Healthy Chicken Breast Recipes to Lose Weight

Did you know that eating chicken can help you lose weight? Many people think that eating the popular poultry can cause them to gain weight, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, scientists have proven that consuming chicken regularly can help you stay slim. If you’re looking to lose weight, then it’s well worth exploring the many ways that chicken can help you out.

Low-carbohydrate & High-protein Diet

If you’ve tried dieting before, then you’ll undoubtedly know how difficult it can be to figure out which foods to avoid and which to indulge in. Popular diets such as the low-carbohydrate and high-protein diets try to solve this problem by restricting the carbohydrates you intake and increasing the amount of protein you eat. When your body doesn’t have enough carbohydrates for energy, then it starts scavenging for the nutrients it needs, causing you to store fat in the process. Scared yet? Then you should be. This kind of diet can cause serious health issues if not monitored properly by a physician. Still, when you’re trying to lose weight it’s all about finding the right balance between diet and exercise, and sometimes a low-carbohydrate and high-protein diet is exactly what you need to get started. If this sounds like you, then read on for some healthy chicken breast recipes to help you get started.

Dark Chicken

If you’re trying to lose weight, then avoiding foods with added sugar and frying your food in oil doesn’t sound like a great idea. That’s because both of these ingredients are linked to weight gain. However, this doesn’t mean that all white foods are bad; it just means that you have to watch what you eat. One way to get good quality protein without adding too many extra calories is to opt for dark chicken rather than white. The color of the meat doesn’t only depend on what kind of chicken you choose but also on the breed and diet of the bird. For example, dark chicken leg quarters are high in fiber and low in calories, meaning that they can help you lose weight without causing many problems for your body. So, if you’re looking for a solution that doesn’t require a ton of careful planning, then consider eating dark chicken.

Skinny Chicken

Did you know that buying cheaper cuts of meat can help you lose weight? This is probably because they have less fat and are cheaper to buy in general. If you want to make the most out of your chicken purchase, then look for the cheaper cuts and limit yourself to one to two portions per day, rather than having a whole chicken every night for dinner. This way, you’ll be sure to lose some weight without causing many health issues to your body. Not only that, but the healthier the food you eat, the better you’ll be able to fight off diseases and infections that your body might be experiencing. If you want to eat cheap and healthy, then consider opting for the cheaper cuts of meat, rather than processed foods, when pinching pennies.

Poached Chicken

If you’re looking for a cheaper way to lose weight, then consider poaching your chicken rather than buying it pre-cooked from a fast food outlet. Did you know that poaching is when you cook something in a flavored liquid? For example, you could poach some chicken in wine or beer for a quick and easy meal that won’t break the bank. Alternatively, you could poach your chicken in broth, which is usually made from chicken stock but can be made from any kind of stock, such as veggie or beef. You can also add various herbs and spices to the poaching liquid to impart some flavor into the chicken. For a classy and elegant meal, serve your poached chicken on a plated dessert or in a basket with some bread and butter alongside for dipping. You can also use this method to cook fish, shellfish, or even steak, if you’re feeling extra adventurous!


If you really want to lose weight, then investing in a slow cooker can be a valuable addition to your kitchen. These devices can help you save a lot of time by doing the cooking for you, so all you have to do is prepare the ingredients and add them to the machine. Slower preparation speeds up your metabolism, causing your body to burn more energy even when at rest. Several scientific studies have proven that people who use a slow cooker nearly every day lose more weight than those who don’t use one regularly. If you’re looking to whip up some healthy meals without having to think about what to make or prepare in advance, then a slow cooker could be a perfect solution for you.

Choose The Right Cut

Did you know that some cuts of meat are fattier than others? For example, leg quarters are much more calorically rich than a breast chop, which makes them a bigger culprit in the weight-gain department. Still, not all fat is bad, and there are various types of fats that your body needs for healthy functioning. A dietician or nutritionist can help you identify the right kind of fats you need for your body based on your individual requirements. Make sure to opt for low-fat or fat-free options when buying dairy products and baked goods, rather than the whole milk and full-fat versions, as the fat in these products is what makes them taste better and allows you to retain more of your weight loss from eating them. This way, you’ll be sure to get the nutrients your body needs without filling your belly with extra calories.

Make The Most Of Desserts

Desserts are a great way to end a meal and satisfy your sweet tooth. However, did you know that some desserts are more fattening than others? For example, cheesecakes and other creamy desserts are usually higher in calories than dry bars or frozen snacks, even though they may contain less ingredients. This is because when you eat the dessert your body doesn’t register it as food due to its creamy, unappetizing nature. Still, eating dessert every day can cause you to gain weight. So, rather than indulge every night, try eating something healthy for dessert instead, such as berries or nuts. Berries are a great source of antioxidants, which act as small fighters in your body, battling and defending your cells against free radicals and aging caused by oxygen exposure. Nuts are a great source of healthy fats, fiber, and vitamin E, which makes them an excellent and fattening option. Not to mention that they taste incredible! So, rather than reaching for a doughnut or cheesecake every night, have a handful of nuts as a healthy alternative. This way, you’ll be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth while also helping your body to shed off those extra pounds!

When it comes to dieting and weight loss, there are various methods and tricks you can use to get the body you desire. No one weight loss solution will work for everyone, so you’ll have to find what works best for you. Still, there are ways you can eat healthier, cheaper, and even lose weight, rather than just attempting to gain muscle and lose fat, which many people do when trying to lose weight. By adding more vegetables and fruits to your diet alongside lean beef, you can ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs to function properly. This, in turn, can help you shed off those extra pounds and reach your desired body composition – regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman! So, if you’re looking for a way to eat healthier, cheaper, and even lose weight, then consider making the switch to vegetable-based and high-protein diets, rather than simply cutting back on the foods you enjoy most. In addition to this, be sure to add more vegetables and fruits to your diet to make the most out of your weight loss efforts. With the various methods and tricks presented here, you’re sure to find a way to make healthy eating and regular exercise a permanent part of your lifestyle. So, live happily and healthfully, guys and gals!