight in your dog is essential to their overall well-being.

Appearance Matters

Even for smaller dogs, excessive weight can make them appear gawky and out of proportion with the rest of their species. This is something that all dogs dread and try hard to avoid. When an owner discovers that their pet is overweight, the first thing that they will want to do is to get it to a healthy weight as soon as possible. This means making some lifestyle changes so that your dog can shed off those unwanted pounds.

Companionability Matters

Dogs are social animals and require human companionship in order to thrive. Being overweight can actually make it more difficult for your dog to participate in normal activities with other canines and humans. This is why it is important to maintain a healthy weight for your pet. It shows that you understand what they are going through and that you are willing to help out. The alternative could be deemed as poor ownership, which could potentially lead to worse behavior issues in the long run.

Enjoyment Matters

One of the primary reasons why dogs love to eat is because it provides them with a sense of enjoyment. Many foods are high in fat and carbohydrates and can cause your dog to have energy bursts and subsequently led to overeating. Preparing food for your dog is an activity that they find both fun and rewarding, so ensuring that this is something that you provide them regularly is an easy way to encourage them to lose weight.

The reason why we are writing this article is because we want to make sure that you know the proper way to approach dog weight issues. No matter what breed or size of dog you have, knowing how to tackle this issue effectively is a must. Otherwise, it may be difficult to motivate your pet to lose weight, and this could lead to health problems down the road. So, here are some of the things that you can try:

Try Natural Strategies

While it is not exactly a replacement for veterinary care, adding more fruits and vegetables to your dog’s diet can help reduce the amount of weight that they gain. This is because fruits and vegetables are known to be high in fiber and may help cleanse the canine internal organs of toxins and excess waste. Increasing the amount of plant-based food in your dog’s daily ration may also help to reduce their craving for fatty and sugary snacks, which are known to be high in calories.

Try Supplementing Their Diet

There are various dietary supplements that you can give your dog to help them lose weight. These products are available in the form of liquid drops, which you can add to their drinking water. The advantage of this is that it is a relatively easy way to ensure that your dog gets the nutrients that they need without having to worry about whether or not they are getting sufficient nutrition from the food that they eat.

Try Using Treats

Often, dogs will eat what is called ‘kaleidoscope biscuits’ or’reduced-fat milk bone treats’ because these are foods that they are familiar with from being puppies. Giving your dog treats that they are not accustomed to can be a good way to switch their eating habits and get them to lose weight. One example of this would be trying giving them chicken treats, as they may well have eaten chicken back when they were puppies, but have not seen or tasted the flesh of a chicken in many years.

Try experimenting with different foods and see what works best for your dog. Some dogs will eat almost anything, so you can be sure that they will try new foods if you feed them. But, you may have to do some research first to find out what is the best food for them. If you want to get serious about helping your dog lose weight, then try implementing a well-balanced diet along with regular exercise to give your pet the best chance of succeeding.