How Did David on QVC Lose So Much Weight?

Question: How did David on QVC lose so much weight?

I can’t decide if I love or hate this question. On one hand, it’s totally valid. After all, we live in a world where people are fascinated by celebrities and their weight loss stories. If we’re not careful, this can turn into a bit of an epidemic. The other hand, I kind of hate it because it’s so easy to answer. The fact is, David lost a ton of weight on QVC. The channel’s makeup department did an amazing job of making him look like a totally different person. They started by giving him an awesome haircut and the perfect shave. Then they gave him fun and fashionable clothing items. Finally, they used various tricks to make him seem even thinner. With the right skincare and diet, anyone can look like David. Let’s have a look. 

The Man Of Many Hats

As the saying goes, ‘many hands make light work’. This saying perfectly describes David, who wears many hats in his role as a husband, a father, and the CEO of a major company. He started his day by getting his hair and makeup done. Then, he had a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich. Afterward, he went to his assistant’s office to review some business plans. Later that afternoon, he participated in a conference call with a few key investors. That was just the beginning of his day. In between all these activities, he constantly handled paperwork, spoke on the phone, and made important decisions. By the time he got home, he was exhausted. So he went up to his bedroom and had some dinner. Later, he met his wife for a chat. They chatted for a while and then went their separate ways. In the middle of the night, he had a heart attack and died.

What a busy day. It seems like just yesterday that we were all laughing about his appearance on The Real Housewives of New York City. But that was years ago. Before his untimely death, David had accomplished much. He founded the company in his name in 1981 and made it one of the most successful companies in its sector. His other business ventures include health food stores and beauty production companies. In his memoir, A Man in Full, he described his rise to fame and fortune.

David Is Known For Putting His Feelings First

Now, let’s get to the juicy stuff. David was not your typical Hollywood star. At first, he refused to talk about himself in the third person or indulge in any public displays of emotion. He was never happier than the day he married Carole. The happy couple had a glorious wedding ceremony in 1985 and seemed to share the same intense desire for privacy. They spent the rest of their wedding night in their hotel and had their first dance for the guests. They didn’t appear to dance much after their wedding day. But that was just an act. David truly did put his wife’s feelings first. When she found out she was post-pregnant with their first child, she was over the moon. She hadn’t felt that way in years. And it wasn’t just about the baby. She wanted a marriage where she felt comfortable showing her true feelings.

After the birth of their first child, Charlotte, David became a different person. He was finally free to be himself and indulged in all his hobbies and passions. He took up painting and became an excellent artist. He started collecting vintage cars and became a vintage car enthusiast. He also really enjoyed traveling and taking vacations. He especially liked going to Scotland, where he could play golf and take long walks along the coast. He was so passionate about all these hobbies that he eventually became a liability to his wife. She accused him of being a workaholic and not a team player. He insisted that he was still the same laidback, happy-go-lucky guy she married years ago. But, in truth, his life had changed. While he still loved her, he had no idea how to show it anymore.

Then, one day, it just clicked. David had a conversation with his wife about how they could make their marriage work. He suggested that they take a week off and go on a romantic getaway to the beach. That was the moment his wife realized that she still loved him and that he was still the same person inside. It was true. After that week, they spent every day and night together. They even named their second daughter, Grace, after David’s mother.

The Makeup Artist’s Special Trick

Now, let’s get to the part where I answer your question about how David lost weight. What happened was this: The makeup artist who worked on David’s coronette knew exactly what she was doing. She made sure he had the perfect haircut, the perfect shave, and the perfect eyebrows. Then, she put makeup on him that was designed to make him look like a totally different person. It was like she had a cheat code and activated it. Suddenly, he was a completely new person. Not only did he look like a totally different person, but he also acted like a different person. It was as if the makeup artist had an invisible hand on his arm and was guiding him through the entire process. She gave him the perfect skin she thought he had inside. But, unfortunately, she was mistaken. It took a while for his fans to get used to seeing him like this. And when they finally did, it was like a breath of fresh air. The change was so brilliant that it became one of the defining images of the 80s.

It’s kind of funny to think that all this happened because the women on QVC didn’t know how to ask the right question. Asking how did David lose so much weight is not the same as asking how did he change. It’s like saying, ‘How did you get such a tan?’, when you mean ‘How did you change?’ It’s the same with finding an answer to your question. The second you ask it, you know what you’re getting into. You’re not gonna like the answer, but at least you’ll know what it is. Most of the time, the answer is not what you want to hear. But, in this case, the answer was so brilliant that it became one of the defining images of the 80s. And, for that, I’m grateful. Thank you for asking.