How Oprah Lost Weight in 2022

Oprah’s Favorite Things

Who doesn’t love Oprah?! In 2022, she had over 500 million total viewers across all platforms, making her the #2 ranked TV host in the United States, according to Billboard. With her own magazine, a podcast, and a worldwide TV network, Oprah’s influence is far-reaching.

But while Oprah may be the queen of daytime TV, she’s a devoted fan of numerous other TV shows and hosts. In fact, aside from her daily ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show,’ she made repeated references to other programs and celebrities in her speech at the 2020 Golden Globe Awards. For example, she compared her own weight loss story to that of Michelle Obama, who lost 200 pounds after giving birth to two children, and credited First Lady Melania Trump’s glamourous State of the Union address to her own weight loss efforts. Watch the clip below.

Podcasts, Blogs, and Online Magazines

Even before she was the queen of daytime TV, Oprah was already considered a pioneer of the TV podcast craze. In fact, she was the first in line to experiment with the format, which began to boom in the 2010s. She not only dabbled in podcasting, but she also frequently referenced them on her TV show. And she wasn’t the only one—entrepreneurs and CEOs from Silicon Valley to London have tried to emulate her success in the podcast world, churning out countless copycats and inspiring countless others to get into the game.

To this day, Oprah is the #1 ranked female podcast guest, according to Podtrac. She has also been cited as the top podcast host by the New York Times. She continues to have an active and engaged presence in the podcasting world, frequently appearing on various shows and doing interviews, sometimes even appearing in person, to give advice on business, life, and wellness.

Netflix and Amazon Prime

While podcasts and blogs might not seem like traditional weight loss media, Oprah has been an active supporter of online magazines and Netflix since its inception. In particular, she’s been vocal about the importance of binge-watching. So it’s not surprising that she would champion online magazines, considering how they allow her to indulge in her favorite pastime while also providing her with a safe space to discuss her weight loss journey and reveal her Top Secret Rules for successful weight loss. For example, she actively promotes the Netflix show, The Dresscode, which documents the transformation of several overweight women into fashionable ladies.

No Saturated Fat

In the wake of the obesity epidemic, there is a growing movement toward healthy eating. While many traditional diet plans don’t hesitate to vilify certain foods, especially those high in saturated fat, Oprah understands the importance of moderation. And she makes that point very clearly in her latest book, Weight Watchers Murder by Medicine: A Maverick Innovator Speaks Out About the Cost of Being Fat in America.

In the book, the famed TV host outlines her experience with the diet program, as well as discusses the many cultural, and sometimes even genetic, factors that contribute to obesity. For example, she points to studies that suggest that only a small percent of the population actually have a naturally thin-featured body. The rest of us, Oprah is happy to inform us, are just storing weight on our bones as a protection against the world.

Family, Friends, and Fans

Finally, we come to Oprah’s relationship with her fans. In fact, she has frequently credited her success and fame to her die-hard supporters, known as the ‘Oprah loyalists.’ While she might seem like an only child to the rest of America, she is, in fact, the product of a very close-knit family. As such, she has a unique perspective on what her fans value and how they show their appreciation. And she makes frequent mentions of her large and loyal audience in her speeches, interviews, and social media posts, often calling them her ‘fans’ or ‘my people.’

In the meantime, while Oprah enjoys her celebrity and influence, she remains committed to using her platform to fight the good fight. In 2022, she founded the Oprah Winfrey Network, which provides healthcare, education, and job opportunities to disadvantaged communities. And in keeping with her tireless drive and adventurous spirit, she also founded the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy, a school that provides low-income high school students with college scholarships and a transformative learning experience.