How Did Emily Ratajkowski Lose Weight?

Emily Ratajkowski is a world-class bikini athlete, yoga instructor, and professional beach volleyball player. She’s even starred in a few blockbuster films!

Despite her incredible fame, the 29-year-old has made a big splash on social media recently, sharing a wealth of bikini photos showing off her gorgeous figure.

In fact, the tennis star has been so busy shooting bikinis for Instagram that she’s barely managed to squeeze in a workout. That is, until now. On TikTok, the athletic blonde is sharing her latest workout and nutrition routines in a bid to lose weight and keep her figure. And her fans are eating it up. So let’s take a look at what Emily is sharing and how you can implement some of her workout and nutrition tips into your own routine.

The Workouts

First things first, if you want to look like Emily, you’re going to have to work out like her. The brunette tennis star has been rocking the abs workout and modified yoga routines for the last month, which have really started to show. Let’s take a look:


Emily started her wellness journey with pilates, which she calls her “core power workout.” The regimen involves a lot of stretching and strengthening, and she’s noticed a big difference in her flexibility and muscle tone. She even does a modified version of the workout when she feels her tennis game is lacking. It’s a great workout for anyone looking to reduce their lower back pain, which is very common in athletes.

Barre 3D

Emily’s also been incorporating barre 3D into her workouts, which is a strength-training routine that involves a lot of jumping and switching between exercises. She’s been incorporating it since she was 17 years old and has been doing so ever since, despite her busy schedule. She loves the exercise and how it keeps her mentally sharp. Plus, it challenges her muscles and strengthens her.

Rope Works

Emily has also been incorporating a lot of rope work into her routine, which involves knots and twisting cords to strengthen your arms, back, and legs. She finds the workout extremely beneficial and knows that it can keep her fit and agile as she gets older.


Emily practiced yoga for years before becoming a professional tennis player. The regime focuses on flexibility, strength, and relaxation, and she still practices it regularly. Although she’s not a fan of doing yoga while training for a tournament, she acknowledges that it’s one of the most important parts of her routine. She does yoga once or twice a day, often during the middle of her workout, and finds the practice extremely beneficial.

HIIT Training

Emily also does high-intensity interval training (HIIT) training, usually once or twice a week. The workout is great for anyone who needs a cardio workout and tries to avoid going too fast too soon after a hard day of playing sports. It also teaches you how to push your body harder while retaining good form, which is extremely valuable for anyone who practices it regularly. It’s basically running on a motorbike with no hands. Don’t try this at home, kids.


As for the nutrition side of things, the tennis star’s routine is fairly basic, but effective. She eats plenty of veggies and fruits, along with almonds and walnuts for their high-quality protein. She also makes sure to include some sort of protein at each meal, whether it’s fresh fruit, a meat-based stew, or a vegan protein powder.

Emily avoids processed food and eats only what she needs, often going for walks or rides to work out her frustrations and enjoy the fresh air. She tries to avoid going on diets, stating that they don’t work for her, but instead focuses on maintaining a healthy weight through food moderation and exercise. She knows that a healthy body helps her play better, so she makes sure to include a workout routine in her daily schedule, even if it’s brief.

Is Emily Ratajkowski losing weight? You’d have to ask herself since she hasn’t commented on her Instagram posts for some time, but one thing’s for sure: The bikini idol is looking better than ever before!

The Overall Routine

All in all, Emily’s routine is a perfect example of how a fitness professional should move. She starts her day off right with a brisk walk or yoga session, followed by a meal that includes protein. Then it’s on to the next chapter, which usually involves either a pilates or rope workout. After that, it’s time for a swim class, followed by more walks or yoga to round off the day.

The workout isn’t complex, but it requires focus and consistency, which is why Emily has been able to stick to it so well. Additionally, as a tennis player, she’s always in the gym trying to improve her game. So the routine naturally builds upon itself, making it easier to keep motivated.

If you’re interested in following a similar routine, then you can get the full run down of Emily’s workout times and details from her official website. With a little bit of effort and some creative scheduling, you might just be able to emulate her impressive physique.