How Did Dolly Parton Lose Weight?

Dolly Parton is known for many things, but mostly, for being a great country singer and an even greater fashion icon. She’s been referred to as the “Queen of Nashville” and the “Godmother of Country Music.”

Along with her fashion influence, Parton is known for her work promoting health and wellness. Over the years, she’s helped millions of people around the world, shed those extra pounds and live their best life. She’s inspired many beauty and fashion trends as well, so it’s no surprise that her timeless wardrobe still captivates fashionistas alike.

We can probably count on one hand the number of famous female celebrities who’ve admitted to being inspired by Parton’s style. If you’re lucky enough to be one of those people, then you know exactly what we mean when we say her style is timeless. There are plenty of people who’ve gone ahead and done exactly what she did, losing a massive amount of weight and keeping it off for years. We went ahead and did some research, looking into the details of Parton’s life and how she lost all that weight. Here’s what we found out.

She’s Inspiring Many To Follow Her Diet And Exercise Routines

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Parton said that people often ask her how she stays so thin. “I tell them that I hardly ever eat any sweets and that I’m extremely active all day long. So, I get my workout in before I go to sleep and if I don’t eat breakfast until noon, then I’m hungry for lunch. And when I’m not working or eating my packed lunch, then I might skip a dinner,” she said. We couldn’t agree more. She followed a very similar routine in the ’70s and early ’80s and it worked for her back then, and it still works today.

If you’ve ever seen Parton perform, you know that she doesn’t sit around all day long. Even when she was at her heaviest, she still did her daily workout routine. When she isn’t working on new music or performing, Parton spends her time reading or walking around the country looking for new ideas. She doesn’t have a typical day, but her morning workout definitely shapes the rest of her day. It gives her the energy to fight off those extra pounds and keep them off for years. It also helps maintain her amazing figure. She credits a lot of her success to Dr. George Sheppard, a family doctor who encouraged her to get back into shape after she got married to Porter in 1985. They called him “Doc,” and he would often tell her, “If you lose any more weight, then I’ll have to re-marry you.” He knew what he was talking about, having previously married Parton’s older sister, Betty. Back in 1970, Betty and George were both struck by pneumonia and it was touch and go for a while as to whether or not they would make it through the winter. Luckily, they did and ever since then, they’ve been inseparable.

She’s A Master At Weighing In On Trends And Influences

Some of the most memorable moments from Parton’s illustrious (and long) career were the fashion moments. From her iconic white boas and long skirts to her custom-made Versace dresses with matching handbags, the fashion world has been changed by this icon. In 2011, the fashion magazine Women’s Wear Daily estimated that Parton had an influence on the fashion world that spanned six decades. Her style has been described as classic yet glamorous and her influence is still being felt today.

It’s more than just her style that has influenced others. In her career as a fashion influencer, Parton has been known to trend-setter. She’s often credited with popularizing the maxi-dress and the wrap dress, two classic clothing items that are now considered essential to any woman’s closet. She wore the wrap dress until it was no longer fashionable, and then she made it fashionable again. Similarly, the maxi-dress was once considered a chic and practical alternative to long skirts and long dresses. When long skirts were in, Parton was often there trend-setting. Now, a long skirt is hardly ever seen, and yet, Parton arguably helped make it fashionable again.

The Role Of Dr. George Sheppard In Her Lifelong Quest For Health And Wellness

As the “Doctor” himself would tell you, it’s not about weight loss alone. Yes, she may very well have lost a massive amount of weight and kept it off for many years, but that’s not the only thing that she did. George Sheppard’s role in Parton’s life has been pivotal. When she was at her heaviest, he would often tell her: “You’re going to be just fine. You just need to keep eating healthy and working out.” While it’s easy for us to say that now, back then, it must have been hard for her to believe that positive affirmation, especially coming from a total stranger. What’s more is that he wasn’t just a stranger. He was her doctor. And her doctor was encouraging her to believe in herself, to think that she was good enough, and to put her health first. He saw her potential back in the ’70s and he believed in her, even when she didn’t believe in herself. That’s the kind of doctor that anyone would be lucky to have.