How Did Doja Cat Lose So Much Weight?

When you look like a Kardashian and act like a troll, people will inevitably ask you how you managed to go against the grain so drastically. Well, let’s be real – few people on this planet could look this good and not feel a little bit bad about themselves. The question is: How did Doja Cat lose so much weight? Keep reading.

The Evolution Of A Self-Deprecating Comedic Character

Doja Cat is one of the most recognizable figures in the world right now. The Instagram account @dojacelebrities currently has over 16 million followers and has gained over 500 million views since the account was created in 2014. The popularity of the account is enough to justify the existence of this blog post. Without any further ado, let’s get to the good stuff.

Self-deprecating humor

Doja Cat started out with rather straightforward Internet humor. She would poke fun at her expense in the form of memes, tagging various celebrities and throwing shade at other individuals in the meme pool. With over 16 million followers, @dojacelebrities had to have hit a chord with the audience. Whether or not she meant to, Doja Cat helped establish an aesthetic that would go on to dominate social media in the early aughts.

The problem is that this kind of humor can be a bit aggressive. Take, for example, the meme below. The woman in the photo is model/actress/comedienne Alyssa Milano. The meme shows Milano looking bewildered while wearing a Doja Cat t-shirt. Underneath the meme – which has been shared over 500,000 times on social media – is the text “Who the f*ck is Doja Cat?” In the eyes of some people, this is a not-so-veiled threat. Doja Cat has spoken out against this type of behavior before, even calling it out as “mean-spirited” in an Instagram post. Most people seem to get the hint and have backed off. But this is just one example of the aggressive humor that some people have used against her. Even now, people are still referring to her as “that cat blogger.”

Is Self-Deprecation A Gateway To Self-Belief?

Let’s be real: it is unlikely that Doja Cat’s Instagram account will ever go down as a purely comedic account. After all, she’s already established herself as a figure to be reckoned with in the world of fashion. And while her self-deprecating humor certainly doesn’t hurt her credibility among fans, it’s also the reason she’s gained such a large and devoted following. Most of her memes and jabs are actually based on her own insecurities. But that doesn’t mean that the account is without its dark moments. Take, for example, the above-mentioned meme, which shows Alyssa Milano looking perplexed and confused. The caption simply reads “Who the f*ck is Doja Cat?” The image is a stark reminder of the many mean memes that Doja Cat has faced over the years. And while the aggressive humor hasn’t exactly gone away, it has certainly toned down.

What’s important to remember is that while the memes and jabs may make you laugh, they’re also serving a darker purpose. Doja Cat is turning a negative into a positive – her insecurities and perceived failures into something else entirely.

The Science Behind The Weight Loss

Doja Cat is an extremely private person and her lifestyle has always remained so. It wasn’t until recently, however, that she opened up about her health concerns and revealed her struggle with anorexia, bulimia, and depression. In August 2019, she posted an Instagram story confirming that she had been “gain[ing] a lot of weight” and revealed that she was currently in the process of “de-gaining” it. Since her story was shared over 500,000 times, it’s clear that her fans are very interested in how she’s accomplishing such a dramatic transformation.

While many people would assume that she’s following a strict diet or taking supplements to achieve such a change, the truth is that Doja Cat has not revealed the entire strategy behind her success. According to a 2019 interview with Elle, she has actually been utilizing a combination of lifestyle changes and supplements to shed off the pounds.

Doja Cat’s initial foray into health and wellness was pretty standard. She started following a vegan diet and avoided certain food groups, such as dairy and meat. She also started taking supplements in the form of fish oil and vitamin E. If you’ve ever seen a Kardashian or Jenner, you’ll know that they’re known for their rigorous workout regimens and healthy diets. Doja Cat is clearly paying homage to her famous friends by doing the same. But how is she changing appearance and behavior to convince us that she’s just like them?

Let’s dive into a bit more detail. When you read scientific studies about vegan diets and the health benefits that they have, you’ll start to notice a trend. Most participants in these studies experience an improvement not only in their health, but also in their mental health. Specifically, their depressive symptoms and anxiety improve. Now, it’s important to note that these are very small studies conducted on animals. But it’s still interesting to see how much this is overlapping with Doja Cat’s experiences.

In the same way that the food choices of the Kardashians and Jenners influence social media trends, perhaps the health choices of the same individuals will inspire future generations. In any event, it would appear that Doja Cat is on the right track. If you’re interested in trying out a vegan diet for yourself, there are plenty of convenient and affordable options that you can use to create your very own plant-based meals. Even better, you’ll start to see the benefits almost immediately.

How Has Self-Deprecation Changed Doja Cat’s Life?

One of the side effects of going public with your struggles is that they have the potential to become a brand. There are many cases where people with mental illnesses and/or physical health problems have used their battles as a platform to advocate for better conditions for others. It’s not entirely uncommon for those who have been through similar experiences to reach out to say that they have found the strength to speak up. Perhaps that’s what’s motivating Doja Cat to speak so boldly about her journey. She’s found a voice and is using it to help others.

And while it’s great that she’s found the encouragement to speak out, it’s also essential that she continues to keep her health issues private. There are still so many individuals who face mental illness and feel alone or isolated. Seeing someone that they recognize in the mirror – even if it’s just a reflection – can be a significant source of comfort. When that person realizes that they’re not alone in their struggle, it can be incredibly moving and offer them new hope. It can also give them the courage to open up to professionals and begin the process of healing.

In the same way that those who have suffered from social anxiety disorder may find great relief in seeing other people’s struggles on social media, perhaps Doja Cat’s fans will find comfort in her posts. Her self-deprecating humor is what has made her so popular in the first place. While her humor may be aimed at the camera, we should still see it as a form of self-love. After all, she’s constantly reminding us that she doesn’t feel like she belongs in the picture. And while it’s not unusual for celebrities to deny their own existence, Doja Cat is making a conscious effort to do just that. In doing so, she may be helping to destigmatize mental illness.

The Impact Of Self-Deprecation On Society

There is a common misconception that those who struggle with mental illness are simply weak. And while this may be true for some individuals, it certainly isn’t true for everyone. In fact, those who suffer from mental illness are more than capable of being strong. It’s not sufficient to say that those who have mental illness are not able to lead a fulfilling life. What’s important is the fact that they have the same human rights as everyone else. In a similar vein, those who have been marginalized due to their weight may also be suffering from depression and/or anxiety. Perhaps the popularity of Doja Cat is prompting people to come out of the shadows and speak about their illnesses. While it may be difficult to discuss certain topics, such as mental illness and depression, it’s also important to open up and find the help that you need.