How Much Weight Does a Steak Lose When Cooked?

When you look at a steak and consider its weight loss when cooked, you’re probably wondering how the math works out. After all, a three-pound steak will lose a lot more than three pounds when cooked. The answer is surprisingly simple – it depends on how you cook it. Let’s say you decided to grill your steak. A three-pound raw steak will lose 1.5 pounds of its weight when cooked on the grill. That’s a 60% weight loss, which is a great deal. But what if you decided to bake it instead? In that case, your three-pound raw steak will only lose 0.5 pounds of its weight when baked, which is only a 20% weight loss. It’s as simple as that!

The Biggest Differences Between Grilling And Baking

To begin with, let’s look at the biggest differences between grilling and baking. While both techniques rely on heat to cook your steak, they each result in a distinct flavor. A well-done steak tastes like an overcooked hamburger, while a rare steak tastes like beef. If you want to achieve the latter, you should definitely grill your steak. If you’re more concerned with the former, then you should definitely bake it.

Another important difference between grilling and baking is the overall shape of the steak. When you grill your steak, it will lose some of its thickness as it cooks. This will result in a larger surface area, allowing more of the meat’s juices to be transferred to the skillet or grill. You should definitely make a concerted effort to grill your steaks, as it will result in more juicy and tender meats. However, if you are baking them, you will not be able to alter their shape as much, so the size will not change as much as it would if you had grilled it. This could result in your steak being a little dry compared to the former technique. It’s always best to choose what flavor you want before deciding on the shape, especially if you are baking a thick steak. You should definitely try both methods to learn which one your steak likes best.

What About Medium-Rare Vs. Medium Steak?

A medium-rare steak is one that’s been cooked to an intermediate level of doneness, which results in a nice balance between the textures of tender and crispy. If you’re not sure what this means, take a look at the color of the meat. The closer the color is to the edge of the steak, the more cooked it is. This is a great steak to grill, since it will result in more of that desired balance between tender and crispy. When it comes to baking them, you should go for a medium steak as it will result in a more even distribution of juices and flavors throughout. When choosing your steak, always bear in mind that the rarer the steak, the more you’ll want to cook it. This will result in the highest meat-to-skillet ratio, allowing you to utilize more of the surface area for cooking. It’s always better when eating, and it’s easier on the wallet too!

Consider The Cut When Choosing Your Meat

When choosing your steak, it’s best to consider the cut. This will determine the overall texture and how easy it is to eat. For example, a ribeye steak is usually very well marbled, which results in a very tender texture. If you love eating steak, then this is the cut for you. It will melt in your mouth. If you’re looking for something more traditional, then a filet mignon or New York strip could be the way to go. In terms of price, a ribeye is generally the most expensive cut of steak, while a filet mignon is the cheapest. So, if you want to save money, then you should go for the cheaper cuts, such as flank steak or taco meat, instead.

The Takeaway

To conclude, let’s remind you of the most important things you need to determine before deciding on what kind of steak you want to cook. First off, are you going to grill or bake it? If you decide to grill it, then you should go for thick steak, as this will result in more weight loss. If you’re opting for the latter, then make sure you select the proper shape and cut, as this will determine the result. When it comes to preparing steak, always bear in mind the temperature, as this will help you determine the amount of weight loss. If you want to achieve that desired juicy texture, then medium-rare is the way to go. This will result in more even distribution of juices and flavors throughout. When eating, always make sure you chew your food thoroughly, as this will help you digest it more effectively. This, in turn, will result in a great feeling of fullness, and you may even lose some weight!