How Did Melissa Marie Lose Weight?

Since her stunning appearance on social media, many have been trying to figure out how Melissa Marie’s body transformed so quickly and so efficiently. And, although she’s never talked much about her weight loss journey, it seems she’s happy to share it with the world.

Here, we’ll explore how the television personality and social media star lost weight, what she did to get in shape, and how she stays motivated during her diet and exercise routines.

How Social Media Has Changed Weight Loss

If you’re looking to lose weight, you might think that social media would be a bad place to look for inspiration. After all, many people’s favorite social media starinesedimentarycontentthat couldmakeyoufeelbadaboutyourweightlossefforts. But, these days, social media is a place where people can find both encouragement and information regarding weight loss.

The internet has provided a wealth of resources for people struggling to lose weight. For instance, the rise of TikTok and its many offshoots has made it possible to follow thousands of weight loss stories. In fact, TikTok is now the second most popular social media app in the U.S. after Instagram.

And it’s not just social media stars who have turned to online content to guide their weight loss efforts. Many regular people are using the power of social media to help them get in shape, and, although it can be motivating to follow someone who seems to fit the mold of the perfect Instagram model, you should not be discouraged if you want to try and lose weight as well.

Why Is Social Media a Great Place to Find Supportive Content?

When you’re losing weight, the last thing you need is encouragement to keep you from beating yourself up over your current state of affairs. So, if you’re looking for supportive content, you might think that Facebook and Instagram are not the places to be. But, actually, they can be great resources for people who truly need support.

First, Instagram and Facebook are full of content curated by people who are trying to lose weight as well. So, if you follow certain hashtags or like particular pictures on social media, you will see many inspirational posts from people who are trying to change their bodies to look like the ones they see on social media.

For instance, if you’re following the wellness blogger Melissa Marie on Instagram, you will see that she often posts about food, fitness, and lifestyle tips that can help you with your own weight loss efforts. So, if you’re ever feeling down about your progress, you can always come back to her Instagram for some motivation.

How Did Melissa Marie Lose Weight?

When you have a question about how to lose weight, it’s always nice to have a starting point. So, if you’re looking for the answer to how Melissa Marie lost weight, then check out her Instagram page. She’s been very open with her followers about her weight loss journey, and she’s even discussed the mental and physical aspects of her dieting and workout routines.

The fact that she’s shared so much about her weight loss journey makes it easier for others to be inspired and follow her lead. But, despite her open and inspiring profile, Melissa Marie has never been one to reveal too much about her personal life. So, even though she’s shared a lot about her weight loss journey, there are still many questions surrounding how she managed to slim down so quickly. Here we’ll explore the many ways in which Melissa Marie lost weight and what she does to maintain her enviable figure.

Did She Have A Personal Weight Loss Coach?

Melissa Marie has never really hid the fact that she’s spent a lot of time and effort working on getting her body back in shape. And that’s probably because she knows how much she’s gained from being on social media. She told Elle: “I did have a personal weight loss coach for a little while. But, now that I’ve done my own research and am comfortable eating the foods I crave, the coach’s guidance wasn’t necessary.”

So, it would seem that Melissa Marie has been working hard to get her body back in shape ever since she started gaining a following on social media. And it seems like she’s had some amazing success doing so.

But, how does she do it? Well, there are plenty of tips on her Instagram page that might help you lose weight as well. For example, she often posts about taking protein powders to help her build muscle mass. She also shares tips on how to add more vegetables to your diet. And, although she doesn’t always post about her weight loss efforts, when she does she makes sure to include plenty of inspirational quotes.

Did She Try Any Unique Weight Loss Methods?

Just because Melissa Marie has been open about her weight loss journey doesn’t mean she’s tried every method out there. In fact, she’s shared that there are still moments when she wants to give up and that she hits a weight loss plateau. So, it would seem that she’s tried a variety of ways to lose weight and found a few that work best for her. Here are some of her biggest successes.

Protein Powder

Protein powder has become a popular tool for weight loss as people try to muscle eat their way to beauty. And it seems that Melissa Marie has embraced this trend with gusto. She regularly posts about her love for protein powder, and she even created a line of protein powders specifically for people seeking to lose weight.

She has talked about how she uses protein powder to help her reach her weight loss goals, saying: “I like to mix my protein powder with ice-cream or milk to make it more enjoyable. Plus, the added creaminess makes it easier to consume more calories.”


When you’re trying to lose weight, one of the easiest and most effective ways to shed those extra pounds is to go on a diet. And, although it might seem strange to some, Melissa Marie has actually talked about going on a complete fasting diet. She told Women’s Health: “I did a 10-day no-food cleanse – apart from water and salt – and it was amazing. It totally changed my relationship with food. When you’re not feeling hungry, it’s easier to ignore your cravings. When I broke my fast, I had a really strange feeling. I wasn’t craving food, but food just seemed to have a way of appearing in front of me.”

And, although she didn’t go on a diet to lose weight, she did admit that it was one of the methods she experimented with to shed a few pounds. But, in the end, she didn’t feel that it was the best way to go about losing weight and she didn’t recommend it to others.

Vary Your Diet

We mentioned earlier that although Melissa Marie has shared a lot about her weight loss journey, there are still many questions surrounding how she manages to stay slim. And, although she’s never really discussed the methods she uses to achieve this, it seems that she embraces a varied diet. She told The Huffington Post: “I think it’s important to keep things interesting by trying new things. Whether it’s trying a new style of eating or taking a different route to work, it’s good to vary your routine as much as possible so you don’t get bored.”

So, instead of sticking to just one diet, which might leave you feeling unsatisfied and empty, try mixing up your food choices a bit. Not only does this make it more interesting and help you remain motivated, but it also allows you to lose weight in a way that suits your body type and lifestyle. For instance, if you have a slow metabolism and heavy weight, you might want to try the Keto diet. Or, if you have a fast metabolism but you need to shed some pounds, you might want to try the Paleo diet.

What Type Of Exercise Does She Do?

Although she regularly posts about food and drink, it seems that exercise is what Melissa Marie does for recreation. She enjoys a good workout, and she has shared that she feels happiest when she’s had a good session on the treadmill. So, it would seem that she focuses on maintaining her athletic shape rather than just trying to reduce her size.

She has also talked about how much she enjoys weightlifting, which is a great option for people who want to work on their arms and legs. It seems that she finds the satisfaction of a good workout very satisfying, which could explain why she has continued to share her passion for working out throughout her whole weight loss journey.