How Fast Can Cats Lose Weight?

While most pets enjoy a healthy balance of both exercise and food, cats are truly unique in their quest for weight loss. Thanks to their unique anatomy, they are able to achieve some pretty incredible feats when it comes to shedding pounds. In fact, there are several different methods that cats use to lose the bloat they develop as a result of their higher body temperatures. Let’s explore these different methods and how to stimulate your feline friend’s natural weight loss processes.

The Lean Cat Method

For centuries, cats have relied on their unique blend of brains and brawn to be the best of the best when it comes to taking down their prey. Thanks to their razor-sharp reflexes and incredible athleticism, they are able to jump high and accurately strike their targets. Owing to this combination of acute senses and brute strength, cats are perfectly suited to running circles around their prey and then feasting on large insects and other small animals. This is why scientists have deemed them as ‘the natural canine fighters’ and why they are often spotted playing in battle-royale scenarios with other cats and dogs. While most animals struggle with obesity, these social hunters are able to rely on their agility to remain trim and nimble.

This form of exercise is not just good for keeping their weight in check. According to experts from the International Cat Association (ICA), regular daily play sessions with their cats can increase both their physical and mental health. Through play, cats are able to develop their social skills and are also able to release endorphins which, in turn, make them relax and feel happier. One of the best things about this natural weight loss method is that it doesn’t require any sort of specialized equipment or fancy gym memberships. Simply take your cat to a nearby park and let them loose in the grasslands.

Tame The Tiger Method

Anyone who has ever owned an independent cat will know that these felines are determined to be the boss of the household. They will not take ‘no’ for an answer and, as a result, can be quite the challenge to domestic animals and their owners alike. Despite their difficult nature, cats are often used as a ‘tamer’ for dogs. This is due, in part, to their high intelligence but also because they are very physical animals and, as such, can provide a form of training for larger dogs. Experts from the ICA have likened this technique to ‘paw-candy’ for dogs as it can be quite the distraction for smaller canines who might otherwise be tempted to eat the cat (they often do this when left alone with them).

This method of stimulating weight loss in cats is all about controlling their cravings. If your feline friend is determined to have a taste of the sausage that was just offered for consumption, there is very little that you can do to stop them. One way of preventing this is to starve them a little bit before allowing them to have their fill. If they are truly, madly, deeply in love with a specific type of meat, removing it from their diet for a period of time will make them go cold turkey and determine weight loss. While this might be a painless process for you and your wallet, it will be most unpleasant for the cat. They will not be able to keep up with their eating habits and will likely put on weight. This will then make them more susceptible to ailments such as diabetes mellitus and heart disease.

Rough House Cats Method

To some, a cat in distress might be the most adorable thing they have ever seen. Few animals are as charming as a purring, kitty rubbing against your leg as you walk through the house. While most cats don’t mind being petted and cuddled, some can become extremely territorial when it comes to protecting their home turf. Due to their independent nature and love for adventure, many owners of cats who live in cities or apartment complexes might find themselves with a ‘wildcat’ that sheds, hunts, and prowls the neighborhood. While this might sound like a nightmare scenario, it is truly not all that bad. In fact, this is an opportunity for you and your cat. As their owner, it is your responsibility to socialize them and determine a good balance between city living and the ‘country life’ that you love so much. This is where the Rough House Cats method comes in.

This method of weight loss for cats involves getting down on the floor and playing with them. It requires a lot of interaction on your part and can be a lot of fun. During this time, you can determine whether your cat is a city cat or a country cat. If they are a city cat, you can introduce them to the delights of grasslands and fields by taking them on walks and exploring the countryside. If they are a country cat, you might need to take them on camping trips so that they can develop a taste for the great outdoors. This is what makes them unique as no other animal on this list will require as much interaction as a cat does in order to shed their weight.

Take A Bite Out Of The Butterball Method

Whether by nature or nurture, dogs and cats are often associated with each other as they both share a strong connection with wildlife. However, it is important to understand that, while they might share similar looks and habits, they are not exactly the same species. Cats are much more independent creatures who prefer to pursue their own agendas and, as such, do not always play well with dogs. This can lead to trouble when trying to lose weight as interactions with other animals are known to be bad for your health and, in some cases, can even cause you to put on more weight. The solution is to avoid animal-related activities (such as walks, runs, and playing) altogether. The best thing for both your health and the welfare of all animals is if you take this approach.

Exercise Ball Method

If you’ve ever seen a cat play with a laser beam, you know exactly what kind of equipment they are using. This is called a ‘play stick’ and is usually made of wood or metal tubing that is about 6-8 inches in diameter. The best part of this equipment is that it provides for hours of interactive play that will stimulate your cat’s mental and physical well-being. This is why this method of weight loss has become so popular as it provides owners with an opportunity to interact with their cats in a way that most others cannot.

This type of exercise is not only good for keeping their weight in check but also assists in preventing some types of health problems. Cats are often hit with the weight issue as they become too lazy to roam about and get the necessary exercise they need. Through this method of weight loss, they are able to get moving again and prevent a number of health problems.

The Laser Beam Method

To some, a laser beam might be the quintessential symbol of a ‘nerd dog’ or an ‘encyclopedia dog’ as they love nothing more than delving into the world of books and finding fascinating facts about everything. If your feline friend is a compulsive reader and spends most of their time with their nose in a book, the Laser Beam method might be the perfect way to shed a few pounds. All they need is a good book, a laser pointer, and a room with a lot of wall space.

This method of weight loss involves getting a large book and sitting with your cat while they are poring over its pages. As you both sit and relax, you can take this opportunity to interact with your feline friend. Simply point the laser beam at the book and watch as your cat comes alive with curiosity. Interested in understanding more about this unique breed of cat? Read on!

Rocking The Recliner

If your cat is a fan of both old movies and loud noises, they will enjoy this method of weight loss as it provides them with hours of leisure time during which they can sit back and relax while watching classic films or listening to music. This is also the perfect way for them to wind down after a hard day of hunting and exploring. Be sure to make this a nightly activity so that your cat gets the sleep necessary to stay trim.

Give It A Quick Bang Method

Anyone who has ever owned a cat will know that they are great for creating a stimulating environment in a home. Simply by walking in the door, a cat will often startle guests and other animals while emitting loud meows that can be heard for blocks. If your feline friend is the type of animal that makes a lot of noise, this method of weight loss will assist them in staying toned and healthy. Simply give them a quick ‘bark’ now and then as this will assist in keeping their nails trimmed and shiny.