How Did Gabriel Iglesias Lose Weight?

Gabriel Iglesias is an American television host, model, and businessman. He is the host of The Big Apple Circus, an Emmy-nominated show that pits comedians against athletes in competition. He has also starred in a number of television shows and movies. Before his role on The Big Apple Circus, Iglesias was best known as the co-host of the ESPN sportscaster’s show, SportsCenter. He has also appeared in such films as Hateship Loveship, Real Women Have Curves, and Ride Along. He currently lives in New York City with his wife, Adrienne, and their two children. Continue reading for more information on how Iglesias has stayed fit and healthy while in pursuit of his career as an entertainer.

The Big Apple Circus

Iglesias is best known for his work on the iconic comedy series, The Big Apple Circus. The show originally aired from 1984 to 1988 and featured Eddie Murphy and Dan Ackerman as its main characters. It follows the misadventures of two New York City cab drivers as they try to make a living in one of the most competitive cities in the world. Over the course of its run, The Big Apple Circus won 12 Emmys, including Outstanding Variety or Music Musical Series. Murphy won two more Emmys for his performance as a cab driver. In 2019, on the show’s 40th anniversary, Iglesias reunited with Murphy for a special episode which ended with a literal confetti shower.

A Stable Lifestyle

Since 2016, Iglesias has been open about his devotion to a healthy lifestyle and the fact that he had lost a significant amount of weight. He has credited the change in his appearance to his wife, Adrienne. “She’s been a huge inspiration to me,” he told E! News in 2017. “Not only has she been my rock, but she’s always there to give me advice, especially when it comes to my health.” As a result of following a healthier diet and getting more exercise, Iglesias’ overall energy has increased. He feels better able to handle everyday stressors and is more confident in his appearance. And although he doesn’t like to discuss it, he feels that his weight loss has helped him deal with his father-in-law’s cancer. “I think I’ve gained a better understanding of the disease,” he told E! News. “I know it’s not something I want to dwell on, but I think it’s helped me become a more empathetic husband and father.”

A Role Model For Men

In addition to his work on The Big Apple Circus, Iglesias has also done extensive charity work which has benefited numerous causes. He is particularly passionate about men’s health issues, especially cancer, and has worked tirelessly to raise awareness about and funds for cancer research and treatment. A native of Illinois, Iglesias is an alum of the National Football League (NFL) Chicago Bears and Northwestern University. While at Northwestern, he was a member of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity. As a result of his philanthropic efforts, in June 2018, he was honored with the National Football League’s Harry Lumley Award for Outstanding Community Service. In 2019, he received the Richard J. Ross Award from the American Cancer Society. Ross, best known as the co-host of the Price is Right, died in April of that year at the age of 96. To date, Iglesias has appeared in multiple fundraising campaigns as part of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s Inspiration Award, and he is the co-host of the Movember Foundation’s Moustache Cup.

Iglesias is undeniably proud of his weight loss and continues to encourage others to follow his lead. When asked in April 2018 if he had any advice for people trying to lose weight, he simply replied, “Keep trying. Don’t give up.” He is also an outspoken advocate for body positivity, telling E! News in 2017 that “there is no perfect way to lose weight. Everyone’s body is different. Everyone’s situation is different. So I think it’s really important to love yourself no matter what.” And in April 2019, he posted an image of himself to social media looking amazingly fresh and glowing, which he attributed to his lifestyle changes.

A Role Model For Women

While men have traditionally been the ones to lose weight and work out, in recent years, women have taken the lead. As a result, there is now an entire gender role reversal taking place, with men being the ones who have traditionally been the “weak” ones and women the “strong” ones. This trend is called “masculinization,” and it can be observed across a variety of industries and social media platforms.

This phenomenon can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, there is often a correlation between strength and confidence, with women often being perceived as less likely to display weakness. In addition, technology plays a large role in making some jobs obsolete, allowing men to specialize in areas where they are more employable while providing opportunities for women to move into a variety of roles. Lastly, there is often an emphasis on appearance over reality when it comes to social media, with many people choosing to display an idealized version of themselves rather than their true selves, which may reveal more about their insecurities than anything else.

As more women become interested in fashion and fitness, we can expect to see more individuals and celebrities embracing the masculine roles once reserved for men. And, in fact, as the gender roles continue to shift and mutate, individuals like Gabriel Iglesias are leading the way, proving that you can be authoritative and successful while still having curves and being proud of your body.