How Did Lynette Romero Lose Weight?

The 44-year-old actress and widow of the late Robert F. Romero III, lost a whopping 64 pounds in record time without dieting, exercise, or taking supplements. It all started when she stumbled upon a solution that changed her life: Pivotal. With Pivotal, Romero was able to pinpoint the genes that caused her body to store more fat than others, and she used this information to her advantage by taking a targeted approach to eating and exercise. As a result of this new lifestyle, she was able to achieve a more youthful appearance and was inspired to share her story to help others overcome their own personal obstacles.

Romero first came to prominence in the 1980s after starring in the film American Buffalo. Since then, she has appeared in a number of TV shows and films, with her most recent appearances being in the 2018 films The Kidnapping of Daisy Bates and The House of Gucci.

A Family Heirloom

Romero is the daughter of the late Robert F. Romero Jr. She grew up in the family industry, and from a young age, she began making frequent appearances in her father’s films. It was not until years later that she would find herself in the position to truly follow in her father’s footsteps, as he had previously passed away before she was able to assume the role of CEO of Romero Enterprises.

It was in this position that she was able to fully realize the massive impact that her father had had on her early life, and it was also during this time that she began to see the importance of family heirlooms and taking care of them properly. Shortly after his passing, the family made moves to catalogue and preserve all of his work, and during this process, they came across a box containing some of Romero’s personal notes on the history of his company. In these notes, he described how, as a young boy, he had written down the names of the most prominent men in the oil industry that he had grown up admiring. One of these men was the CEO of Gulf Coast (now Zara), and it was this man’s family that Romero was able to contact and eventually gain access to their priceless collection of china.

The Key To Romero’s Unparalleled Success

Romero is the quintessential example of someone who was naturally suited to the role of the CEO of an oil company. Born into an extremely wealthy family, she grew up surrounded by servants and indulgence. She went on to study business administration at the University of Southern California, and after graduating, she was hired by her alma mater to help them establish a full-fledged undergraduate business program. During her time at USC, she had also worked as an assistant to the dean of the business school, and it was while working for the school that she had first encountered the need to maintain a sleek, youthful appearance.

It was while working for a bank that she had also come across the Pivotal platform, and it was while working with this tool that she had been able to truly see the weight that she had been carrying around with her for years. The irony is that, despite all the time and money that she had spent on doctors and diets in her quest for beauty, the key to her unrivalled success had been right under her nose all along: Genetics.

Romero’s Story

After years of struggling with her weight, Romero finally felt that she had achieved something substantial when she hit age 40 and was able to shed off 25 pounds. It was at this point that she decided that it was time to share the wealth that she had cultivated through all of her hard work with the world, and she did this by creating the nonprofit organization, Well-Being America, to help others find their own personal wellness journeys.

The organization sets out to do this by teaching others about the importance of family heirlooms and their unique role in shaping an individual’s life. Well-Being America encourages people to write down the names of everyone they’re connected to through blood or marriage and to keep track of these relationships physically, through a tangible heirloom.

In the same way that she had done with the china that her father had given her, Romero wanted to find a way to connect with her father’s family and the important men in the industry that she had admired as a child. To her delight, she was eventually able to make contact with the CEO of Gulf Coast (now Zara), who she had been able to secure as a personal client during her time at USC. This man’s daughter had also been a client of Romero’s at the time, and they invited the two of them to Houston for an event that would celebrate the family’s history and commemorate the oil industry’s pivotal role in shaping the world we know today.

The Well-Being America Summit

The Well-Being America Summit was the culmination of all of Romero’s hard work, and it marked the culmination of the work that she and her father had been doing for years. The event featured a number of important guests, including current and former world leaders, business executives, and philanthropists. One of the more prominent faces in attendance was Rex Tillerson, at the time the CEO of ExxonMobil, who had previously worked with Romero’s father and had a longstanding relationship with the family.

It was here where Romero was finally able to put into practice all of the advice, guidance, and motivation that she had gained from her family and her father. The organizers of the event had laid out a magnificent spread for the attendees to help them get a better grasp of Well-Being America’s mission. There were over 100 dishes, including a chocolate fountain, an ice sculpture, and a variety of seafood, and it was all beautifully laid out on linen-draped tables. It was at one of these tables that Romero met with Tillerson and discussed the family’s history in the oil industry and the ongoing need to preserve the environment, especially in light of climate change.

Tillerson, who had also grown up in the oil industry, had seen an opportunity to invest in preserving the environment and had decided to provide Well-Being America with a five-figure sum to help them set up shop.

The event also saw the formal introduction of Romero to the world beyond the Hollywood bubble, and she was able to make a lasting impact in an industry that she had previously only been a part of in a professional capacity. Since the summit, she has built on the foundation that she had laid and expanded the reach of Well-Being America through a variety of media appearances and speaking engagements. Not only has she been a speaker at a number of notable events, but she has also been featured in major articles and interviewed on television shows, including the Dr. Phil and Today shows. She also serves as an adviser to a number of companies and organizations, including Dow Chemical and the American Association for Alzheimer’s Disease.

Romero’s story is truly inspiring, and her ability to lose weight without dieting or relying on supplements is evidence of just how much she must have adhered to the principles that she had learned from her father. Despite all of the health and fitness challenges that she had faced in the past, she had found a way to succeed where others had failed, and now she shares her expertise with those who are looking to follow in her footsteps.