How Long Should You Fast To Lose Weight?

Going on holiday? Want to get a nice lean line shape for summer? Or maybe you’re already there and you feel like you’ve put on a bit of weight during the winter months? Whatever your reasons for wanting to lose weight, there’s a trick that can help you slim down quickly and effectively: fasting. The short answer to the above question is – it depends on you. Let’s see how long you should fast to lose weight.

The Ideal Duration Of A Fast

If you really want to lose weight, you should undertake a fast that lasts as long as possible. While the idea of going without food may sound appealing, you don’t want to shorten your fast because you’re starting to feel hungry. The truth is putting your body in starvation mode will do more harm than good. If you’re not careful, it can cause you to lose more weight than you actually wanted to lose. As Dr John McDougall notes in his book, The McDougall Plan,

“Starvation lowers your body’s defense against disease. It lowers your body’s resistance to infections, and it lowers your mental capacity. In other words, you’re making yourself more vulnerable to disease and injury.”

Rather than going for a quickie diet to try and shed some pounds, why not make it a lifestyle change and try for a longer fast? You may feel healthier and more energetic while on a calorie restricted diet, but your body is still in starvation mode – and this could potentially cause you more harm than good. There’s no fixed rule about how long you should fast to lose weight. It depends on you, your health goals, and the type of diet you need to follow to make this happen. Some people suggest you should fast for two weeks, while others say it should be a month. There’s no clear-cut answer as to how long you should fast.

What Type Of Diet Should You Follow?

Of course, the type of diet you need to follow will depend on you and your health goals. If you really want to lose weight and you’ve decided that fasting is the way to go, then you should aim to follow a low-calorie and high-protein diet. Your body will thank you for this, and it will also help you to naturally slim down. It’s a good idea to consult with your doctor before starting any type of new diet, especially if you’re already taking medications for other health issues. There may be some contraindications with certain medications and dietary changes.

If you’re looking to naturally slim down and you want to avoid going under the knife, then you could fast for a couple of weeks, until your blood tests come back normal. This will make you feel better about yourself and give you the boost you need to get through the day. If you’re looking for a way to naturally boost your energy levels without having to resort to supplements, then a low-calorie diet with a high amount of protein is what you should look into.

Many people are under the misconception that if they don’t eat for a certain amount of time, then their muscles will start to atrophy and become weak. This is far from true. When you’re in starvation mode, your body will start to conserve what little energy it has left, which is why you’ll feel so much more alert and active. Your muscles will still be intact, and you won’t experience any such thing as muscle wasting. This is also one reason why people decide to fast for only a short period of time. They think it will help them to naturally lose weight, but without realizing the long-term effects this type of diet can have on their health.

Can You Take Supplements While On A Fast?

If you’re looking to naturally slim down, then why not take supplements along with your diet and exercise? Many people assume that if they’re going to lose weight then taking supplements won’t do them any good. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you want to naturally lose weight, then why not take advantage of the fact that your body is in a state of nutritional ketosis? This is what happens when your body is in a calorie deficit and it’s burning fat for energy. If you do believe that taking supplements won’t do you any good, then you should try and stay away from them. This will help you to avoid any potential interactions. You may already be taking supplements daily, and you may not even notice a difference. However, there are times when people notice a significant difference in how they feel while on a ketogenic diet.

There are certain supplements that will help increase your body’s ability to burn fat for energy. The best known of these is CoQ10. This is a product that will naturally occur in your body, and there’s no reason to be afraid of it. It won’t harm you, and it’s likely that your body doesn’t produce enough of it. There are some studies suggesting that people who take CoQ10 feel less tired and experience more energy. So, if you’re looking to shed some pounds, then why not give it a try? There’s no harm in trying, and you may feel better knowing that there’s a natural solution. Remember, we’re all unique, and no two people are going to lose weight at the same rate or experience the same results. So, experiment with different foods to see what works best for you.