How Did Roseanne Barr Lose Weight?

Everyone knows Roseanne Barr as the quintessential Hollywood mom. As the mother of three daughters, she has always been a striking figurehead for the “mommy blogosphere.” A self-proclaimed feminist, she has long been an outspoken advocate for women’s rights. But beneath the surface of this popular tweeter, actress, and comedian—also a fashion icon—lies a less glamorous truth.

In the past few years, Barr has lost well over 100 pounds. While her motivation behind shedding her extra weight is multifold, she has cited stress relief and more consistent sleep as the key factors in her transformation.

Here, we’ll explore the surprising ways that Roseanne Barr has redefined motherhood and self-care for herself and her family.

The Evolution Of A Fashion Iconic

Barr has always had a knack for reinventing herself, and her latest incarnation as a stylish and healthy mom evokes the very definition of a fashion icon. While she has toned down her signature blunt humour and embraced a more family-friendly brand of comedy, she has never lost her unique sense of style.

In the 1970s, Barr dressed in the height of fashion and stood out among the sea of teens with her outrageous ensembles. Known for her iconic red lip, she effortlessly transitioned to the next decade and continued to be such a standout. Fashion insiders named her the “best dressed” celebrity mother at the 2000 Kids’ Day Fashion Show. The Los Angeles Times noted that she “wowed” onlookers and that her “fashion sense had not gone out of style.”

While she continues to be associated with fashion, Barr’s style has evolved with the times. As she noted on Instagram in 2018: “I have always loved dressing the part, even when I was a kid. I love experimenting with fashion and always will. This is what makes me fun to follow. Thanks for embracing me and liking what I am wearing.”

For her fashion-related work, Barr is consistently ranked among the most stylish celebrities of all time, and her unique outfits regularly appear in fashion magazines and blogs. She was even named one of the “Top 50 Most Stylish Women in Hollywood” by Hello Fashion in 2017.

A Self-Proclaimed Feminist

If there’s one thing that Roseanne Barr is known for, it’s her staunch support of women’s rights. She is a supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment and was among the first to speak out against Donald Trump’s treatment of women. In 2017, she wrote in an op-ed for Elle: “As a feminist, I believe that women should have the same right to be who they want to be, as men do. Women should not be held back by outdated stereotypes or forced into something they don’t want.”

Barr has been open about the fact that she is a feminist since the 1960s, and although this has not stopped her from dating or engaging with men, it has shaped her political and social views. In her book, Straight Up with Roseanne, she wrote that being a feminist has allowed her to be “more true to myself” and to “express the full extent of [her] feminine side.”

While she has never shied away from her feminism, Barr has acknowledged that being a mother changes your perspective entirely. In 2018, she told Time magazine that being a mother “shifts your whole world.” She continued: “It’s amazing how life changes you. You can’t believe how much your life changes. And it starts with the most basic things. You go from being this person who loves to eat and sleep to someone who cares about their baby’s wellness. It’s a beautiful thing.”

A Change Of Lifestyle

Along with her stylish and frugal ways, Roseanne Barr has changed her entire routine and adopted more child-friendly practices. She has become notoriously media-shy, rarely granting interviews or appearing on social media to promote herself or her work. But behind the scenes, she has been active, regularly posting about her family’s various adventures and including many pics of herself wearing jeans.

In the past few years, she has become a very hands-on mother, taking on an ever-expanding role in her children’s lives. The New York Times reported in 2017 that she is “almost always” present when her children are interviewed by the media. She started a podcast, Rosanne Barr’s Family Game Night, which is geared toward parents and features interviews with famous faces, as well as family game night suggestions.

The ‘Mommy Blogosphere’ Is Embracing Change

As a mom blogger who has been following Barr’s journey for years, I can attest that she has opened the floodgates for other prominent moms to follow suit and lose weight. In fact, many of her fans have taken up the challenge and have dropped some serious pounds as a result. As she noted in 2018: “I am so inspired by all of the fabulous mother/daughter teams who are proudly showing off their bodies! I love that. All of this pressure on women to stay skinny and ‘perfect’ and I am sick of it. Let’s be real—we are all struggling with weight issues and body image struggles.”

While many famous moms have always been associated with glamorous lifestyles and perfect bodies—think Marilyn Monroe, Eva Peron, or even Michael Jackson’s mother—most of them have learned to be more modest and care-free as they’ve gotten older. Barr is one of the few who have truly embraced this style shift, and her fans appear to be following suit, noting that she inspires them to “love the skin [they’re] in” and to “embrace [their] bodies as they are.”

Being a celebrity means that you’re always going to attract attention, and being a famous mom means that you’re always going to be a target for dietary fad diets. But that doesn’t have to be the case. As long as you’re getting the nutrients you need, you can enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle and dress for any occasion with confidence. And who knows? Perhaps one day, you’ll even challenge the traditional ideas of what it means to be a ‘famous’ mom.