How Much Weight Did Fat Joe Lose?

Joe’s story began in 2008 when he decided to lose weight for his friend Jen’s wedding. At the time, Joe was working as a personal trainer, and he quickly transformed himself into a different man. Within months, he had lost over 100 pounds and was inspired to write a book: Fat Joe’s Rule of Lifting. You can read more about Joe’s transformation here and purchase his book on Amazon.

Since then, the gym trainer from Florida has continued to shed weight. In the last year or so, he has lost around 20 more pounds, bringing his total weight loss to around 120 pounds! That’s a lot of weight, to be sure, but what’s more impressive is that Joe has kept up his fitness regimen and managed to stay committed to his diet. We couldn’t find any evidence that he’s slipped up once since becoming a diet and fitness writer for Men’s Health, so we’re confident that he’ll continue shedding weight and keeping his healthy lifestyle.

How Has Joe Managed To Keep So Much Weight Lost?

The most obvious answer is that he’s changed the way he eats. If you remember, when Joe first started losing weight, he would snack on potato chips, Oreos, and other junk food. Now that he’s a bit more health-conscious, he makes sure to eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole foods, like oatmeal and brown rice. His diet also includes lots of lean protein and whole grains, which help keep his skin tight and his mental alertness high.

Along with his diet, Joe has also changed his routine. He started out doing weight training three times per week and working out on the treadmill for an hour per day, but these days he opts for a more moderate approach. He now does twice-per-week weight training and takes the rest of his exercise breaks with walkers or rollers. This has helped him maintain his lower weight.

We know what you’re thinking. Maybe Joe’s weight loss technique isn’t the best, and maybe it’s time for him to try a different approach. But a weight loss journey this successful doesn’t happen overnight, and even the best-laid plans can go awry. Joe has been through a lot over the past few years, and he’s continued to be determined to stick to his goals and make the most out of what he has. While he knows there are other people who could lend him a hand, he’s done this entirely on his own. And you know what? Other people have noticed and are inspired by his story:

-In 2015, Joe was named one of GQ’s “Top 50 Sexiest Men Alive,” inspiring the publication to dub him “the Greek god of exercise.”-A year earlier, he was named the sexiest male workout star in a 2015 FHM Magazine UK beauty poll, coming in second to Tom Hardy.-In 2014, Joe was ranked the #2 most successful personality in Fitness Magazine’s “Most Influential Fitness Celebrities.”

While Joe may not always be the best at keeping up with the trends when it comes to fitness, he’s certainly made the right choice. He has found something that he loves, and he continues to pour himself into it, regardless of whether people believe in him or not. If you’re looking to make a change in your life and want to do something that you know will inspire you, then why not give weight lifting a try?