Why You Should Lose Weight by Eating Smart, Not by Exercising More

If you’re reading this, I assume you’re either concerned about your weight or about someone you know who is. Maybe you’re even both. Even if that’s not the case, it’s likely that you at least have a passing interest in wellness and health. Maybe you’ve tried to go on a diet before with no lasting success. Or maybe you’ve tried to go the gym every day and hit the weight bench, only to come back home defeated each time.

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re in luck because there’s a solution. Smart, effective, and proven to work, it’s the secret to losing weight without dieting or going to the gym that I’m about to share with you.

Lose Weight By Eating Smart, Not By Exercising More

The solution is a paradigm shift in the way we look at dieting and exercise. Rather than trying to eliminate one (or both) of those things to lose weight, we’re going to embrace them. Which is exactly why you should lose weight by eating smart, not by exercising more.

Here’s the problem: When you diet, you’re typically motivated by calorie counting or by using a meal-tracker app on your phone. In these and similar programs, you log your food and exercise, and the server provides you with a daily or weekly report on how you’re doing. So, you either need to consume fewer calories or burn more calories through exercise. While these methods have their place, if you’re looking to shed the pounds, they aren’t the be-all and end-all.

Instead, the way to go is to follow a lifestyle change that will help you consume fewer calories without suffering. The key to that is by changing the way you look at food. Rather than focusing on calories or the number on the scale, why not change your perspective and start paying attention to the food you’re actually eating?

You see, food isn’t bad. It’s quite the opposite. Food is good, and it’s essential to our existence. The calories we consume provide us with the energy to get through the day, and without them, we’d quickly descend into a deep sleep or a coma. Sadly, most people aren’t born with this inherent appreciation for food. Instead, they were taught to hate it and to deprive themselves of it. So, when you ask them to lose weight, they either do it through unhealthy means or they simply give up.

What if we could teach people to love food and to value their bodies the way they’re meant to? What if we could show them that restricting food and avoiding certain foods isn’t the way to go, that instead they should be eating the foods that make them feel good and that help them to lose weight?

Enter Thumbs Up, a digital dieting companion app that was created with body positivity in mind. Instead of focusing on calories or the number on the scale, the app encourages users to pay attention to how they’re feeling and to keep track of their bodies’ natural hunger cues. These are the subtle changes that trigger our brains to tell us we’re full or that it’s time to stop eating. So, as you might imagine, the app makes losing weight less complicated. It takes the stress out of calorie counting and out of trying to guess how much food you should be eating. Instead, with Thumbs Up you simply need to pay attention to how you’re feeling and to what your body is telling you.

How does it work? Simply download the app to your phone, create a user account, and you’re good to go. Then, log your daily meals and snacks (no more than three snacks per day, please). The app will then guide you through a diet plan that will help you lose weight. 

The plan is based on a simple, but effective formula: Consume more food than you need, and you’ll boost your metabolism, eliminate food-related cravings, and shed the pounds. How? By replacing processed foods with more natural and wholesome fare. These are the foods your body needs and they make you feel good, so you’ll crave them, which in turn, will help you to stop eating garbage. And that, my friend, is the key to losing weight.

So, what are these magic foods that you should be incorporating more of into your diet? First and foremost, let’s discuss vegetables. Vegetables are essential to a healthy diet because they provide your body with nutrients that are necessary for it to function properly. They also contain fiber, which is crucial for keeping your digestive system clean and healthy. So, rather than being limited to one or two servings per day, try eating a serving of vegetables with every meal.

Let’s look at fruits next. Fruits consist of water, fiber, and natural sugars, which provide your body with fuel. So, rather than having a bowl of salad or a slice of pizza as the only fruits you’ll eat, add some variety by eating different kinds of fruits at different times. For example, you could try eating grapes with a burger or eating apples with cottage cheese.

Next, we have nuts and seeds, which are great for weight loss because of their high fat content. Nuts and seeds provide your body with healthy fats, which are necessary for keeping your skin moisturized and your hair shiny. They’ve also been linked to preventing type 2 diabetes and heart disease. So, if you’re looking to lose weight, don’t hesitate to include more nuts and seeds in your diet.

Now, eggs and dairy come in here as well because they’re both high in protein. Which, as we’ve discussed, is necessary for building and maintaining healthy muscle. So, you’re getting all the necessary nutrients and protein that you need, as well as the fats and fiber that contribute to your body’s glow.

There are so many different ways to lose weight. Some people prefer to cut back on the foods they eat, while others choose to workout regularly. Still others try a combination of both. Ultimately, what’s important is that you find a method that works best for you because there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to dieting. So, rather than focusing on what you should or shouldn’t eat, take a closer look at how you should be eating, which foods you should be avoiding, and why. With that knowledge, you’ll be able to make healthier choices and ensure that you lose weight the right way.