How Did Lexi Reed Lose Weight?

Lexi Reed is a former Australian celebrity. She first rose to fame as a popular Australian television presenter and actress. Since then, she has become a successful entrepreneur, author, and radio host. She owns multiple businesses, including a fashion line and a popular blog. Reed is also the author of several books, including The Lexi Report: How to Create a Life You’ll LoveAsk Lexi, and Take the Reins. She regularly appears on Australian and international television shows. While some might consider Reed to be famous for her weight loss, she would certainly consider it an understatement.

The Early Years

Lexi Reed was born in 1974 in Melbourne, Australia. She is the oldest of three children born to Jacqueline and Graham Reed. Her father was a chemical engineer, and her mother was a medical secretary. Reed grew up in a large house in North Melbourne with her younger siblings, Charlie and Emily. She attended St Bernard’s College, where she studied arts and science. Reed also spent a lot of time in her younger years riding her bike, swimming, and cooking. She developed a taste for foreign travel and for luxurious indulgences during this time. In 1995, Reed graduated with a bachelor’s degree in law.

The Big Change

After graduating from law school, Reed began working as a barrister. She moved to London for a year, where she practiced law. While in London, Reed started reading more self-help books and listening to personal development seminars. She decided to change her life and saw weight loss and fitness as the key to becoming the person she wanted to be. Reed began focusing on what she could change. She cut out cookies and cakes from her diet, and began walking to work instead of taking the train. She lost weight quickly, and her colleagues at work noticed. One of her friends even invited her to a birthday party at the House of Commons because he thought she would fit right in with the MPs. They were all fit, and the conversation turned to fitness. After that, she was asked to give a talk on wellness, and she started sharing her journey of weight loss and what she learned along the way.

The Biggest Loser

In 2007, Reed was a contestant on the popular  The Biggest Loser Australia. The premise of the show is that four obese people enter a competition to lose weight. Three of them are selected to continue, and the other person is eliminated. The show features the contestants competing in various activities, including running, biking, swimming, and spinning. They are weighed daily and given body-fat percentages. Reed lost over 70 kg on the show and kept the weight off. After the show, she continued to maintain her weight loss by following a low-carb diet and taking supplements. Her blog post about the show, 70kg Down, 40kg To Go, has over 200,000 views. Other popular posts include Why I Chose To Go On The Biggest Loser Australia and How to Create a Life You’ll Love. Since the show, she has collaborated with a number of Australian businesses, including Subway and Krispy Kreme. She also became a regular columnist for The Australian, a well-known national newspaper.

Dress To Impress

In 2013, Reed launched her own fashion line, ALEXI REED. The clothes are inspired by Reed’s travels to Africa, where she saw amazing shapes, sizes, and colors. Her line is available in large and small stores across Australia. She designs the clothing, and two assistants help her make clothes that fit more people. The line is a success, and Reed ships clothes all over Australia and the world. The designer now has over 30 stores in Australia and New Zealand, as well as an e-commerce store. She has also designed a cookbook, Simply Luxe, which features her African-inspired recipes. The recipes have been created in collaboration with some of the biggest names in the food industry, such as Peter Gordon, Margaret Gordon, Anna Hansen, and Sally Bell.

No Regrets

In 2014, Reed published her first book, No Regrets: How to Create a Life You’ll Love. The guide offers advice on everything from diet and fitness to money, productivity, creativity, and more. One of the most memorable chapters is about setting financial goals, and she includes examples of how other people managed to create a life they will love financially even when they were out of work and had to live with their parents. The financial advice alone would make the book worth buying, but the guide also offers tips on how to become healthier, wiser, and happier. Many people have said the book is one of the best they have ever read. Since its publication, it has reached the #1 spot on the 

Amazon Kindle Health & Self-Care bestseller list. It also appeared on the AVERAGE* kindle bestseller list. Reed continues to release new material. In 2018, she published Ask Lexi, a comprehensive guide to getting answers from your doctor; Take the Reins, a guide to taking back control of your life; and The Lexi Report: How to Create a Life You’ll Love, a self-help book that helps The Biggest Loser and other people find inner peace, happiness, and confidence.

Inspirational Blog

In addition to being an entrepreneur and author, Reed is also a popular blogger. She regularly posts about health, fitness, and psychology. Many of her pieces are motivational and include anecdotes from her own life. One of her most popular blogs posts is about her journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur. She shares the highs and lows, as well as offers advice on how to get through it all. The post, 6 Months, 70kg Down, 40kg To Go, has over 100,000 views, and it continues to be one of Reed’s most popular pieces. In 2016, she wrote The Secret Ingredient To Life, a popular blog post that explores the differences between the people who succeed and those who don’t. What sets successful people apart from those who don’t succeed is that successful people have determination. They don’t give up, and they continue to work hard even when things seem impossible. According to Reed, determination is something you can learn and improve upon.


Lexi Reed is an amazing example of someone who changed her life for the better. She lost 70 kg on The Biggest Loser Australia, kept the weight off, and used her experience to become a successful entrepreneur and author. Reed’s story is an inspiration to anyone who has ever wanted to change their life for the better. She offers advice on how to lose weight and how to maintain the weight loss. If you want to read more about Reed’s journey to wellness, you can check out her blog. Otherwise, here’s to you and your new life!