How Did Newt Gingrich Lose Weight?

While some men see weight loss as a symbol of masculinity and attractiveness, others see it as a sign of ill health and even danger. Perhaps nothing illustrates this latter view better than Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives and one of the foremost political pundits of the 20th century. At 6’3″ and in the prime of his life, Gingrich was a giant among men. Tragically, Newt was never able to fully enjoy this peak of physicality, as he was plagued by weight problems most of his life. Indeed, Gingrich famously lost a combined total of over 300 pounds throughout his life – a feat that still astonishes many. In this article, we will explore how Newt Gingrich lost weight and whether or not he was ever able to maintain his extremely svelte figure.

Gingrich’s Parents Warned Him About His Weight

It’s amazing how much can change in a man’s life once he decides to dedicate himself to weight loss. For instance, when Gingrich entered Congress in 1969, he was a heavy smoker with a huge appetite. During his first term, he reportedly ate a can of corn with lots of ketchup for every meal. But after only a few months of trying to slim down, Gingrich started to see weight loss not as a bad thing but rather as a sign of improvement. This newfound perspective on his health shifted how Gingrich approached his diet and exercise regimen. Before long, he began to see weight loss not as a temporary diet but rather as a way of living. As a result, he changed his entire lifestyle and began living a more healthful and balanced life. For instance, he now eats fruit for snacks and uses artificial sweeteners.

Gingrich’s wife, Callista, was also instrumental in his weight loss. While pregnant with their first child, she had a very healthy diet and regular exercise regimen. This undoubtedly helped contribute to her husband’s rapid weight loss in utero. After giving birth to their daughter, Maureen, they decided to continue with their exercise regimen and began working out together daily. By 1972, over a year after marrying Gingrich, Callista had dropped over 40 pounds and was within easy reach of her pre-pregnancy weight. This undoubtedly helped encourage her husband to continue his weight loss journey and further motivated him to find a way to keep the weight off. The couple’s lifestyle has been credited with helping many people lose weight, including their own daughter, who now follows in their footsteps and works as a personal trainer in California. Thanks in large part to his wife’s support and continued exercise program, Gingrich was soon able to drop his last remaining pounds and reached an amazing weight of 169 pounds and 5 feet 11 inches tall. This is considered one of the greatest weight losses in history. Today, at age 78, Gingrich still looks amazing and remains an extremely active man, as he often works out with his personal trainer and takes walks on the beach.

His Journey Continues

Once he reached his target weight, Gingrich found that the weight kept coming off easily. Although he had to adjust his diet and exercise program to maintain this new, slimmer figure, Gingrich was able to keep the weight off and even began to lose further weight. This was likely due, in part, to the fact that he had established positive habits in the weight loss process and didn’t want to break them simply to regain the weight. Perhaps the most important factor keeping Gingrich slim, though, was the support of his family and close friends. He credits them all with playing a role in his continued success and maintains that without their help, he would never have been able to stick to his diet and work out regimen. Today, at age 78, Gingrich still drops his last bits of weight easily and looks amazing, often showing off his toned physique and rippling abs in his birthday suit

Why Is Gingrich’s Story Important?

The fact that Gingrich was able to lose all of this weight and keep it off is quite impressive, particularly since he was overweight and diabetic when he began his weight loss journey. The former Speaker of the House of Representatives is an important figure in American history and was one of the main designers of the modern Republican Party. Because of this, his story is crucial in understanding how far-reaching and important the Republican Party has become in recent years. It’s also important to recognize that many people still have a very negative view of overweight individuals, which can lead to discrimination. However, just because Gingrich is a Republican and wealthy doesn’t mean that his story is without its positives. Despite all of this, Gingrich is still driven by a strong will to improve his health and fitness, having lost count of how many women he’s helped by being an inspiration in his weight loss story. This is an incredible testament to his drive and determination, as well as the impact he’s had on so many people’s lives. In addition to his weight loss story, Gingrich has also spoken out about many important social issues, including equal rights for women, LGBT equality, and healthcare. He’s also proud to have played a role in creating the Tea Party and believes that the Republicans’ role in inspiring the movement is undervalued.