How Did Chiquis Lose Weight?

BFFs (Best Friends Forever) and Chiquis (pronounced chee-kee) are shaking things up in the beauty world with their innovative approach to combining beauty and health. We chatted with Chiquis about her philosophy on living a healthy life and how she manages to combine both.

Combining Beauty and Health

Chiquis tells us that she was inspired to create BFF after she noticed how thin many of her friends were. Like many of us, she noticed the unhealthy effects of social media on her appearance. It was around this time that she also discovered the beauty benefits of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is essential for human health. However, studies have also suggested that taking large amounts of vitamin C can reduce the yellow stain on your teeth caused by drinking too much coffee or eating too many strawberries. (That’s what makes strawberries a brilliant option for whitening your teeth!)

Chiquis discovered that combining her love of health and beauty could lead to a sustainable weight loss plan. The result of her research and experimentation is BFF skincare line, which blends the best of both worlds: vitamin C, hydrating and brightening peptides, and antioxidants to fight free radicals.

She then went on to create a weight loss recipe that combines these ingredients into a serum that penetrates quickly into the skin to nourish and protect it.

The 3 Pillars Of Her Diet

Chiquis’ diet can be summed up in three distinct pillars: veggies, fruits, and protein. She avoids processed foods and consumes an abundance of nutrient-dense foods, which provide her with the energy she needs to get through the day. She also tries to eat natural foods as much as possible and avoids using overly processed foods in her cooking (yes, even desserts!). That’s why she prefers to make meals like sweet potato pie or avocado toast rather than something more traditional like meatloaf or chicken pie. It’s less about following a rigid diet and more about having good food habits.

The veggies pillar accounts for about 80% of her diet and is made up of dark leafy greens and colorful vegetables. Chiquis also eats nuts regularly as part of this pillar, which she credits for keeping her metabolism high. She particularly enjoys kale, spinach, and arugula, which she incorporates into smoothies and juices. (Try making a juice blend with spinach, kale, and arugula if you want a healthy and delicious cocktail-style drink.)

The fruits pillar represents the other 20% of Chiquis’ diet and is made up of seasonal fruits like peaches, nectarines, and plums. She likes to eat apples frequently because they’re so handy for cooking, but finds that they’re often over-processed. Instead, she prefers to eat more natural and minimally-processed foods, which are often found in season. (Try making a batch of Apple Cider Jelly or Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream for a dessert that’s packed with nutrients!)

The protein pillar represents the last% of Chiquis’ diet and is made up of mainly high-quality proteins. She eats fish, eggs, and chicken frequently because they’re inexpensive and high in protein. If you want to lose weight, then putting protein-rich foods into your diet is certainly a good idea. (Eating eggs for breakfast every day helps to improve both your skin and your health!)

How Does She Manage To Lose Weight?

Chiquis isn’t trying to lose weight per se, rather she’s targeting areas of her body that she thinks need the most work. (As a naturally-curvy person, she was never really worried about her weight.) She focuses on the outer hair layers, which she thinks get too many batches of hair wooly balls. (I’m not sure what they are, but I hope they’re soft and squishy!) She avoids going to the spa and tries to do as much of the cleaning and cooking herself as possible.

She does admit that there are some days when she feels frustrated because she can’t seem to lose the last few pounds. (Even though she’s not trying to lose weight, she still checks the scales from time to time to see if she’s making any progress.) She thinks that the weight she does lose she eventually gets back, (but not always!) and so she tries to remain positive and keep moving forward. She also credits her mother for inspiring her to stop letting her appearance get in the way of happiness.

Do You Want To Be Inspired By Chiquis’ AmazingWeight Loss?

Yes, absolutely! If you’re looking for an amazing chef who can help you integrate healthy food into all your culinary delights, then check out Chiquis’ Instagram account. (She sometimes posts diet tips and tricks as well as meal ideas and recipe suggestions.)

In addition to being healthy and beautiful, Chiquis also wants to be known for being kind and generous, and encourages others to follow her lead.

Do you eat mostly fruits, veggies, and lean protein? Let us know your favorite healthy food combos in the comments!