Jennifer Aniston Lost Weight in a Crazy Way

It’s no secret that Jennifer Aniston has had a roller coaster year. Having released a pair of box office smashes – “We’re Having Fun”, and “Office Christmas Party” – she seemed to enjoy a Hollywood resurgence. From gracing the cover of Vogue again, to being named one of the “Most Influential Celebrities on Social Media”, it looked like 2018 was going to be a good year for the 47-year-old actress.

While promoting her upcoming film, “Just Friends”, Aniston spoke to Harper’s Bazaar about her recent weight loss. “I’ve been obsessed with getting my body back into shape ever since I was 29 years old,” she said. “Now that I’m 49, I’ve decided to commit.”

Aniston said she started losing weight to prepare for a role. While promoting her recent film “The Reckless”, she admitted that she’d put on a “few pounds for a role”. But she now wanted to get back into shape. “I felt great playing a role that I felt good in, but after the film I wanted to go back to my old self,” she said.

So she did. Aniston said she cut out all the bad food and instead ate healthy snacks and meals. She also started taking daily walks, doing yoga, and trying out new weight loss methods. She did away with fad diets and extreme workouts. Instead, she focused on eating well and training for a swimsuit competition she’d signed up for in January 2018.

The actress said she’d been swimming in a monochrome bikini for the past few years, but she wanted to try something new. The competition was open to all comers, and Aniston said she was looking forward to trying something “different than what people expect”.

Sweating It Out

Speaking of competition, Aniston is also the founder of the Jennifer Aniston Weight Loss Competition, a group of women who are dedicated to inspiring each other to lose weight and “live their best life”. The group organizes regular events, such as barbecues and social gatherings, to create an atmosphere of encouragement. The most recent of these was the Rejuvenation Party, which took place on New Year’s Eve. It was a celebration of all the female entrepreneurs, athletes, and role models who have helped shape Aniston’s career and inspired her to become the role model she is today. The event was supported by the Weight Watchers brand, and featured appearances from notable women such as Demi Lovato, Natasha Lyonne, and Rumer Willis. Women who attended the event lost an average of 12 pounds each. And here’s the crazy part: participants who kept their weight loss secret from the public and even themselves lost just as much, if not more.

Aniston has been open about her struggles with weight, both as an actress and a woman. In 2014 she said: “I’ve always been very focused on my appearance – it’s never been a secret. I’ve always tried to keep my body in the best shape possible. I think that’s why I’ve managed to stay so popular for so long; people relate to that. They can see themselves in me. I’ve always been comfortable in my own skin and I think that comes across on-screen.”

So, it would seem, does off-screen as well. Having gone through both a dramatic weight loss and gain, Aniston has now found a happy medium. She said she feels great in her own skin – and we certainly think she does – and is looking forward to showing the world her best self in 2019.