How Did Tanisha Thomas Lose Weight?

By Changing The Way She Eats

Most people who lose weight later in life make simple changes to their diets and start exercising regularly. But for Tanisha Thomas, an American model and reality TV star, this was not the case. After a lifetime of struggling with her weight, she made some major lifestyle changes that led to incredible results. Let’s take a look at how she did it.

Cut Back On The Sugar And You’ll Burn Fat

For most people, cutting back on the sugar is the key to losing weight. But for Tanisha, this was not the case. She told CBS News that cutting back on the sugar helped her lose weight initially, but then she became bored of eating healthy and started gaining the weight back. Instead of focusing on the diet alone, she started looking for ways to make life easier for herself and discovered the wonders of the ketogenic diet. On the ketogenic diet, you reduce the amount of sugar you ingest while increasing your consumption of healthy fats (such as those obtained from dairy, eggs, and nuts). If you’re looking to shed the pounds, you may want to consider trying the ketogenic diet. Not only will you likely lose weight, but you’ll also be improving your health.

Change The Way She Eats.

The first thing Tanisha did to lose weight was to change the way she ate. She told People that when she had kids, she became a “picky eater” and started denying herself foods because she thought they were bad for her. So to encourage herself to eat more healthily, she started making some positive affirmations. For example, she would tell herself that “I am strong, beautiful and independent – I can eat whatever I want.” While this helped her to believe that she could lose weight, it was also preventing her from having real food experiences. She eventually decided to go on a quest to find the perfect everyday meal that would satisfy her while also being good for her health. A big part of this was trying new foods and experiencing new tastes. To this end, she visited Thailand and tried their delicious fried chicken. It was there that she realized that simple carbs and processed foods didn’t satisfy her and that she needed to change the way she ate.

Take More Steps To Exercise

If you’re looking to shed the pounds, you may want to try getting more exercise. But for Tanisha, this wasn’t the case either. Even though she works out regularly, she still hasn’t found the perfect workout routine that makes her feel energized and happy. She also tried Weight Watchers and struggled with sticking to the routine. She found the perfect routine when she went on a cruise with her family and worked out with a personal trainer. While on the cruise, her trainer would come to her cabin daily and help her get through her workout routine. This is when she learned that she enjoys working out and that it makes her feel better both physically and mentally. Since then, she’s made it her daily habit to exercise. She now tries to workout at least four to five days a week and makes sure to get a full eight hours of sleep each night. This helps her stay lean and strong.

Conscious Eating

After experiencing the wonders of the ketogenic diet, Tanisha went on a journey of exploring more natural ways of eating. She now believes that food is something that you nourish your body with and that it shouldn’t be something that you deprive yourself of. Instead of fearing food, she now embraces it and finds joy in trying new foods and creating new recipes. She also tries to focus on food that is organic and GMO-free to ensure that she is nourishing her body with healthier foods. When she followed this dietary regimen, she was able to drop 15 lbs in a few weeks and started feeling better both mentally and physically. This was the key for her to finally feeling like herself again. She told People that when she started gaining weight, she felt like her body was betraying her and that it was time for a change. But she didn’t want a diet. She wanted to make changes that would allow her to lose weight and feel energized. So she started looking for options and eventually found a plan that satisfied both her needs. She is now on a regimen where she eats organic and natural foods in moderation and works out to maintain her weight and allow her body to be at its optimum functioning capacity.

Take A Look At Tanisha’s Daily Habits

To maintain her weight, Tanisha has to continue to eat healthy and exercise regularly. But what exactly does that mean for her? To find out, we need to take a look at her daily habits. As mentioned, she started out by changing the way she ate and this had positive results. But now she has to make sure that these habits continue Daily. She told People that because she changed the way she eats, she didn’t necessarily have to continue with the same dietary regimen. But for some reason, she decided that she would and started seeing the benefits. She continues to work out at least four to five times per week. She takes time out of her schedule to sleep and rest so that she can be at her best both mentally and physically. When she doesn’t feel like working out, she finds other activities that she enjoys and sticks with them. She also tries to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and filling up on fruits and vegetables instead of drinks. This helps her maintain a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle.

Tanisha’s Final Words

On the subject of losing weight, Tanisha had this to say:

“I wish I could say that losing weight was easy. For me, it was a journey of self-discovery that began when I was 45 years old. I struggled with my weight my entire life and never felt like I deserved to be happy because of the extra pounds I carried. My battle with obesity continued as I got older and it was more apparent than ever. I would wake up in the morning just to find my bathroom scale in the same place as it was when I went to sleep the night before. I tried many fad diets, but nothing ever stuck. That is, until I tried the ketogenic diet. When I did, it all became clear. The information I got from Dr. Simeons’s website empowered me to understand my body better and enabled me to make the necessary changes to shed the pounds. Dr. Simeons’s program is safe, effective, and has helped thousands of people lose weight and live healthier lives. If you’re looking for a solution that works, check him out. It may just be what you’re looking for.”

So there you have it. Tanisha knows what worked for her and she’s not afraid to say it. She credits Dr. Simeons and the ketogenic diet for changing her life for the better. If you’re interested in trying the ketogenic diet, she recommends visiting the doctor’s website to get information on how to start and then using online tools to track your progress.

The ketogenic diet isn’t for everyone and it takes some time to adapt to. But if you’re looking for a way to lose weight and feel better, it may be the perfect solution for you. And who knows – maybe one day, you’ll even find a way to thank Dr. Simeons for changing your life for the better.