How Did Snooki Lose So Much Weight So Fast?

It’s been a month since the release of Snooki– the popular Jersey Shore starlet and reality TV show personality who achieved infamy for her extreme weight loss- and fans are still curious about her remarkable transformation. Snooki is now known to have lost over 150 pounds and people are flocking to her Instagram to find out how she did it and what tips she would give others who want to lose weight quickly and safely. We can’t blame them- after all, Snooki is an inspiration! Here’s what you might not know about her.

Her Career Was On The Verge Of Decline

Despite being a TV celebrity and a social media superstar, Snooki’s career wasn’t exactly starting from the ground up. In fact, she had been in the spotlight for years before she lost a single pound and had amassed a long list of acting credits. Her first ever role was in 2001 and since then she’s appeared in a variety of television shows and films. Most notably, she starred in the 2005 comedy Meet the Delegates and the 2007 teen horror flick Poseidon. During this time frame, Snooki also served as a judge on several TV singing competitions. Now, at 41 years old, she’s determined to prove she’s still got what it takes to make it in Hollywood and is using her platform to share her advice. Let’s take a look at how and why Snooki lost so much weight.

Her Diet Was Inspired By A Purge

When Snooki set out to lose weight, she didn’t have a specific goal in mind. In fact, she told reporters the diet plan was “just a thing” she put together “because [she] heard that Purge Night was coming.” Thanks to the hit Netflix show The Purge, many people know what Purge Night is and how it works. Every year, on the night of the Thirteenth, American citizens can engage in a practice sometimes referred to as ‘law disobedience’ or ‘lawlessness’. During this time, they are allowed to commit all manner of reckless and illegal acts with no repercussions. Naturally, this inspired Snooki to try out a similar diet plan and she even went as far as to say that during the five days of the diet, she “did whatever [she] wanted.” Naturally, this might not be the best idea if you’re trying to lose weight and avoid negative side effects. After all, it’s not good practice to go against the rules of what your doctor prescribed you to avoid suffering later. However, for some, the thrill of being able to break the rules once in a while is all the motivation they need to keep going.

She Tricky To Camera Shots Due To Low Self-Esteem

One of the things that makes Snooki so fascinating is her extreme weight loss journey. Aside from the fact that she went from being obese to becoming a svelte size 4 in just over four years, Snooki also had to overcome extremely low self-esteem in order to make her transformation happen. This is something many people with eating disorders struggle with and it’s certainly no wonder why. When you’re used to eating what you want and when the camera is flashing, it can be easy to convince yourself that you look good even when you don’t. There’s also the fact that many people who participate in these diets don’t see the results they’re looking for (especially if they’re not prepared for the physical changes that come with weight loss). When you’re not used to seeing the results of your hard work, it’s nearly impossible to believe that you can actually look better than you did before you started. This is largely why Snooki’s journey was so important to her; it helped her realize that no matter what she looked like, she always had something to be proud of. When it came to the camera, she often felt that she didn’t look good enough, even though she knew she had to lose weight for the shot. This is one of the main reasons why she was so frustrated with her body; she felt like she never looked good enough for the camera no matter what she did. This is why she would often hide herself away from the camera during shoots; even when she was in the middle of a bright room, she would put herself in shadows to avoid being caught on camera.

She Never Thought She Was Pretty

Another interesting thing about Snooki is that, even though she now considers herself to be very attractive (and we have no reason to doubt her), she never really thought she was pretty. This is strange because she’s always had a feminine side and has mentioned that she dressed “more like a girl” when she was younger. According to Snooki, “pretty” was a word that would come up a lot when people would describe her looks. However, she would immediately correct them and say that she wasn’t ‘that’ pretty. This shows that even when she was at her thinnest, she still didn’t believe she was pretty enough to look like a model. She had to lose a lot of weight before she could finally accept herself for who she was and it wasn’t an easy process. Despite her best efforts, she would still feel insecure about her looks even after she lost a lot of weight. In fact, she even admitted that, at first, she “didn’t like how [she] looked” after she lost a lot of weight.

This level of self-doubt is something that would have to be conquered in order to commit to the weight loss process. After all, how can you lose weight if you don’t believe you can look good enough to succeed? There is also the fact that Snooki lost a lot of weight very quickly and, for some, that can be a dangerous game. If you’re not prepared for the physical changes that come with weight loss, it can be easy to crash and burn. This is why it’s so important to take your time and lose weight slowly; you don’t want to put yourself in intense physical change if you’re not prepared for it. At the end of the day, it’s all about trusting your body and what it needs; when you do that, everything else will follow.

So, what would Snooki advise others trying to achieve weight loss? The first thing she would tell them is to make sure they trust their bodies. Many people will follow any diet or workout plan promising quick weight loss results, but that can be dangerous if you’re not prepared for the physical changes that come with it. Another thing she would tell others is to not make the mistake of thinking that your looks define you; your personality and character are the things that matter most.

Of course, Snooki could always be wrong about what she says (and sometimes she is), but that’s part of the charm of this unusual woman. While some people might see her as an expert in weight loss, she’s actually just a woman trying to navigate the world as it is now that she’s chosen to fight against her old habits. Even now, she admits that changing your lifestyle can be challenging; sometimes, it’s not easy to be different. But, if you believe in yourself and what you’re trying to accomplish, it’s not hard to find the motivation you need to keep going.