How Many Days to Workout to Lose Weight?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—the holiday season! Families, friends, and coworkers are spending more time with one another which means more opportunities for gym memberships and healthier eating choices. So if you’re looking to shed those extra holiday pounds, here’s a rough guide to how many days you should workout to lose weight in time for the New Year.

The Basics

The first step to gaining healthy habits is understanding what they are. Here are some of the most fundamental tips to get you started:

  • Walk regularly
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Get at least six hours of sleep each day
  • Reduce stress
  • Take breaks during exercise
  • Find a support system
  • Do your exercise routine regularly
  • Don’t expect quick results
  • Take it easy the first few weeks

Make It A Habit

Once you understand the basics, it’s time to put them into practice. The best way to keep up with your new habits is by making them a part of your daily routine. So it’s imperative that you work out at least twice a week (alternating between days is preferable).

What’s more, you should do so for at least thirty minutes each session.

How Much Weight Should You Lose?

This is a question you should never ask yourself. Instead, you need to focus on a number and continue until you meet your goal. To lose a healthy amount of weight, you should aim to shed at least a few pounds. The best way to find out how much weight you should lose is by measuring yourself at the end of a six week period. The majority of people who lose a lot of weight during this time report feeling great!

If you’re not experiencing any physical or mental changes as a result of your new lifestyle, then it’s time to reevaluate your goal. Are you still aiming to shed the same number of pounds? Are you still walking twice a week? Have you still not found the time to put aside to workout?

Whatever your answers, take some time off before you begin your next six week period so that you can get back on track. Incorporating a little bit of psychology into your workouts can help you keep that fresh motivation to work out each time you lace your sneakers.

Remember, it’s not what you weigh that’s important, it’s how you use it. So keep that in mind as you start your fitness journey in earnest. And if you want to succeed at keeping that weight off, then you need to keep that motivation high. So don’t let anyone —including yourself —tell you that you’re not able to lose weight because you have a specific goal in mind. It’s never been easier to achieve than it is right now. You just have to decide to make it happen.