How Did Katy Perry Lose Weight?

Katy Perry is arguably the most successful singer in the world right now, having sold over 150 million records worldwide and achieved 13 million sales in the U.S. alone. The superstar’s influence extends well beyond music, however, with people frequently referring to her as the “Princess of Pop.”

Perry has been open about her love for food and drink, famously tweeting, “I eat what I want. And I love food. And drink. And tobacco. And shoes.” Her frankness has undoubtedly helped her to shed some pounds, but how much has she lost and how did she do it?

Let’s examine Perry’s weight loss journey and how she plans to stay fit.

Katy Perry’s Early Life

Katy Perry was born in Tennessee on January 12, 1981. She is the only child of Randy Perry, who owned a music store, and Joannie Carey. She grew up in a small town named Hampton, and later moved to Nashville, Tennessee, when her father opened a second store there. In her teens, Perry developed an interest in acting, appearing in a number of high school plays and graduating as prom queen. She later pursued a modeling career while also participating in beauty pageants, becoming the first runner-up in the 1982 Miss Tennessee Teenage Pageant. She attended the University of Tennessee, graduating with a degree in speech communication in 2004. While at university, she joined a sorority and became involved in student politics, serving as the secretary of her chapter. She later appeared as a contestant on Campus Cravings, a TV show that followed students as they attempted to lose weight.

The Early Stages Of Perry’s Weight Loss Journey

The early stages of Perry’s weight loss journey were rather modest, with the singer reporting she lost just over 10 pounds in the first six months of 2018. She credits this to cutting back on the sweets, eating more veggies, and drinking more water. She also notes she went through a phase in which she tried to go without food, going for walks instead. In January 2018, she announced the launch of her own line of weight loss products, which she described as being “perfect for anyone who’s looking to shed a few pounds.”

The singer has been very open about the fact she wants to lose weight and is motivated to do so for medical reasons – she has type 2 diabetes and has had a number of kidney stones. In 2015, she released a song, “Chlorophytum Boricum,” about a plant that helps to regulate the balance of sugar and lipids in the blood. The following year, she released “Witness,” an album about her experiences with medical tests and doctors. In both songs, she talked about how she wants to be a better role model for children, particularly those with diabetes. She told E! Online in 2017 that:

“I’d like to be the example of a diabetes-supporting, happy artist who isn’t afraid to share her story. I’ve always been really proud of my diabetes because I know it’s something I have to watch and treat responsibly. But now I feel like it’s something I can look back on and be proud of – not just for me but for all the kids out there who might be struggling with diabetes too.”

The Major League Eating World Record

Not content with simply shedding a few pounds, Perry set a major league eating record in 2018 when she ate an entire raw chocolate cheesecake in less than 10 minutes – the gold standard is 10 pieces in 20 minutes. According to TMZ, when asked about the record, she replied:

“It was amazing! So cool! I love eating challenges – it makes me hungry just thinking about it! I can’t wait to do it again.”

Perry’s record-breaking feat wasn’t a one-off either – she broke the previous record several times. Most recently, she ate 12 doughnuts in under 10 minutes before answering “yes” when asked if she wanted more. If you’d like to try and break a record, what are your thoughts on eating challenges? Do you see them as a fun way to get in shape or do you feel like they’re a waste of time?

A Larger Than Life Character

Many people might not expect to see a celebrity talk so candidly about her weight loss journey, but Katy Perry is more than happy to oblige. In her late teens, the singer began using social media to share her personal life with her fans, and the response from her followers was overwhelmingly supportive. She credited this to changing perceptions of women in society, saying, “I think it’s changed the way people look at women; I look at myself as a role model.”

Perry isn’t the only famous woman to have influenced millions of people with her openness about her body – the list of social media influencers who have praised curbside fashion is endless. While some people might think that following these types of personalities will negatively influence your own perception of fashion and beauty, Perry disagrees. She told Vogue, “I think it’s changed the way people look at fashion. I don’t think people have been this open about their bodies and the way they look for most celebrities.”

How Did She Do It?

As well as inspiring millions with her openness about her weight loss journey, Katy Perry is adamant about teaching her fans to follow their passions and be true to themselves. It’s this message that leads to her fans referring to her as “the Princess of Pop.”

In order to shed a few pounds, you need to alter your habits – what are your dietary habits like? Are you eating lots of vegetables and fruits or lots of fast food and junk food? Are you regularly taking part in any exercise regimes or are you a total couch potato? You need to change something in order to lose weight, and that’s what makes this journey so much fun. Once you’ve altered your habits and started to lose a bit of weight, however, daily life can feel a little less hectic and a lot more comfortable. In the long term, this can only be a good thing. If you’ve set yourself a weight loss goal, how are you planning to stay motivated?

Katy Perry is an inspiration to many people, not just because of her incredible success, but also because of her authenticity and openness about her life. It’s this combination of fame and personality that makes her so memorable – if you’ve followed her journey so far, what do you think her greatest achievement has been?