Kim Kardashian’s Weight Loss Secret – How to Lose Baby Weight

If you’re looking for a way to lose weight without feeling too guilty, you’ve probably considered trying one of the many fad diets that keep popping up on social media. We all love a good hashtag on TikTok, but letting go of bad habits is a lot harder than it seems.

Kim Kardashian’s weight loss journey started when she became a mother, with the stunning birth of her daughter, North. It was then that she realised she needed to make some drastic changes to fit into her pre-pre-pregnancy clothes (which, let’s be honest, were probably a size too small anyway).

Here, we’ll explore the top tips from Kim’s expert guide to gaining and losing weight – from pregnancy to motherhood and beyond.

Eat What You Want

One of Kim’s chief concerns before and after giving birth was looking after her baby’s nutrition, which is why she started the nursery food blog, @kimkardashian, where she detailed her motherly duties, alongside plenty of cute pictures of North. It was originally a way to satisfy her infant daughter’s cravings while also ensuring she was feeding her the healthiest options.

“I realised that my body had changed and so had the way my daughter was eating,” she said. “I wanted her to eat real food that would stick to her bones. It was a case of adapting her diet to match my body after pregnancy.”

This is one of the main tenants of the keto diet, which is a highly recommended option for post-pregnancy weight loss. The low-carbohydrate, high-fat approach to eating changes how your body uses calories, meaning it gets rid of extra weight easily, without the need for overly restrictive food rules or deprivation.

Don’t Be Fooled By The Fad Diets

Fad diets are all the rage on TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms, which leads to a lot of people trying to follow suit, even if they’re not aware of the long-term consequences. These diets are often extremely restrictive, which makes it even easier for people to fall off the wagon when the going gets tough. This can ultimately result in serious health problems.

In November 2017, the American Heart Association and American Obesity Association released a joint statement, highlighting the dangers of extreme dieting and calling for better guidance on how to achieve and maintain a healthier weight. The statement read in part: “Although there is no strict relationship between diet and obesity, many individuals on fad diets experience unwanted side effects, such as low blood sugar, which can increase their risk of heart disease and diabetes. Excessively cutting calories without replacing them with healthy food can also cause nutrients to become deficient, which might make you vulnerable to certain diseases.”

It’s important to read nutrition labels on food packages, to determine how many calories you should be consuming. If you see a food product with lots of added sugar, you know exactly how many calories it contains. However, there are many foods that are high in calories, yet don’t seem to have any nutritional value at all. That’s why it’s important to read labels, so you know the real reason why you’re losing weight.

Monitor How You Feel

After giving birth, it’s not unusual for new mothers to feel tired and rundown. Your body is processing a lot of new information and making important adjustments to your hormone levels and metabolism – not to mention that nursing can take a lot of energy. This is why it’s essential that you take time for yourself and make sure that you’re properly looked after.

“I had a lot of energy after the birth, which is why I thought I could get back into shape quickly and join my daughter, Kylie Jenner, at the family cookout,” says Kim. “But as the day went on I started to feel more and more tired and was struggling to get out of bed.”

It wasn’t until later that she realised she was suffering from postnatal depression, which is why she sought professional help, as well as taking time off from work. This is something that almost all new mothers struggle with, particularly in the early days after giving birth. A lot of the time, it can be difficult to know whether you’re experiencing the blues or if your body is just reacting to the massive change in your life.

While you’re not supposed to eat when you’re feeling down, there’s no rule that says you have to deprive yourself of food to make it work. Instead, you should try and eat whatever makes you feel better – even if that’s a doughnut or a pizza. The key is to not feel guilty about what you’re eating. Whatever it may be, food is there to help you boost your spirits.

“I wanted to reach a place where I could walk without feeling guilty or shameful,” says Kim. “When I started to believe in myself again, I knew what had to be done, and so did my team.”

Get A Partner

One of the best things that helped Kim get back on track was the support of her partner, Kanye West. After meeting with Kim in person, he encouraged her to pursue her dream of becoming a mother, which helped her to realise how much she wanted that baby girl. He then helped to coach her through each phase of her pregnancy and helped to raise the couple’s daughter, North.

Kim and Kanye’s relationship is one of the most interesting and inspirational stories in contemporary culture, as well as being one of the most famous and highest-profile partnerships in modern history. What started as a casual hookup between the siblings of Kris Jenner, the former owner of the Kardashians’ parent company, eventually blossomed into a loving and committed relationship.

Kanye is the father of the year 2019, thanks to his much-celebrated baby showers, which he has called “bachelorette parties for men.” One of the main attractions was the “I Love Kanye” party, where guests were able to dance, eat, and drink while wearing costume and posing for photos with one of the most exciting and talented individuals in the industry.

The couple’s commitment to each other is evident in their lavish and long-lasting marriage celebrations, which they held in August 2019. Dubbed the “greatest wedding ever,” the ceremony combined a spectacular display of modern marriage artistry with a glorious celebration of African-American culture.

“I’ve always been a supporter of traditional and religious views of marriage, but I do feel that there is a time and place for everyone to get hitched,” says Kanye. “As for the future, I truly believe that love will conquer all.”

Prioritise Health Over Beauty

One of the biggest challenges for any new mother is juggling work and family, which is why it’s important to set some time aside for yourself, even if it’s just an hour or two every day. This way, you can ensure that your needs are met and that you continue to move forward with your health, rather than letting your appearance take priority.

“I knew that I had to put myself first and make sure that I was prioritising my health and wellbeing,” says Kim. “So when I started to feel guilty about eating a doughnut, I would tell myself that it was okay to indulge in something that I really wanted.”

Healthy eating should never be considered a sacrifice, as there are so many nutritious foods out there that you can continue to eat, even when following a fad diet. The key is to continue to learn and grow, as mothers do, and to keep making healthier choices, regardless of what dietary trend is popular at the moment.