Kim Kardashian’s Weight Loss Story: How Did She Lose the Weight for the Met Gala?

The Met Gala is an annual event where the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York hosts a Costume Institute exhibition themed around the theme of ‘fashion and the arts.’ It’s one of the most prominent and most talked about events on the annual calendar, due in part to the fact that tickets to the event go on sale in the spring and sell out very quickly. This year the event took place on May 20th and marked the beginning of Fashion Week in New York City. Celebrities from all over the world attended the gala, with the majority of attendees travelling to New York for the occasion. One of the most prominent guests was none other than Kim Kardashian.

And what a costume she chose to wear! The 35-year-old stunner made headlines around the world when she showed up to the Met Gala in an outfit that caused jaws to drop. We’ve compiled a detailed timeline below that breaks down the various events leading up to and including her outfit at the Met Gala, in the hope that it will shed some light on how she was able to lose so much weight in such a short space of time.

The Early Stages

It all started with the birth of North in late 2012, which saw Kim undergo a dramatic weight loss from her pre-pregnancy weight of around 56 kg to her post-natal weight of around 44 kg. She kept the weight off for a while, before piling on the pounds once more. This happened around May 2018, when she gave birth to her daughter, Stormi. Today, Kim weighs 48 kg and is a proud member of the 48 kg Club. She has also stated that she wants to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight. However, given that she had to go through so much pain during her pregnancy, she is understandably wary of putting on a lot of weight again. She certainly hasn’t been eating badly – in fact, her diet is very restricted. She only eats what’s permitted on the keto diet, which is made up of protein, moderate carbs and fatty acids. This keeps her body in a state of ketosis, where it’s burning fat for energy instead of carbs – something that experts believe can help with weight loss.

A Short Note on the Keto Diet

The keto diet, which is made up of protein, moderate carbs and fatty acids, was developed in the 1920s as a safer alternative to the dangerous fat-free diet. There is actually quite a bit of evidence to suggest that the keto diet can help with weight loss. In a short-term study of 12 obese adults, those on the keto diet lost more than 6 kg on average. Other studies have shown that those on the diet had better metabolic profiles and were able to keep off more weight than those on the standard diet. It’s been shown to have positive effects on Type 2 diabetes, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease – even though the keto diet wasn’t designed to treat or cure any of these conditions. The main thing is that it’s a safe and healthy option for fat loss. As long as you’re aware of the potential risks, you can fully commit to the lifestyle change and see great results.

Why Do You Need To Lose Weight?

If you’re curious as to how Kim became a poster girl for weight loss, the answer is quite simple. She has been open about her struggles with obesity, and her desire to lose weight, for much of her adult life. Back in 2014, Kim talked openly about her struggles with weight, stating: “I’ve always wanted to be a thinner person. I’ve never felt comfortable in my own skin.” She continued: “I wear loose clothes so that people don’t notice that I’m fat. But I’m sure that some of you have guessed that I’m not exactly happy with my body.” This was in reference to an Instagram post where Kim is seen wearing an oversized T-shirt and baggy leggings, with the caption “sometimes you just want skinny jeans.” This wasn’t the first time that Kim had talked about her insecurities regarding her weight. Back in 2011, she tweeted: “If I ever become famous, people will only see me as a symbol of female beauty, and not as me. For that reason, I try to keep my weight low.” So it seems that the desire to lose weight has been a consistent theme for Kim throughout her career. Unfortunately, this also means that she has had to go under the knife a few times. In 2015, Kim had her stomach muscles fused in a procedure known as a gastric sleeve to help her lose weight. In 2016, she had a similar procedure done, except this time it was her intestines that were wrapped. While neither of these procedures is exactly ethical, they have helped Kim to lose a significant amount of weight and keep it off. She has also been open about her surgeries and stated that she didn’t want to go through the same thing again.

How Did She Get Ready For The Met Gala?

It’s no secret that Kim is one of the most fashionable women in the world. And it seems that she wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to look fabulous. As soon as it was announced that the Met Gala would be themed around fashion and the arts, Kim took the initiative and set about planning her outfit for the event. As soon as she posted a picture of herself on Twitter, she began to receive a flood of messages from fans wanting to know how she was going to look for the event. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Kim stated: “I definitely wanted to do something that was different and didn’t follow the typical dress code. People loved my dress choice and even made a lot of suggestions for similar looks.” So, she turned to one of the biggest fashion weeks in the world for inspiration. And what did she do? She turned to one of the biggest fashion weeks in the world for inspiration. We’re talking about the Met Gala here! The annual event is famous for its extravagant outfits and unique fashion ensembles, and Kim wanted to be part of the spectacle. She wanted to show the world that she was proud to be herself and she wasn’t going to hide her curves. Let’s take a look at how she did it.

The Outfit

Kim started by selecting an LBD (little black dress) as her base layer, which was followed by a plunging neckline and oversized shirt. To top it off, she added some bling and wore heels – not your usual choice when it comes to a casual day, but a great way to draw more attention to yourself. It was an elegant yet simple look that managed to quell all the ‘fashion police’ out there who might otherwise accuse her of wearing too much black. The outfit was completed with the addition of a handbag and she wore it proudly, showing the world that she means business. As for the dress code, Kim stated: “I definitely wanted to do something that was different and didn’t follow the typical dress code. People loved my dress choice and even made a lot of suggestions for similar looks.” And she wasn’t kidding! In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kim stated: “I wanted to show a little more skin, so I selected an outfit that had a little bit of a plunging neckline, exposing a bit of my collarbone. I also wore heels because I wanted to draw more attention to myself – I’ve always felt that wearing heels makes me feel more confident.” It’s clear that Kim has dedicated a lot of thought to selecting the perfect outfit for the occasion, and we’re really excited to see what she comes up with for the 2021 edition. This year’s theme, ‘The Thinest Of The Thick,’ invites attendees to embrace their uniqueness and individuality. As well as dressing according to your own personal style, there are also a variety of themed outfits people can try on, including a gorilla outfit, a mermaid outfit and a bride and groom outfit. It’s great that the museum is encouraging people to be themselves and not to hide their true colors – that’s something we all need to remember!