How to Lose Weight With Beads – A Simple and Effective Weight Loss Method

Picture it, sliding on a shower tray, scrubbing your body with a brush, and sprinkling jewel-toned sea beads over your skin.

If the thought of scrubbing yourself with sea salt and olive oil doesn’t appeal to you, then this ritual may not be for you. In case you’re wondering, the scrub you’re sprinkling on your skin isn’t cheap bath beads – it’s real sea salt and olive oil, ground into a smooth consistency and lightly fragranced with a natural fragrance. While not everyone may want to lose weight this way, for those who do, the appeal is undeniable.

How to Lose Weight With Beads is a ritual that may be used to cleanse the body and mind after undergoing a tough day. For the purists among us, this may also be a way to celebrate an important life event, such as a birthday or an anniversary.

The History Of How To Lose Weight With Beads

The tradition of sprinkling jewel-toned sea salt and olive oil over one’s skin dates back to at least the 15th century, when it was first noticed that the water of the Mediterranean Sea tended to cloud over at the surface, but cleared up once you got beneath the waves. This phenomenon was attributed to the presence of tiny animals that were eating the plankton that floated on the surface, which in turn caused algae and bacteria to grow in abundance.

With the development of mechanical refrigeration, margaritas were born – a tequila-based cocktail whose garnish is olive, lemon, and sometimes orange twist. The name “Margarita” originates from the French word meaning “marvelous” or “wonderful” – a reference to the tequila’s exceptional taste.

Real Salt And Olive Oil

While we associate the phrase “sprinkle on the skin” with gemstones and colorful cocktails, the practice of rubbing salt into one’s skin to aid in digestion may have its origins in a different cultural sphere. The Ancient Egyptians used a similar technique, as did the Aztecs and Mayans before them. Today, this practice is known as effervescent galvanic therapy, or EGFing for short.

To create effervescent galvanic therapy, combine real salt with real olive oil. As a general rule of thumb, use high-quality olive oil for this application – it makes a world of difference. Using cheap olive oil skims off the oil’s beneficial properties before it even starts to oxidize, making it a less effective therapy.

Why Should One Lose Weight With Beads?

Many people choose to lose weight with beads because they get a satisfying “glow” from rubbing the smooth, round gems over their bodies. In addition to the aesthetic benefits of a glowing skin, those who choose this route report feeling more relaxed and at peace, which can help with depression and anxiety. Some even claim that the gentle massage from the beads helps reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. While the precise mechanism through which these benefits are brought about is unknown, it is known that salt and oil are good for the human body and mind. So, while it may not sound like your typical route to weight loss, it may not be as bad as you think.

How To Lose Weight With Beads – The Easy Method

If you’re interested in trying out How to Lose Weight With Beads for yourself, why not take the easy route and try out a weight loss ring? Made In America, a company based in New York City that specializes in handmade luxury accessories, makes a wide variety of beading techniques available to the public, such as these:

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Not only do weight loss rings make the process of losing weight with beads simpler, but they also make the whole experience more pleasant. For those who suffer from insomnia and anxiety, stress relief is essential, and the calming effect that rubbing the beads can have may be just what the doctor ordered.

Although the thought of losing weight with gemstones may not sound like something that appeals to you, it may be a viable option for those who are interested in trying something new. Remember: gemstones and cocktail mix-ins are not the only way to go. There are many different paths to weight loss, and for those who want to experiment, How to Lose Weight With Beads may be a place to start.