How Did Tiffany Jenkins Lose Weight?

Tiffany Jenkins is a 32-year-old who lives in Florida. In 2016, she became one of the biggest names in fitness. How did she do it? We took a closer look.

The Inspiration

Jenkins grew up in Houston, Texas. She says she always had a passion for fitness and a good diet. When she was 15 years old, her mother passed away from breast cancer. This motivated her to dedicate her life to helping other women cope with this horrible disease. She eventually settled in Florida and started a personal training business that same year. However, her career only took off after she made a YouTube video in 2015.

In the video, she detailed how she had spent two years trying to lose weight. At the time, she weighed about 300 pounds and said she was constantly frustrated with her dieting attempts. After watching her video, viewers started reaching out to her asking for advice on how to lose weight. In response, she released a book called “Lose Weight for Good” which became a New York Times bestseller.

The Research

Although there is no strict scientific way to measure celebrity, social media, and book sales combined are a pretty good indication that people were interested in hearing what Jenkins had to say about losing weight. To find out how effective her methods are, we need to dig a little deeper.

When Jenkins first gained a following on social media, people warned her that the fad diet she was promoting wasn’t meant for everybody. So what kind of diet is best suited for everybody? In an interview with The New York Times, Jenkins said:

“Fad diets aren’t for everybody, and I know that. I’ve tried them all, and I never had good results and always lost hope. So I learned to trust my body and what it needs. When I was younger, I would’a wanted to look like everyone else. But now that I’m an adult, I understand that my body is a temple, and I want to take care of it and use it as my guide to eating healthy.”

The Basics Of The Diet

If you’re curious about how Tiffany Jenkins lost weight, you’ll have to read her book to find out her diet plan in detail. However, here’s a quick recap of what you’ll learn:

  • She cut out all the foods she enjoyed most (including sugar, grains, and dairy).
  • She replaced them with foods that are good for her (like vegetables, fruits, and beans).
  • She learned to cook food in a healthier way (less oil, more fruits, and veggies).
  • She started exercising every day (biking, swimming, or using machines at the gym).
  • She cut out all the desserts and snacks that were in front of her (she wouldn’t say which ones, but chocolate and potato chips seem to be on the offending list).
  • She kept a food journal and learned to identify her triggers (which foods she found herself eating when she was feeling down).
  • And, last but not least, she tried to avoid processed food.

The Psychology Behind The Diet

Why do people follow fad diets? According to psychologist Jennifer J. Wood, some people simply find them easy and fun to follow while others try to replicate the results of a medical procedure (such as weight loss surgery) using simpler and less invasive methods.

“I think a lot of people try fad diets because they think it will be easy and satisfying to follow. There’s an element of curiosity about trying something new, even if it’s not meant for you. Plus, some people may get pleasure from feeling deprived, especially if they feel that their lifestyle choices are harming them in some way. In general, fad diets might be a bit of a self-soothing activity for people who feel inadequate or insecure about their bodies. So, while it may not be the healthiest choice in the long term, it can provide some short-term relief from depression and anxiety.”

The Results

So, did Tiffany Jenkins lose weight thanks to her YouTube videos and New York Times bestselling book? After two years of following her diet, Jenkins lost over 100 pounds and looks fantastic. She says her biggest motivation to lose weight was to be able to walk down the street without feeling self-conscious about her body.

What’s more, she has kept the weight off. In her book, she said she’s never felt better. Aside from looking fabulous, she also said that her health has improved and that she feels more energized at work. What’s her secret? She credits her success to the fact that she now has a clear understanding of how her body functions and how to fuel it properly.

Tiffany Jenkins’ life changed in a major way in 2016. Two years earlier, she was a full-time trainer whose primary clientele comprised of teenagers and adult women. Now, she’s a best-selling author who’s spoken to media all around the world and inspired millions of people to live healthier and more active lifestyles. She’s also the founder of The Beautycounter, a natural skincare company that she promotes on her Instagram account.

Although she’s a motivational speaker and author whose works often focus on women’s issues, Jenkins would like to emphasize that her advice is suited for everybody. “What I want everybody to experience is joy and confidence in their own bodies,” she said. “Every body is a beautiful body and it is enough to be confident in your own body.”