How Much Weight Does Paulo Banchero Lose Per Game?

If you follow the world of professional wrestling, you may have heard of the “Biggest Pile” of a match: the larger the pile, the bigger the match. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, the smallest pile can be the sweetest prize. In this case, we will be looking at the opponent of WWE superstar Paulo Banchero – known to fans as “The Prince of Peru” – and how much weight he loses per night. You can also learn a bit more about Paulo by checking out our previous article:

Who Is The Prince Of Peru?


Paulo Banchero made his WWE debut at the age of 25, on the January 19, 2018 episode of Monday Night Raw. During the match, Banchero faced former tag team partner of John Cena Henry Olsen, aka “The Mountain.” As the fight progressed, Banchero displayed incredible strength and agility, which prompted the commentators – and even the referee – to question whether or not he was actually human. Of course, this led to a disqualification win for Banchero. Since then, he has gone on to score several victories over the WWE roster, including over former partners such as The Mountain and John Cena. In addition to his in-ring prowess, Banchero is known to be a phenomenal influencer, as well as a superb wrestler, off the ropes.

How Much Weight Does Paulo Banchero Lose Per Night?

After winning his first match, Paulo Banchero went on to immediately lose a whopping four pounds. The following week on Raw, Banchero competed in a handicap match, pitting his agility against Henry Olsen’s brute strength. Despite being at a size disadvantage, Banchero managed to come out on top. This set the stage for an incredible battle between Banchero and The Mountain. During their one-hour-long encounter, which aired live on the February 2, 2018 episode of Raw, Banchero lost a total of 12 pounds. Finally, on March 7, 2018, Banchero lost another four pounds, bringing his total weight lost to 16 pounds.

How Is Paulo Banchero’s Weightloss So Great?

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Despite the challenges that he faces in his personal life, Paulo Banchero’s victories in the ring are proof that nothing – not even obesity – can keep a good man down. If you’ve ever felt like giving up, it’s time to pick yourself up and dust off your sneakers. There’s no quit in a Prince, as they say – and we couldn’t agree more!