How to Make Easy Healthy Meals to Lose Weight

Eating healthy is essential for staying fit, and a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can certainly help you reach your desired weight. However, preparing food that is both nutritious and delicious can be challenging. Luckily, there are a number of easy ways to achieve a healthy, slim physique without having to sacrifice taste! We’ve put together a list of some of the best low-calorie recipes that you can make to help you get started.

Salmon Crostini

This recipe for salmon crostini is loaded with delicious flavor, but it has only 400 calories. What makes it special is the lemon-marinated salmon combined with capers, olives, and tomatoes. This combination of flavors will make your taste buds stand up and take notice.

The recipe calls for canned salmon, but you can easily substitute fresh salmon if you want. You will, however, need to adjust the cooking time according to the size of the fish you use.

Veggie Burgers

Burgers are a quick and easy way to get protein into your diet, and they are loaded with nutrients too! If you’re looking for an organic option, you can certainly make a switch to some vegetables in place of the usual beef and ensure you’re not sacrificing any nutrients.

The recipe for these burgers is simple and includes only three ingredients – bulgar wheat, grated carrots, and chopped onions – with no preservatives or additives. The result is the perfect blend of texture and flavor, and you will find yourself reaching for these veggie burgers again and again.

Red Wine Risotto

Risotto is a classic Italian food that is made using a rice cooker. The basic premise is that the food is prepared by a skilled chef over a period of time, resulting in a delicious creamy dish that you can pour from one bowl to another.

Red wine is used in the recipe for its fabulous taste, and you will find that it complements the other ingredients perfectly. It’s a shame that red wine is usually associated with something so luxurious, because it’s actually a low-calorie food that you can enjoy in abundance while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

Penne Pasta Salad

This pasta salad has no tomato, which is something that might surprise you, because it is one of the most important ingredients in a typical pasta dish. Instead, it uses a combination of celery, red pepper, and onion to create a fresh, vibrant flavor that will leave you wanting more. You can also add more vinaigrette to make it richer, and a sprinkling of parmesan makes these pasta salad taste like it came straight from a five-star restaurant.

Spinach And Mushroom Tortilla

Turkey is one of the most popular meats around the world, and it’s easy to see why. Not only does it taste great, but you can incorporate it into so many different recipes. This spinach and mushroom tortilla is another fantastic way to enjoy ground turkey, and it’s extremely easy to make. The base is a flour tortilla, and it’s topped with sautéed spinach, mushrooms, and cheese – the perfect filling for a quick, healthy snack or meal.

Shrimp Scampi

This recipe for shrimp scampi is actually adapted from one of our most popular videos, where we show you how to make a meal that is both delicious and healthy. The secret is in the combination of the low-fat, dairy-free mozzarella with the zesty lemon sauce that gives this dish its distinctive tanginess. Shrimp are an excellent source of protein, and they’re also very low in calories – just 90 per serving! You might also want to try our veggie-based shrimp scampi if you’re looking to cut out certain foods that aren’t part of a healthy diet plan.


What’s wrong with pizza? Plenty, actually, but that’s not what we’re asking. The key to making good pizza at home is in the consistency of the dough and the quality of the ingredients. This recipe for pizza dough is made using only two simple ingredients: flour and water. The consistency of the dough is almost like clay, which makes it perfect for rolling and shaping into crusts for your favorite recipes. It will keep for up to a week if stored in a cool, dry place.

The tomato sauce in this recipe is extremely basic, with only a handful of ingredients. It includes crushed tomatoes, onion, garlic, and oregano, and it’s cooked until the vegetables are tender. If you’d like a richer flavor, you can certainly make a simple passata or replace the whole can of crushed tomatoes with a 28 ounce can of diced tomatoes. We also suggest trying this recipe with our vegetarian pizza – it’s an excellent fit and will leave you feeling less guilty about eating something good!

Healthy Hummus

We all love a good serving of hummus, but did you know that you can prepare it in a healthier way? This recipe uses vegetable broth instead of traditional meat broth, and it reduces the amount of chicken fat that usually turns up in the dish. It also swaps in chickpeas for white beans, which adds a touch more fiber to your diet. These are all small changes, but they make a big difference when it comes to the nutritional value of the food you’re preparing! You can serve hummus as a snack, spread it on a sandwich, or even use it as a dip for vegetables and fruit – it’s an excellent option for a healthy diet!

Pasta And Meatballs

Pasta and meatballs is another great dish that can be prepared in a healthy fashion. This recipe uses ground turkey instead of actual meatballs, and you won’t even know the difference. The key to this dish is in the texture of the pasta itself. When cooked, it should remain al dente, or slightly chewy, and it should not become mushy or too soft. You can also make this dish with ground chicken or veggie burgers instead of ground turkey if you’re looking to cut down on the fat content.

We hope this article has helped you discover some amazing recipes that you can make at home. Not only are they good for your health, but they’re also some of the best-tasting foods that you can prepare. If you try any of these recipes, let us know how you liked them by leaving a comment below!