How to Breastfeed and Lose Weight Together

With so much talk about maintaining a healthy lifestyle during COVID-19, it’s no surprise that numerous celebrities have taken to social media to share their breastfeeding journey. From starring in her own YouTube series to gracing the covers of prestigious magazines, her honest approach to motherhood and body positivity have struck a chord with audiences around the world.

While many celebrities have found success in their social media posts, they aren’t the only ones walking this path. Aspiring mothers looking to follow in her footsteps can learn a thing or two from the celebrated star about how to combine motherhood and lifestyle blogging to lose weight and improve their health.

Start A Blog

The first step to becoming a lifestyle blogger is to start a blog. Launching a website now enables you to easily grab the attention of future subscribers and potential sponsors, not to mention the general public. Your blog will serve as your online magazine, hosting all your content inside, including the occasional interview with a celebrity guest.

Your primary audience should be mothers (or potential mothers) interested in lifestyle and health-related topics, so you’ll want to develop a persona around that. Do your research to determine the lifestyle interests of your audience and build your blog around that. For example, if your niche is wellness and fitness, your blog posts might focus on topics like meal planning, exercise, or weight loss.

Build A Community

Blogs aren’t just about content though; they need to have an air of authenticity to them. If you’re just joining the blogosphere, it’s probably best to start out small, publishing once or twice a week until you find your voice and establish credibility.

To develop and maintain an audience, your blog posts should be honest and uncluttered, containing plenty of useful information with the occasional celebrity guest or styled shoot to keep things interesting. As you get more comfortable, you can increase the frequency of your posts while still keeping a similar style, but don’t be afraid to take a step back if your content becomes too trendy or cluttered.

Attracting Influencers

Besides being a source of useful information, the occasional guest blogger on your blog can also improve its authenticity and draw in more eyeballs to your website. Simply find influential bloggers in your niche and reach out to them, demonstrating that you’re a reputable source and offering them guest posting opportunities on your blog. Once you pull in a few high-profile bloggers, you’ll be able to increase your monetization efforts, drawing in even more subscribers and fans.

Monetizing Your Blog

As you’ve probably surmised by this point, a key component to any blogger’s success is the ability to monetize their content. While many choose to sell and advertise on their website, there are easier ways to make extra money without having to resort to those tactics. For instance, you can experiment with affiliate marketing, becoming an affiliate for a company and earning a commission whenever someone clicks a monetized link or buys a product that’s promoted on your blog. You could also try selling and displaying ads on your site or creating online shops that sell affiliate products.

The Evolution Of A Blog

From humble beginnings as a place to voice your thoughts and creative work to a fully fledged online magazine, your blog is a testament to your perseverance and professionalism. You’ve established yourself as a go-to source for information on your niche and even attracted the attention of some of the most influential figures in your industry. As the internet evolves with new platforms cropping up every day, be sure to keep up with the times and develop new strategies to stay relevant and profitable.