How Much Weight Do You Have to Lose to Go Down a Ring Size?

Your engagement rings and wedding bands are two of the most important and memorable parts of your special day, and it’s only natural that you’d want to go down a size or two with the years passing by. But how much weight do you have to lose in order to fit into your old wedding dress? Or will you have to find a new one? Here’s a handy guide to help you get your answer.

The Math Behind Losing The Right Amount Of Weight

We all know that wedding dresses aren’t exactly made for plus-sized women, so if your current weight falls within the right range, then you’ll be able to fit into your dream dress without needing to lose a ton of weight. On the other hand, if your dress size is way off, then you’ll have to find a new one that fits you perfectly.

To find out how much weight you need to lose to go down a dress size, you need to consider two main factors: your body-shape and your current weight.

Your body-shape refers to your basic silhouette – are you more on the plump side or more on the slender side?

If you’re on the plump side, then you’ll need to lose a lot of weight in order to go down a size. For example, if you’re currently a size 16 and you want to go down a size 10, then you’ll have to lose almost 7 pounds. And if you want to go down a size 8, then you’ll have to lose 11.2 pounds.

On the other hand, if you’re more on the slimmer side, then you can go down a dress size with less weight loss. For example, if you’re currently a size 12 and you want to go down a size 8, then you’ll only need to lose about 3 pounds. And if you want to go down a size 6, then you’ll only need to lose 5 pounds.

What About Wedding Bands?

Your engagement rings and wedding bands are very important parts of your special day, and it’s only natural that you’d want to keep them as close to your body as possible. If you want to wear your engagement ring throughout your entire wedding day, then you’ll have to lose a lot of weight. How much weight? It depends on the style of your engagement ring. Typically, more upscale jewelry stores won’t fit the bill, unless you’re willing to pay a higher price for the privilege of having your ring customized.

Wedding bands are another story. Many bands are designed to be worn tight against the skin, so if your current weight is in the appropriate range, then you’ll be able to wear your wedding band throughout your entire marriage. Even if you want to take it off during some events (like your engagement party), you can put it back on for the rest of the wedding.

Of course, you don’t have to lose any weight at all if you don’t want to. Many couples who are blessed with an athletic build, don’t have to lose a pound to wear their wedding band. They’re perfectly in place as soon as the ceremony ends.

Choosing The Right Weight Loss Motivation

If you want to go down a dress size, then you need to lose a certain amount of weight. But what kind of weight loss motivation should you use? There are several different types of weight loss motivations, all with their perks and shortcomings. Consider the following:

The Purge – One Of The First Fitness Apps

The Purge is one of the first fitness apps that came out after the pandemic. It was created by a couple of former football players who wanted to help their fellow men regain their strength during the lock down. The game takes inspiration from Jack Bauer’s infamous “24 Hours” where he would go without food for a certain amount of time in order to achieve a toned body. This may seem like a strange choice for weight loss, but the game actually uses a very precise and specific method. When you log on to the app, you’re presented with a graph that plots out your current weight against the number of days left in the month.

As you make your way through the month, your weight slowly drops until it reaches a minimum required weight. At that point, the game becomes completely futile – you can never go back to how you looked prior to the lockdown. This kind of motivation can be both effective and enlightening.

The Gym – One Of The Most Popular Choices

The gym is one of the most popular choices amongst weight loss seekers. If you want to get in shape, then the gym is the place to be. Going to the gym gives you a concrete goal to work towards – you know exactly what size you’re aiming for and you’ll be able to track your progress accurately.

The downside? You have to actually go to the gym. It’s not like there’s a fitness app that you can download and work out with at home. Plus, the gym isn’t exactly something that you can fit into easily. Many people have a hard time finding time to go to the gym, especially if they have a full-time job. So this kind of motivation is certainly not for everyone.

Personal Trainers – One Of The Most In Demand Types

Personal trainers are another type of weight loss counselor that many people turn to. A personal trainer will help you set up a routine that’s tailored to your specific needs and goals. They’ll help you plan out a meal schedule and determine which exercises are suitable for your particular body-type and fitness level. In addition, they may help you develop a routine that gradually reduces your dependency on unhealthy food. This can be both effective and inspirational.

The downside? It can be expensive to hire a personal trainer, and it’s not always clear what the exact cost of the program will be. Many personal trainers work on a monthly fee basis, so it can be difficult to know exactly how much you’ll need to spend.

Cruelty-free – One Of The Most Eco-friendly Choices

Eco-friendly is another buzzword that you’ll often see associated with weight loss trends. Some people believe that consuming less plastic is a key element in becoming more eco-friendly. If you’ve been conditioned to believe that plastic is bad, then this kind of weight loss motivation can be both effective and inspiring. Remember, less plastic means fewer shopping trips, which saves you both time and money. Plus, you’ll feel better knowing that you’re not contributing to the massive amount of single-use plastic that’s ruining our environment. This option is certainly not for everyone, but for those who choose it, it can be a great way to shed those extra pounds.

Surfing The Trends – One Of The Most Influential Choices

A lot of people have turned to social media in recent years to get their weight loss motivation. If you want to follow the popular trends, then you can simply log on to your favorite social media site and start following the health and fitness-related accounts. From there, you can gain a sense of what’s fashionable and what’s trending. Many people get a lot of positive reinforcement from seeing their friends’ and followers’ impressive weight loss stories.

The downside? This kind of weight loss motivation can be both ineffective and misleading. Social media platforms are notorious for glorifying thinness and encouraging unhealthy body-images. If you want to shed those extra pounds, then it’s better to find your own version of weight loss motivation than to rely on what you see on social media.

Ultimately, you need to find a way of motivating yourself that works for you. Some people prefer to sweat it out while working out. Others like to tell themselves that they’ll be happy once they lose the weight. Ultimately, it’s up to you to find what works for you and stick with it.