How Much Weight Did Matthew Lose for Dallas Buyers Club?

Matthew Worsley lost over 50 pounds for his role as Aaron Swartz in the upcoming film Dallas Buyers Club. In fact, the actor went through such a big transformation that people actually questioned whether or not he was even the same person! Weighing in at a healthy 195 pounds before filming began, Worsley had to drop down to 160 pounds for the role. He lost a total of 35 pounds in the process of getting into character, and then an additional 20 more pounds for the duration of the shoot. Amazingly, despite his dramatic weight loss, Worsley still has quite a bit of clothing storage issues due to his massive frame. So, if you’re a fan of his work, you’ll no doubt be interested in seeing how he copes with life post-transformation. Let’s take a look at the details of Matthew’s incredible journey.

The Making Of A Superstar

Matthew Worsley has been acting for over a decade, appearing in various films and TV shows. He rose to fame in 2014 with a starring role in the acclaimed indie film The Grand Budapest Hotel, followed by an appearance in Woody Allen’s acclaimed film Something Wonderful. Since then, he’s appeared in various films, including the upcoming movie Dallas Buyers Club, in which he plays the role of Aaron Swartz.

Worsley’s transformation for the role of Swartz was so drastic that it earned him multiple award nominations, including a SAG Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (Dramatic Underscore). The change is evident, as Worsley had to drop down to 160 pounds for the part, which he notes was really hard to do while playing a fictional character. “It was definitely hard going through that process. It took me a while to actually feel like myself again once I got back to my normal weight,” Worsley tells BuzzFeed News. “I was certainly inspired by the character, but playing Aaron was a different kettle of fish. I’m still not really sure how to describe it. It was just such a different experience, and something I will never forget.”

Worsley was so committed to the role that he stopped eating meat and began drinking water, which the actor notes helped him transform his body completely. The 35-pound weight loss was undoubtedly difficult, but it paid off in spades. Not only did it help Worsley achieve his dream role, but it also helped him become an inspiration to millions. As he told BuzzFeed News, “It’s pretty amazing when you consider that I started the process at my normal weight and ended up at my light weight, which is essentially what Aaron would be at this point in his life. So, in some way, it’s kind of a fitting that I ended up channeling him.”

Indeed, it was just such an incredible journey for Worsley, who finally found a role that he feels suits his talents and looks like it was made for him. “[The transformation] was something I had to do for the role, and it’s helped me in so many ways, but it’s always nice to have something that makes you look and feel better,” Worsley said. “There was certainly a lot of speculation as to whether or not I was still the same person, but looking back I think it was a good thing. I don’t regret any of it.”

The Inspiration Behind A Life-changing Moment

The year 2014 was a banner year for Matthew Worsley. Not only did he transform his body for a role that he describes as life-changing, but he also found the love of his life. The year began with the premiere of The Grand Budapest Hotel, the acclaimed comedy-drama in which Worsley played a florist delivering tea and pastries to the staff of the legendary hotel. Shortly after, he appeared in Woody Allen’s Something Wonderful, which was also very well-received. Then, in early May, Worsley found out he had an unexpected pregnancy, which he shares with his partner of two years. In the wake of the news, he found out that he was going to be a father for the first time. At 35 years old, Worsley became an uncle for the first time as well. Finally, in mid-June, he found out that he and his partner had been appointed as guardians of a child who was previously estranged from their family. Needless to say, this last bit of news came as quite a shock to the actor.

As Worsley tells BuzzFeed News, due to his newfound fame, his life was turned upside down. People wanted to work with him and be around him, which is why he stopped going to work in the flower industry and decided to pursue acting full-time. In addition to all of this, the unexpected pregnancy and resulting adoption were such life-changing events for the actor that he decided to give up his possessions and live in a monastery for a while, which he describes as a “monastic lifestyle of prayer and contemplation.”

The role of Swartz in Dallas Buyers Club was not Worsley’s first foray into dramatic work. In fact, he had previously appeared in the popular TV series Downton Abbey, for which he received an Emmy nomination, as well as guest appearances in various films, including Gravity Falls, The Hobbit, and more. In terms of where his career will go from here, Worsley is keeping his options open, but he notes that he would like to continue playing characters that he feels suits his talents. However, for now, he’s just trying to enjoy the fruits of his labor and relish in his newfound celebrity. “It’s been a pretty incredible ride so far, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds,” Worsley said.