How Many Calories Should You Eat While Breastfeeding to Lose Weight?

When a woman is told she is “too fat” while nursing her baby, it can feel like a personal attack. After all, what mother wouldn’t want to protect her newborn from the dangers of obesity? There is no shame in wanting to keep your pre-baby weight, but if you’re currently in danger of obesity, then it’s better to try and lose some weight before you start adding more to your baby’s food than their body needs.¬†With the right advice, you can make the right choice for your family’s well-being and ensure they get the nutrition they need from the correct sources. Here is some expert advice from the BabyCenter team on how many calories a mother should be eating while breastfeeding to lose weight.

Develop A Healthy Lifestyle

While many things can cause a woman to gain weight after having a baby, nothing excuses bad eating habits and insufficient physical activity. A mother who wants to maintain her pre-baby weight should work hard to develop healthy eating habits and a workout routine that suits her lifestyle. Start by making simple changes such as cutting out the extra snacks and treats that your sweet tooth craves, and taking the stairs instead of the elevator when you get the chance. Even just a few changes like these can make a difference in your weight loss journey. If you want to lose weight while still breastfeeding, then you should follow the same guidelines as the general population. Eat healthy foods, get enough sleep, and make sure you get some exercise every day. You will be on your way to achieving your pre-baby weight in no time!

What Are Healthy, Home-Cooked Meals?

Home-cooked meals are the best source of nutrition for your baby, and you should be eating them as often as possible. While there are many healthy, packaged foods available for convenience, you should never put your health as a mother or baby at risk by choosing fast food or takeaways. Prepared meals are inexpensive and easy for busy parents to prepare, and they also offer parents the option of creating their own baby-led weaning menu if they are still nursing at night. Homemade meals can also be customized to fit your baby’s needs. For example, you can make a more substantial meal if your little one is still growing rapidly or need a snack after their bedtime milk feed.

How Does My Baby’s Nap Schedule Impact My Weight Loss?

Naptime is the perfect opportunity for a mother to eat some much-needed calories while her baby rests. During the day, your energetic little one may need a break from playing to enjoy a snooze, so while they sleep, you may enjoy some peace to eat a snack or visit with a friend. When your baby gets older, they may begin having longer sleeps during the day, so you’ll need to ensure you eat enough calories to maintain your weight while staying active and socializing with other mothers. Remember to factor in at least two hours for each nap session, so you don’t go over your daily caloric intake. Short naps may lead to sleep deprivation in your infant, so it’s important to ensure they get enough rest while still meeting their appetite needs. When your newborn starts to wake up on their own, it’s also a good idea to have a snack or meal ready just in case they decide to join the family for a feed at any time during the day. When your baby grows out of their newborn stage and starts walking, their diet will change and foods high in fiber and water will become their mainstay. Being a nutritional role model for your child is an important part of parenting, so ensure you keep up with the growth and development of your little one by following any nutrition tips and advice given to you by your medical practitioner or baby food expert.

Many women are under the impression that breastfeeding requires them to gain weight, but this is far from true. While it’s great to want to protect your baby from the dangers of obesity, it’s not always necessary to gain a certain amount of weight to achieve this goal. It is possible to lose weight while breastfeeding, and it’s all about what you and your baby need. Ensure you’re getting the nutrition you need and need to lose weight and you’ll be on your way to reaching your goals sooner than you know it!