How to Lose Weight and Tone Your Arms with Gym Exercises

You have a goal for 2020 and you’re pretty sure that you’re not going to achieve it just by following the latest trendy diet. That’s why you’ve decided to take matters into your own hands and started doing some research on how to lose weight and tone your arms. You want to look fit and fabulous for the beach, but you also know that you need to change a few things about yourself to achieve that. It’s never easy getting rid of the extra padding that comes with age, but you’re pretty certain that you’re not going to let yourself go to waste. That’s why you’ve decided to start working out and doing some strength training to shed off that extra weight.

Find Your Balance

You need to find your balance. Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you have to give up on the things you love. Sure, you might feel a bit sore after a long workout, but you also know that it’s worth it. You need to find that middle ground between being active and being lazy, and you need to do it soon. You’re not going to stay at this weight forever. Sooner or later, you’re going to have to make a decision and put in the work.

Get Inspired

There is something about getting out of bed on a cold winter’s day that just makes you want to get moving. Whether you’ve got a long day ahead of you or you just want to get relaxing, it doesn’t matter. You can inspire yourself with a podcast, an audiobook, a YouTube video, or even an Instagram photo. If you find that getting up and moving around makes you feel better, you can start with simple exercises like yoga or tai chi, and eventually work your way up to more intense workouts. It’s up to you. Find something that works for you and stick with it.

Know What To Eat And When

A healthy diet is essential if you want to lose weight and tone your arms. It’s best to avoid diets that are too low in calories or that consist of only fruits and vegetables, as these will eventually make you crave more unhealthy foods. It’s also a good idea to take a look at your diet history. Knowing what foods you shouldn’t eat and how you’ve managed to put on weight in the past can help you find the root of the problem and set you on the right path to health.

Start Small

You don’t need to go overboard and join a gym to start losing weight. Instead of signing up for a year-long gym membership, look into signing up for a monthly gym membership. You can use this time to explore different workout routines and find one that works best for you. Eventually, you’ll find a routine that you feel comfortable with and continue using it every time you go to the gym. This will eventually make you weigh less, even if you don’t notice much difference at first.

Check Out The Biggest Losers

Every year, a group of people gather to show off their hard-earned weight loss on television. The Biggest Losers, as it’s called, is usually aired in the winter, so you’ll have to wait until then to see the results of everyone’s hard work. To get you started, here are the current contestants’ stats:

  • Shaun Whitehill
  • Kate Bornstein
  • Arielle Talmadge
  • Jennifer Loudon
  • Jody Joyce
  • Gillian Crawford
  • Kate Gosselin
  • Helen Glazer
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • Jackie Brown
  • Kelly LeBrun
  • Mary Ann
  • Paula Abdul
  • Fran Lebowitz

As you can see, these are some heavyweight contestants. It’s going to be a hard-fought battle. You can already feel the tension building as the season approaches.

The Biggest Losers is a great place to find motivation, because you’ll see people you know and (maybe) love talking about the struggles of losing weight. It’s also a great place to find examples of people who managed to shed off a lot of weight and look fabulous. There are always lessons to be learned from people who’ve been there and done that.

Follow The Plan

You need to follow the plan. This might mean going on a diet, which you know you shouldn’t do, but you’re going to anyway. It might mean joining a gym, which you know you should do, but you’re not going to do it right away. It means finding the motivation to change and making a commitment to yourself that you’re going to stick to.

Get Specific

If you’re not getting results, it usually means that you’re not taking things seriously enough. It’s no secret that losing weight is a difficult journey, and it takes some people a lot longer than others. That’s why you should get specific about how you’re going to approach this. Are you going to join a gym and work out five days a week? Or are you going to do yoga every day and watch what you eat? It might help to make a list of all the things you need to do to lose weight (for example, going on a diet and exercising regularly) and then make a plan to work through them. It’s easier to get things done when they’re written down, and you’re less likely to forget them. Plus, it’ll keep you more motivated.

The journey to becoming a better version of yourself isn’t easy, and it takes some time to see results. Just know that you’re on the right track, that this is still a journey that you’re committed to, and that sooner or later you’re going to look back and say “thank you” for everything you’ve done.