How Did David Venable Lose Weight on QVC?

Did you know that David Venable was on QVC losing over 100 pounds? He actually began the transformation toward better health by challenging himself on a new show, called “Battle of the Bulges.” The challenge was to lose as much weight as possible in a month. What is amazing is that he stuck to his goal and actually lost over 10 pounds every week. That is a lot of weight for just one month!

While it is incredible that Venable was able to lose that much weight while on TV, the reality is that not everyone will be able to replicate his results. But, even if you don’t lose as much weight as Venable, you can still improve your health by making small changes to your routine. This is because there is a direct relationship between how you feel and what you eat. If you feel good, you will automatically start feeding your body well.

So, how did Venable lose weight on QVC and what can you learn from his transformation? Let’s take a look.

The Show Inspired a Huge Transformation For Venable

First off, let’s talk about the inspiration for the show. In a prior life, Venable suffered from obesity and was never really happy with his weight. One day, he was watching TV and saw an episode of QVC that focused on the positive effects that green tea had on weight loss. While he didn’t realize it at the time, this was the event that would inspire him to transform his life. Even now, Venable recalls the moment and knows that seeing the success of others motivated him to make changes.

“I saw the excitement on the faces of the people watching QVC. I felt the same way,” he said. “I had always wanted to try something new and was tired of being overweight. I decided to give it a try and see what would happen.”

Venable decided to take on the “Battle of the Bulges” challenge, set by the QVC team, because he wanted to prove to himself and the world that he could actually lose weight and be healthier. Although he had never done any weight loss challenges or transformations before, Venable was confident that he could do this one. The only thing he needed was the courage to put himself out there and the time to do it. The results were beyond anything he could have ever imagined. Not only did he lose over 100 pounds in the month of March, but he also felt better than he had in years and even looked different. What’s more, he stuck to the routine for the whole month and didn’t even break it for a day!

Making Small Changes Sticks

When Venable first lost so much weight, he didn’t know what to do with himself. He ate what he wanted when he wanted and nothing more, which is how he continued to lose weight. He didn’t even bother measuring what he was eating because he wasn’t concerned about it. To this day, he still doesn’t concern himself with measuring or tracking his food because it just comes down to eating what makes him happy. He didn’t feel deprived or need to watch what he ate because everything he wanted was available to him. This is why, even now, when he goes shopping, he just goes for what he wants without looking at the calorie or fat content.

This approach worked for him because he wasn’t focused on what he didn’t have. Instead, he was focused on what he did have – his health and the ability to lose weight. The fact that he didn’t know how to cook or exercise was not a concern because he didn’t need to. What’s more, he wasn’t comparing himself to others so he didn’t feel insecure about his weight. He was more concerned about getting his daily exercise and eating lots of fruits and vegetables. He made these changes and continued to lose weight steadily (if not quickly) until he reached his goal weight of 178 pounds. Afterward, he maintained his new weight for several years before finally deciding to gain some of it back.

This shows that even small changes can have a significant impact on your health. If you are worried about your weight, you should focus on making small changes to your eating habits and getting some regular exercise. If you do this, you will slowly but surely begin to see the benefits.

Looking Forward to Eating What You Want

Now that we know how important it is to make small changes to improve our health, let’s take a look at what Venable did once he achieved his goal weight. He was actually looking forward to getting back to his old, unhealthy habits because he saw how much better he felt compared to before he lost the weight. In fact, after he lost the weight, he felt so good that he was able to maintain his new weight for several years. This is because he stuck to a healthier lifestyle and continued to follow the tips and tricks that helped him lose weight.

This is why, even now, when Venable goes through a rough patch – be it emotional or physical – he always looks to his routine and the foods that he eats for comfort. When he is depressed or feeling down, he turns to foods with high energy density to give him a pick-me-up. On the other hand, when he is physically exerting himself, he turns to foods with high fiber content to fuel his body. The foods that he craves depend on what he needs at the moment and what is available to him. This way of thinking caused him to lose and then gain weight, but it also helped him maintain a healthy lifestyle once he settled on his new weight. If you want to be able to lose weight and stay fit, focus on making small changes to your routine and the foods that you eat.