How Bob from Abishola Lost Weight

Bob from Abishola is proof that there’s more than one way to lose weight. Besides his strict diet plan and daily exercise routine, the 59-year-old grandfather also credits his success to a supplement he takes daily.

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Key Facts About Bob From Abishola

Bob is a 59-year-old grandfather from Abishola, Canada who weighs in at 269 lbs (127 kg). He is a computer programmer by day and a gym enthusiast by night. You might know him from his popular blog, My Abishola, where he discusses fitness, nutrition, and the like.

He has been blogging for years and even started a website, Thinspiration, just to provide his readers with the motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle. He credits his weight loss to a combination of diet and exercise, but also acknowledges that it’s a lifestyle change that’s helped him get there.

Here’s a short bio on Bob from his blog:

Personal Details

As mentioned above, Bob started a blog about four years ago to share his journey with others. He also keeps a private Facebook page where he shares his progress and offers support to those interested in following a similar path. He credits this positive attitude and the self-help posts on his blog for helping him succeed.

Additionally, Bob is a regular at the local gym and swims three times a week. He eats mostly healthy foods but admits that his addiction to fast food and sweets hinders his progress. Even so, he is adamant that living a healthy lifestyle is the key to weight loss.

How Does Abishola Work?

Abishola is a weight loss product that combines a supplement with a tailored meal plan, social network, and coaching sessions — all designed to help you lose weight. Let’s take a closer look at how each component works.

The Supplement

Bob’s daily dose of vitamins and minerals helps his body function at its best and prevents deficiencies that cause weight gain. Additionally, the supplement helps cleanse his body of toxins that cause swelling and inflammation. While he does take supplements daily, he is quick to point out that they aren’t a replacement for a healthful diet and plenty of exercise.

The Meal Plan

This is a key element of Abishola because without a steady supply of healthy food, your body will rebel and you’ll have a hard time staying motivated to lose weight. The meal plan consists of 6 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus one snacks) along with a pre-made soup menu for when you’re feeling deprived. The meals are designed to be simple yet filling so that you feel like you’ve had a nutritious and well-balanced meal, even when you’re on a tight budget.

The Coaching Sessions

If you’re using Abishola as part of a weight loss program and are looking for someone to guide you through the process or provide additional support, you can opt for one-on-one coaching sessions with a nutritionist and personal trainer. According to Bob, these sessions help him identify areas of weakness and failure that he might not have seen before and allow him to form new habits that promote weight loss.

A Typical Day

The products and routines that help Bob lose weight might not fit everyone, but his daily schedule looks pretty similar to most peoples’. He starts his day with a brisk walk and a cup of coffee, then works on his computer for about three hours before having lunch. After lunch, he continues working until about 6 p.m., when he has a break for about an hour before heading to the gym. He works out for about an hour and a half and then has dinner, followed by dessert and coffee. Finally, he clears his desk and works on his computer some more.

On the rare occasion that he doesn’t work out after dinner, Bob goes for a walk or does some gardening. He follows this up with a hot bath or shower and then gets into bed with his wife, where they fall asleep in each other’s arms. This is when his busy day comes to an end and he can relax and enjoy the fruits of his labor.

What About Weight Loss At The Stores?

You might be familiar with retail therapy, where customers go shopping for items that give them pleasure, such as chocolate, wine, or clothes. Similarly, you can use a weight loss retail store for inspiration, but you have to be mindful that what you’re buying might not be good for your waistline. Take a look at some of the most popular items at various weight loss retail stores, as well as their recommended daily servings:

  • Red wine: 2–3 servings per day
  • Mountain Dew: 20 ounces per day
  • French fries: 1 serving per day
  • Twinkies: 16–20 bites per day
  • Milkshakes: 2–3 servings per day
  • Grapes: 12 ounces per day
  • Pastries: 16 ounces per day
  • Tootsie Rolls: 24 pieces per day

It’s not hard to see that apart from the supplements and the meal plans, all of these items are high in calories, which could explain why Bob says that he feels energized when he eats out or buys pre-made food items. While these might be enjoyable in the short term, in the long term, they could lead you to gain weight. For this reason, it’s best to avoid retail therapy when losing weight.

Key Takeaways

There’s no question that Bob’s lifestyle changes and routines play a huge role in his weight loss. Additionally, the support he gets from his blog and social media follows suit, motivating him to continue his journey.

If you’re looking for a proven approach to shed those extra pounds and transform your health, Abishola is worth a try. Besides, if you’ve been thinking about starting a blog or vlog, now might be the right time to do so. It can be a powerful tool to promote healthy living and inspire others to follow your lead.