How Many Net Carbs Should You Eat to Lose Weight?

If you’re interested in shedding some pounds, there are two main variables you need to consider: how many carbs you should be eating and what exercises you should be doing. It would be best to focus on a food intake plan that’s high in fiber while also having lower glycemic values (a measure of how much a food affects your blood sugar levels). This plan will result in you losing weight faster than you would if you were relying on simple macro diets.

The Glycemic Index And Glycemic Load

To determine how many carbs you should be eating, you must first understand glycemic impact. Simply put, the glycemic index measures the effect a food has on your blood sugar levels. A low glycemic index food has minimal impact on blood sugar levels while a high-glycemic index food raises your blood sugar quickly.

The glycemic load is a measure of how much a food affects your blood sugar, independent of its index. Essentially, the glycemic load of a food is the glycemic impact of that food plus any food which is usually served with it. Simply put, the glycemic load of food A plus food B equals the glycemic load of food A and B combined. You can use this information to determine whether or not the foods you are eating contribute to your overall blood sugar levels. For example, if you eat food A and drink food B, the glycemic load of food A will raise your blood sugar significantly since food B has a high glycemic index.

Carbs and Your Blood Sugar

Whether or not carbs increase your blood sugar levels depends on the individual. If you have diabetes, you should avoid grains and starchy vegetables as they can increase your blood sugar levels. Starchy vegetables include potatoes, yams, and plantains while grains include bread, pasta, and rice. In general, these foods should not make up more than 30% of your daily caloric intake. Furthermore, you should avoid foods with a high glycemic load as they will quickly increase your blood sugar levels. These foods are usually highly processed and have a lot of added sugar.

Now that you know how many carbs you should be eating to lose weight, you can begin to consider the type of exercise you should be doing. There are many benefits to getting some exercise, but if you want to lose weight, you should avoid the following groups of exercises.

Skiing Or Snowboarding

These sports require a lot of energy and they’re quite the workout. What’s more is that they often require you to be in a particular position, such as standing or sitting on a chairlift. This is not ideal if you’re looking to shed some pounds as it can increase the chances of you gaining more weight. Instead, focus on gentle yoga and swimming. Both are great for your health and they let you participate in activities you enjoy while also letting you shed some pounds.

Rock Climbing

This is an excellent sport for getting in some quality cardio. What’s more is that you get to climb a mountain and view the gorgeous scenery from the top. While this is an incredible way to workout, it’s not designed for weight loss. Instead, focus on hiking or walking as those are the ideal forms of exercise for burning calories. You can also participate in rock climbing competitions where the rewards are often in the form of scholarships or loans which can be applied to a college or university. So, not only are you getting a great workout, you might also get to transform your body into a different one.


This is a winter sport similar to tennis which is played indoors. While it is a lot of fun, squash is also one of the most demanding sports for your body. It requires a lot of strength and it’s not easy to play. What’s more is that it’s very difficult to maintain a healthy weight while playing squash since you’re constantly on the move. Instead, walk, skate, or take the public transportation to work. Just make sure you get some activity in every day so that your body doesn’t get used to sitting all day long.

Surfing Or Bodyboarding

Here’s another sport you need to avoid if you’re looking to lose weight. The waves in these sports are often overpowering and can result in you getting slammed into the water. This is not always safe, especially if you’re not a professional athlete. Instead, focus on surfing in calm seas or bodyboarding on gentle waves. The former allows for more interaction with other surfers while bodyboarding is often used by children and beginners. Still, make sure you have the proper gear (wetsuit, leash, etc.) to avoid any accidents.

Mountain Climbing

This is one of the most popular sports with people who want to lose weight. Many individuals gain muscle as they climb the mountains since it’s such a great workout. While this is beneficial, it often has the opposite effect on your weight since the more you lift, the more you’ll have to eat to make up for it. The best option is to take a few weeks off before setting out on a mountain climb. This will give you time to get your appetite back and get some decent food in you. If you do decide to go for a mountain climb, try to go during the week since it’s often easier to find climbing partners then.

Marathon Running

This is often referred to as the father of all exercises, especially since it was first performed in 1896. While it is a great exercise, the number of calories you’ll burn during a marathon is not enough to make up for the calories you’ll consume in the form of food and drink. If you do decide to participate in a marathon, only do so in the summer months since the air is cooler and the ground is warmer. Also, make sure you train properly beforehand and have a proper hydration plan (four to five glasses a day). You should also check with your doctor to see if he thinks you’re in good health before you participate in a marathon. It’s not recommended for people with heart disease, diabetes, or obesity.

Hopefully, this article answered some of your questions about carbs and how many you should be eating. Remember to read the labels on the products you purchase to ensure that you are getting the healthiest option available. Also, make sure you’re using the right forms of activity to achieve your desired results. Walking, running, golfing, and weightlifting are all great options, as is riding a bike or taking the bus to work. Just make sure you do something every day to move around and stay healthy!