How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight?

When you’re told often enough that you’re beautiful, confident, and perfectly dressed – regardless of whether those things are true or not – you may start to believe it. The problem is that when you do, you may also start to believe that you deserve to eat whatever you want, whether it’s good for you or not. That’s where a lot of the weight gain comes from; when you over-indulge in food because you think you deserve it. You have to separate the thoughts from the facts if you want to change your life around and finally get motivated to lose weight. Here are some proven ways to boost your bodyshape confidence and get you motivated to make healthy choices about food and exercise.

Focus On The Facts, Not Your Thoughts

Most people are so used to being told that they’re beautiful, intelligent, and talented that they start believing it. When you start comparing your own personal insecurities and doubts to physical statistics, it can become disheartening. After all, you’ll never be able to satisfy yourself that you belong in the number one spot if you keep believing that you’re not good enough. The key to changing your mindset is by being honest with yourself and not focusing on what you think but what you know for sure. For example, if you’ve been dieting for years and years but still can’t seem to lose weight, it may be time to face the facts and move on. Instead of beating yourself up over it, remember that you’re doing the right thing. The fact that you’re continuing to try and lose weight when you know it’s not working is already a testament to your strength as a person. When you know you have to make a change in order to succeed, it can be more motivating than any amount of positive feedback ever could be. Believe it or not, once you start having success at getting fit, your brain will begin to believe the good things you tell it about your body. That’s a beautiful thing. When you focus on what you know and what you see in the mirror, you’re more likely to keep motivated and keep making healthy changes for the better.

Take Time Off

Most people try to lose weight as soon as they get discouraged or bored with their current lifestyle. The truth is that you have to take some time to get motivated to lose weight. Even when you’ve lost some initial weight, if you continue to live an unhealthy lifestyle, you’re always going to be down around your desired weight. When that happens, it’s easy for the motivation to disappear and be replaced by another bout of depression or disenchantment. If you want to keep your motivation up, you have to give it time to wear off. Sometimes you have to take a step back and take a break from the routine. This may mean getting off social media or taking a vacation (if possible). Whatever it may be, take time away from what you’re doing in order to refresh yourself and get back on track. When you take a step back, you may realize that you’ve been relying too much on social media to keep you motivated. Or maybe you’ve been relying on food as a source of comfort during a stressful time. Sometimes we need a little boost of self-esteem to get us through life, and social media is a quick and easy way for us to get that boost. When you step back and take a break from social media and the constant noise of everyday life, it may be exactly what you need in order to get motivated. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and get a (mental) health checkup.

Try Something New

When you’re looking for ways to get motivated, sometimes the best way to do it is by trying something new. If you’ve always been a fan of the gym, you may decide to finally make it a part of your life. After all, you never know when you might meet someone that can help you lose weight or give you some tips on how to get in shape. The point is that when you try new things, you often end up excited about them and more motivated to do them. It’s easy for new hobbies or sports to become popular and trendy, and before you know it, you’ve got a whole new group of friends who are into the same thing as you. When you try new things, you also expose yourself to different kinds of situations and people, which can be good for your own personal growth. When you try new things, you may also find that you have less of a desire to rely on food as a crutch. Instead, you may discover that you can function just fine without food in your system. Sometimes it’s good to take a risk and try something new. Just make sure that whatever it is that you try, you’ve been training for and are ready to give your all. If you end up being half-way through a yoga class before you realize that this is something brand new that you’re not prepared for and end up quitting – you’ll most likely lose all of the motivation that you’d gained from trying it. So, make sure that whatever it is that you try, you’re ready for and that it’s something that will challenge you.

Find A Buddy

In the same way that you might get motivated to go on a diet after reading an inspiring article or watching a fitness video, you might also find that you get more motivated to exercise and lose weight if you have a buddy who is also trying to do the same thing. As a matter of fact, whenever I set a goal or a challenge for myself, I almost always meet up with someone who is setting a similar goal or challenge for themselves. We become friends, and the friendship helps keep us motivated to meet our goals. Having a friend who understands what you’re going through, who’s walking the same road as you, and who can offer advice and support when you need it is the best possible situation. Finding a buddy who is also trying to lose weight can help you stay motivated and on track throughout your journey. If you can’t find a buddy, there’s always email or WhatsApp. Just make sure that no matter what, you keep your phone on you at all times. It may be easy to get distracted by your phone and forget about your workout or diet. For the same reason, make sure that any social media accounts that you have are only used for positive reasons. This will help you keep your motivation up when you encounter negative content or people who are trying to bring you down. Sometimes we need a break from all of the negative energy that comes from the media.

Be Confident

Now that you’re finally ready to make some healthy changes in your life, you may feel nervous about going to the gym or walking outside. That’s perfectly normal. You’re finally going to do something that you think might be a little scary. Be confident in yourself and your decision. Remember that you’re not alone in this struggle. There are lots of other people who are also trying to lose weight. You’re not going to fail. In fact, you’re finally going to succeed and be confident in your new you. Believe it or not, once you start having success at getting fit, your brain will begin to believe the good things you tell it about your body. That’s a beautiful thing. When you start believing in yourself, you start to feel better about yourself. The more you believe, the more you’ll start to believe. It’s a vicious circle that’ll hurt you in the end. One good habit that you can start today is by saying “thank you” to yourself. Whenever you workout or eat healthy, you may find that you start to crave it. That’s your body telling you that you’re doing the right thing for yourself. When you start to feel better about yourself, you start to believe it too. So, be confident that you’re doing the right thing for yourself and that you’re going to start seeing results soon.